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Options for C-Tran riders: GRTA and Xpress

C-Tran riders who prefer to let someone else do the driving should consider the Xpress bus, which currently operates three routes in Clayton: #440 (Tara Blvd. to Atlanta), #441 (Jonesboro to Midtown Atlanta) and #442 (Riverdale to Downtown Atlanta).

Pending FTA approval, three new Xpress routes will be added at: the new Jonesboro Park & Ride Station on Tara Boulevard; the Riverdale Park & Ride Station; and at a new stop to be determined in Morrow. Weekday morning and evening peak service from Riverdale and Jonesboro will be provided at 15-minute intervals, and from Morrow at 30 minute intervals, so the new routes will run more often than Clayton’s existing routes.

Worried what would happen if you had to leave early in an emergency? If you ride a regular Xpress route, the Guaranteed Ride Home program provides up to five FREE rides to your vehicle yearly. I’ve used this service, was taken to my car via cab in less than an hour and it cost me nothing but time to fill out some …

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More budget cuts coming to CCPS

Clayton County Public Schools Superintendent Edmond Heatley recently proposed across the board budget cuts which could save $85 million by the end of the 2011-2012 school year. Among other things, the budget offers a school year shortened by five days, some jobs will be restructured and/or lose pay and benefits while others are eliminated completely, summer school programs will be restructured for high school students and eliminated for elementary and middle school students.

Some have wondered what happened to the money from SPLOST IV voted in last year. According to the ballot, those monies were earmarked for various construction projects, acquiring land, new and upgraded school buses, instructional and administrative technology improvements, etc.  CCPS also wisely turned down $14 million in federal stimulus money (The Qualified School Construction Bonds allocation), which would have put the system further into debt since that money had to be repaid.

As per the Clayton …

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C-Tran Public Hearing on Wednesday

Doesn’t Senator Emanuel Jones have enough to deal with in the counties he represents without getting into Clayton’s business?

Jones (who represents parts of Decatur and Henry counties) along with Georgia’s Legislative Black Caucus are holding a public meeting this Wednesday, Feb. 10, from 3:30 PM to 5 PM in Room 216 of the Capitol building (206 Washington St., S.W., Atlanta) to discuss keeping C-Tran running.

“The shutdown of C-TRAN would have regional consequences, and would likely send federal dollars that could be used for regional transportation projects here, to states such as North Carolina and Florida,” says Jones via the Clayton News-Daily. Too late, since those states already received a huge chunk of the transportation stimulus pie. According to WSBTV, Florida and North Carolina received millions for their high speed rail projects. Thanks to the Georgia DOT, all we’ll get is a measly $750,000 to pay for three (more) feasibility studies and nada to help …

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NACA helps keep homeowners in Clayton

Very slowly but surely, the economy is turning around, according to President Obama. Nevertheless, Georgians are still losing jobs and subsequently, their homes. Although the number has dropped, Clayton county alone logged 673 foreclosures in January,  according to the AJC.

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, better known as NACA, has helped thousands of Georgians hold onto their homes by getting adjustable rates changed to fixed, and interest rates lowered substantially. They will even help get high interest fixed rates lowered, and all services are FREE.

First you MUST attend a NACA “home save” workshop, where you receive basic information about the program and have a chance to ask questions. Next, you fill out a lengthy application complete with all financial information, and set up a consultation.

This process is not a quick fix, unless your house is about to be sold on the courthouse steps. As a matter of fact, one organizer explained how it took his NACA …

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