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Would you help clean up Clayton?

I remember attending a BOC meeting where a resident complained about trash on her neighborhood streets. After inquiring as to how the county would fix the problem, a commissioner then asked what SHE was doing to keep her neighborhood clean.

I, along with that resident, were initially taken aback by this response. But in retrospect, that commissioner made a good point. We as residents must get more involved with keeping our neighborhoods clean because unfortunately, the county can’t do it all.

Local businesses need be held responsible as well. While Clayton has its fair share of unmaintained, vacant properties, there are existing businesses that neglect their property, and it shows. For example, neither Tara Boulevard or SH 85 present welcoming sights to see upon entry into this county for various reasons.

Another eyesore is the overgrown grass in the medians and graffiti on buildings throughout Clayton. These are issues that the Georgia State Department of Transportation can …

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When’s the last time you attended a BOC meeting?

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
Martin Luther King Jr.
Whether you love or hate Clayton, have lived here two years or 20, we all have opinions as to how our elected officials can make this county better. Unfortunately, it seems like many residents do not attend commission (or Board of Education) meetings to voice their opinion unless there’s drama involved.

Back in 2007, our then Board of Commissioners changed the public meeting time from 9:00 A.M. (when many residents began their work day) to evenings at 7:00 P.M. in an effort to give us a chance to be heard.  That time change also allowed those commissioners who work full-time to attend BOC meetings in their entirety.

Out of ten metro Atlanta counties, only four (DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett and Rockdale) still hold BOC public meetings during normal business hours. Cobb and Henry offer alternate …

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C-Tran riders leaving Clayton?

While many residents lamented the former police chief’s fate over the holidays, our Board of Commissioners were able to quietly fail to act on a resolution extending bus service.

At $1.50 per ride C-Tran is definitely the cheapest, but not the only form of public transportation available in Clayton county. Riders can still carpool, vanpool or ride the Xpress bus. So if you really enjoy living here there are alternatives, albeit more inconvenient and expensive ones. Hopefully affordable options are being explored for handicap and elderly riders after C-Tran’s demise.

I don’t subscribe to the “public transportation causes crime” theory. Those I know who have broken the law never claimed to use the bus or train as a means of escape. But since many riders have publicly stated that C-Tran isn’t worth a fare increase and federal funding is gone, where’s the money supposed to come from? There aren’t many Clayton residents who will agree to a tax increase for any reason, …

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Clayton good in 2009; better in 2010?

Although Clayton county was in the midst of a transition period on many levels last year, 2010 shows promise.

After cleaning our political house in 2008, voters appear to have made some good choices as we now have a well-functioning Board of Education, sheriff’s department, solicitor general and district attorney’s office.

Clayton County Public Schools regained accreditation just in time for graduation, and the last of the old BOE regime was replaced with new superintendent Edmond Heatley.  Representative Michael Glanton is also working to bring statewide and national attention to the county’s first elementary level school of the arts to be housed at Jonesboro’s Jackson Elementary.

The Clayton County Water Authority continues to collect “water smart” accolades.

As per former Police Chief Jeff Turner, crime is down over seven percent and the homicide rate is down fifty percent, which is always welcome news. Solicitation of donations was banned on all county roads and …

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