Chairman takes reins over CCPD

Recently our Board of Commissioners voted that Chairman Eldrin Bell should manage the Clayton County Police Department, causing it to be the only one that will not report to county Chief of Staff Alex Cohilas.

As per the Clayton News-Daily, this resolution “. . . gives the chairman the ability to make all decisions concerning operation and management of the police department, as well as the unilateral ability to hire and fire the police chief”.

Although this move was opposed by Bell (as well as Commissioner Michael Edmondson), it kind of makes sense since the CCPD could take advantage of the Chairman’s experience (as Atlanta’s police commissioner) supposedly without usurping Chief Jeff Turner’s authority. Perhaps some issues could get resolved faster by dealing directly with Bell instead of waiting to be brought before the full BOC.

But aside from his claim that this move violates state law, Bell doesn’t believe he has the resources to manage the CCPD properly anyway. And what doesn’t make sense is after finally getting the Chief of Staff position in place, why change the guard now? Despite all of that, residents who support Chief Turner are concerned that this is a subtle way to begin the process of ousting him. Stay tuned.

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In addition, the CCPD is trying to get accredited by CALEA, and could use some public support. Residents can offer comments to the assessment team during a public information session happening at 5:30 p.m. today at CCP headquarters (7911 N. McDonough Street, Jonesboro) and/or via telephone (770-477-3918) between 1 PM and 3 PM.

Finally, our BOC will meet with the Clayton County Legislative Delegation in a Roundtable session tonight at 6  p.m. in Room 101 of the Clayton State University Center for Continuing Education (2000 Clayton State Boulevard, Morrow) to discuss county priority items to be presented in the 2010 Georgia General Assembly.  Citizens are encouraged to attend.

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December 19th, 2009
11:07 pm


The way Atlanta was able to improve itself was by dumping it’s less productive citizens on Clayton county. Eldrin Bell tried for years to get a foothold in Dekalb county and got nowhere. He was able to get his paws on Clayton county be helping to stack the voter pool in his favor. A great number of Clayton county residents are former residents of……Atlanta. By playing dirty pool behind the scenes he was able to help boost his career but unfortunately brought about the downfall of Clayton.

Clayton county will continue to show failing test scores as long as we continue to attract a certain type of resident. Stop putting out the welcome sign for the “less fortunate”. To make housing in Clayton more affordable is just plain stupid. We already have the lowest average home value in Metro atlanta. We need to follow other areas (i. e Atlanta) and start raising the cost of living here. That’s part of the reason that Fayette & Henry weren’t hit so badly by the “cleansing” of Atlanta.