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Should Chief Turner Stay or Go?

After giving Chairman Eldrin Bell carte blanche over the Clayton County Police Department, our Board of Commissioners rescinded that order and opted to possibly reassign Police Chief Jeff Turner.

A Power Point presentation complete with pictures, was used to display the mismanagement allegations against Turner, listed in the Clayton News-Daily. A summary follows:

  1. Sept. 10, 2007: a Clayton County officer was arrested for attempting to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity using a CCPD laptop computer.
  2. Dec. 7, 2007: a Clayton County officer was terminated after admitting he had engaged the services of prostitutes both on and off duty. The audit claims that in October 2007, “allegations were lodged” against the same officer for allegedly having sex with a female suspect prior to transporting her to jail.
  3. May 2008: a female detective lodged a compliant of sexual harassment “to her immediate supervisor” and subsequently filed a sexual harassment suit against the …

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This and that in Clayton …

While both issues below are things I wanted to discuss this week, I couldn’t pick just one, as they are both important topics (among many other things) going on in Clayton lately.

In response to a possible second school uniform protest by high school students, I was happy that Superintendent Edmond Heatley opted to dole out detentions in lieu of suspensions. It makes more sense because there’s always a faction who don’t care about missing a day, but who wants to stay late after school?

Further, directly involving parents by having them retrieve their detained child(ren) will hopefully force them to pay attention to what their kids are doing (or not doing). Yes I know school uniforms will not solve all of the problems in Clayton County Public Schools, but they sure can’t hurt.

In addition, I recently attended the joint meeting between Clayton’s legislative delegation and our Board of Commissioners. The turnout was abysmal (as was the weather that day) – there may have been five …

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Chairman takes reins over CCPD

Recently our Board of Commissioners voted that Chairman Eldrin Bell should manage the Clayton County Police Department, causing it to be the only one that will not report to county Chief of Staff Alex Cohilas.

As per the Clayton News-Daily, this resolution “. . . gives the chairman the ability to make all decisions concerning operation and management of the police department, as well as the unilateral ability to hire and fire the police chief”.

Although this move was opposed by Bell (as well as Commissioner Michael Edmondson), it kind of makes sense since the CCPD could take advantage of the Chairman’s experience (as Atlanta’s police commissioner) supposedly without usurping Chief Jeff Turner’s authority. Perhaps some issues could get resolved faster by dealing directly with Bell instead of waiting to be brought before the full BOC.

But aside from his claim that this move violates state law, Bell doesn’t believe he has the resources to manage the CCPD properly …

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Every little bit helps!

During these tough economic times when many have scaled back or eliminated gift giving entirely, it’s easy to forget there are children in need of basic items and necessities we take for granted.

The Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children has assisted families during the holidays since 2004. Their drive furnished Christmas gifts to 200 kids in relative and foster care last year. Boasting 200 volunteers, our CASA program is the largest in Georgia, serving 91% of Clayton’s children in DFCS custody.

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“Sadly, a lot of the children request basic necessities, such as undergarments, socks, and pajamas. In most cases, the person sponsoring a child (usually $100/child minimum) will purchase some of these items in addition to the items on the wish lists, ensuring that the child has a mixture of gifts to …

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