Olde Towne Morrow makes its debut

According to a survey taken a few years ago, Morrow residents wanted a “downtown” created in their area.  The City of Morrow is granting their wish, while managing to tie in some Georgia history as well.

The Olde Towne Morrow concept originally started in 2006.  By using homes built in the 1800s (and one from the 1900s), an old-town atmosphere was created containing modern day businesses. “All of the houses have a unique, neat history behind them,” says Jessica Kilby, Main Street Coordinator for the City of Morrow.  For example, the Gordon House once belonged to former Georgia governor General John B. Gordon and was later bought by George Woodruff of Coca-Cola. “We researched the name and it has some Scottish history behind it, so it was convenient that the Irish pub (Maguire’s) will be housed there, “adds Kilby.

Expected to debut on Nov. 27 (Black Friday) are: Maguire’s, Incredible Southern Poundcakes, Designs by Dolores, Old Town Quilts, specialty Christmas shop Christi Trees, and the Tonia Mitchell Gallery showcasing artwork from Mitchell and other artists.

Old Towne Morrow will also be celebrating “Christmas In the Park” on Dec.  5, at which time everything should be open.  In the meantime, the site is already decorated for with a 35-foot tree and looks great at night. Future plans include weekly concerts, Oktoberfest, craft festivals and other events encompassing the entertainment factor.

“I think this will be a place for the family-oriented to come, where kids can play and parents can relax, “ says Kilby. “The atmosphere will cater to all ages, and that’s been missing in Clayton County for a really long time.”

Will you visit Olde Towne Morrow during the holidays? Whatever you do, have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving, Clayton!

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fearful at the mall

January 6th, 2010
7:44 pm

olde town morrow is in my back yard !! fearful there will be THUGS trasspasing on my property !!!! Hopefuly morrow police will handle this and keep olde town safe for all consernd!!!!!!!!!


January 24th, 2010
1:31 am

Hi, just wanted to say that i went to old town marrow and it was really nice but it needs somthing for kids to do like an iceskating rink i been skating since i was 7 years of age and now i am currently 14 years of age and my mom can no longer drive me 3 days a week at 5A.M in the morning to skate i would LOVE TOO SEE THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are idiots

February 5th, 2010
8:29 am

Victor Hill is a person. He is neither less than or better than any of you. I suppose none of you have ever let a little power go to your head and I am SURE none of you have made any mistakes. I have had the opportunity to get to know him and as a FORMER (bc who in the heck still wants to live there?!?!) Clay. Co. Res. and I hated him as much as the rest…until I got to know him. I am a very goof judge of character and I truly believe he knows he made a mistake. Would I vote for him if he ran again, ummm NO! but as a person he isn’t a bad guy.

Keep on casting stones though guys…I’m sure it makes you feel better.

eternal optimist

February 22nd, 2010
11:16 am

It’s disturbing to read down this list of comments and see people pointing fingers at everyone else for the problems with Morrow and Clayton County. It’s not just the city/county government that has Clayton County where it is today…it has more to do with the people living within that city/county. The citizens are who elect these officials and they are who live their lives within these areas. If they don’t take care of where they live and the areas around them, it really will turn into “trash”. How do you expect a business to make it when the people that frequent it steal, litter, and expect to get something for nothing? An area truly reflects its inhabitance.

Old Towne Morrow is a great idea and it’s unfortunate that this kind of money has to be spent to make something nice in the area. Had the citizens of Clayton County taken care of what they had this wouldn’t be the only nice place around to go. I’m tired of driving the extra distance to visit another coutnies establishments only to avoid what’s around me. Instead of spreading negativity around with comments bashing everyone, try supporting something that is actually good in this world. This city needs a place a family can go and enjoy being together…heck, it might even help some families stay together. I truly hope this project works and it spreads like wildfire. I’ll play my part to see that this happens so please be sure to play yours!