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1,500 suspensions – was it worth it?

Recently, 1,500 Clayton County high school students expressed themselves by staging an organized protest of wearing school uniforms, and as per the AJC were disciplined for their efforts.

I wondered how those parents felt and/or handled the suspensions, because this will be key in determining how this plays out. For example, I know a (Fulton county) student who got caught with the tail of his shirt hanging out. Although he said it was an accident, parents were called, he was sent home and suspended. That was followed up with parental discipline, and he never made that mistake again.

Still, this student protest may be slowly gaining momentum. While their online petition has added only four additional signatures since my Sept. 28 blog, the Protest As One Facebook page has garnered 795 fans.

Nevertheless, it is good to see CCPS enforcing their own rules since there has been a “dress code” in place for years that was completely ignored.  Now, if some students were just as …

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Olde Towne Morrow makes its debut

According to a survey taken a few years ago, Morrow residents wanted a “downtown” created in their area.  The City of Morrow is granting their wish, while managing to tie in some Georgia history as well.

The Olde Towne Morrow concept originally started in 2006.  By using homes built in the 1800s (and one from the 1900s), an old-town atmosphere was created containing modern day businesses. “All of the houses have a unique, neat history behind them,” says Jessica Kilby, Main Street Coordinator for the City of Morrow.  For example, the Gordon House once belonged to former Georgia governor General John B. Gordon and was later bought by George Woodruff of Coca-Cola. “We researched the name and it has some Scottish history behind it, so it was convenient that the Irish pub (Maguire’s) will be housed there, “adds Kilby.

Expected to debut on Nov. 27 (Black Friday) are: Maguire’s, Incredible Southern Poundcakes, Designs by Dolores, Old Town Quilts, specialty Christmas …

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Looking forward to the holidays?

On Thanksgiving, will you ….

  • cook dinner
  • Order in from a restaurant
  • Eat at someone else’s house

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I spent the weekend getting ready for the holidays – cleaning house, pulling out decorations, etc. Last year the holidays weren’t great, but we’re looking forward to enjoying them in 2009.

Recently, my hubby asked if I’d like to go out, or order dinner in for Thanksgiving. Although my co-worker swears by Piccadilly’s Thanksgiving dinner, I plan on cooking. This is one of the traditions my family still enjoys, and I actually look forward to the work.

Will you cook Thanksgiving dinner this year, or just indulge at someone else’s house? What Thanksgiving traditions can your family not live without? Are you looking forward to the holidays or will you be glad when they come and go?

I also understand that Jonesboro’s Christmas Parade is canceled due to Streetscape construction this year.  I’ll miss this parade, but am …

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Ghost of sheriff past

Victor Hill may have been voted out as sheriff in 2008, but his actions still affect our county, unfortunately.

Recently, Anthony J. McMichael, senior pastor of Jonesboro’s Mt. Nebo Baptist Church was charged with impersonating an officer by flashing a badge allegedly provided to him by Hill, in order to beat a Douglas county speeding ticket. This is the same badge McMichael denied having when the Clayton County Sheriff’s Department asked him to return it earlier this year, according to the present sheriff.

Incredulously, McMichael stated via that, “It was the vindictive spirit of Clayton County to go after any association with Victor Hill.” Perhaps McMichael should have been more careful who he associated with given Hill’s track record during his lone term as sheriff.

Current sheriff’s employee badges have been replaced (thanks to Sheriff Kem Kimbrough) so that Clayton residents don’t have to wonder or worry about who they’re dealing with if ever approached …

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