C-Tran protest in vain?

C-Tran riders vowed to fight the Board of Commissioners’ decision to end bus service, and they aren’t wasting any time.  A protest will take place on Oct. 24, led by a Marietta-based activist group called the New Order National Human Rights Organization.

I realize this opinion may not be popular, but I believe those four Commissioners did the right thing by ending C-Tran service.  Financially speaking, it needed to happen as the county was hemorrhaging money to fund it.  Unlike many other states, Georgia does not subsidize local public transportation.

Chairman Eldrin Bell was the lone holdout to keep C-Tran, and stated publicly he will use all resources at his disposal to keep the system running.  This includes asking the state to allow an airport sales tax increase that could bring in $3 million annually.  Other options are to ask the legislature and Clayton voters to support another penny tax to fund the system, or unite with MARTA.  But according to various news sources and commissioners, it is unlikely that any of these efforts will succeed due largely in part to short timing.

What I also found interesting is that, according to the AJC, one-fifth of the 142 comments received by the county regarding C-Tran came from people who do not reside in Clayton.  I have to wonder if their motivations are to support bus riders because they believe in the cause, or to just ensure those riders don’t end up in their own backyard, as worried residents from other counties have inquired if I knew where these folks might go if C-Tran does shut down.

C-Tran riders, drivers and supporters will protest in front of the commission building next Saturday.  Will you attend to show your support one way or the other?

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November 2nd, 2009
3:39 pm

If you want public transportation, go back to Atlanta.

Miran Belyue

November 3rd, 2009
6:31 am

This comment goes out to those nameless, faceless cowards that hurl racist insults against those that may not be at the same station in life as they may be. C-tran provides a valuable service for thousands of residents. Whether a homeowner or not they are still residents. The Commission is charged with responsibility to take into account all residents when making decisions that will adversly affect any one of these. If these individuals were not attempting to work then they would be considered as a burden on the system. What about the millions in federal grants that clayton county has failed to secure which would free up funds that was formally taken from the “General” fund. I may not ride c-tran everyday however i make it priority to to reduce my carbon emmissions footprint by riding c-tran to the airport to then proceeding to atlanta for business. Just think if we all made use of public transportation we could ultimately drive fuel prices down thus bring demand down. And it is also FACT that counties which has a viable and reliable Transportation system oftentimes are the ones that attract new Companies, Corporations, And industries. So this issue extends much further than as some here have put “a problem for African- American Renters”. And as far the New Order organization is concerned those who just sit on the side lines as others fight for the disenfranchised are nothing more than a clashing symbol without a conductor a momentary uncompfortable noise. I applaud Mr. Rose and New Order for being concerned about those would be affected by this decision. I wonder, What ever happened to compassion for fellow man, and their efforts to support their families.

Tell The Truth

November 4th, 2009
1:36 pm

Look at how low the election results are in elections for people who directly affect the lives of the residents of Clayton. This is why eliminating the bus system is not even going to be a blip on the radar in a few months. People can show up to complain (school board meetings last year), but don’t show up to vote. Its not just Clayton, Americans in general are a bunch of whiny complainers who can tell you the starting line up of their favorite athletic teams, but who can’t tell you who’s responsible for paving their streets or who represent their other local interests.

Clayton County Election Results

Results from AJC and WSB-TV. Complete election coverage
Clayton County – Forest Park – City Council Ward 1
Candidate Votes
Thomas Smith, Jr. 98 37%
Sparkle Adams 87 33%
Kimberly James 78 30%

Updated Nov-04-2009 12:42 AM 16% reporting (1 of 1 precincts)
Clayton County – Forest Park – City Council Ward 2
Candidate Votes
Donald E. Wright 125 44%
Karen-Brandee Williams 124 43%
Deverick Williams 36 13%

Updated Nov-04-2009 12:42 AM 16% reporting (1 of 1 precincts)
Clayton County – Forest Park – Mayor
Candidate Votes
Corine C. Deyton 622 57%
Darnell Moorer 272 25%
Christine Ellington 191 18%

Updated Nov-04-2009 12:42 AM 16% reporting (1 of 1 precincts)
Clayton County – Jonesboro – City Council
Candidate Votes
Pat Sebo 160 19%
Clarence Mann 133 16%
Joe Compton 131 16%
Billy Powell 124 15%
Brad Johnson 123 15%
Rick Yonce 119 14%
Shawn Wooten 38 5%

Updated Nov-04-2009 12:42 AM 5% reporting (1 of 1 precincts)
Clayton County – Riverdale – City Council Ward 1
Candidate Votes
Cynthia Stamps-Jones 297 57%
Oritha “Rick” Scoggins, Jr. 222 43%

Updated Nov-04-2009 12:50 AM 100% reporting (1 of 1 precincts)
Clayton County – Riverdale – City Council Ward 2
Candidate Votes
Wanda Wallace 278 57%
Veverly A. Brooks 208 43%

Clatyon Resident

November 4th, 2009
3:00 pm

Nice try, but you can’t compare a few local elections to a countywide election.

I DOUBLE DARE the Commissioners and/or legislature to put C-Tran’s fate in the hands of Clayton voters. Some of us are actually looking forward to that! Look what the majority of voters did last time around & certain incumbents (Victor Hill; Jewel Scott; Virginia Gray; Lee Scott) didn’t see us coming. The people who don’t vote are the ones who ride buses most and even if they do show up, it’s been widely reported that they only represent a measly 2% of Clayton’s population. Even if every single one of that 2% showed up at the polls (unlikely), there’s still 98% out there & I’ll bet money the majority of that 98% will vote to get rid of C-Tran.

The Old Man In The "C"

November 15th, 2009
7:42 pm

Many people of Clayton County did not know that this fantastic agreement of Commissioner Bell’s C-Tran was a plan back when Crandle Bray was Commission Chairman and the President of the Atlanta City Council. You see Bray already new that they were going to shut down all of the housing projects in Atlanta, so they needed someone to work for them in Clayton who had a name that Atlanta residents were familiar with,up popped Bell. Remember the first time he came in, he could not get elected because he did not live here either.

After living in the county, and being eligible to run for office the plan was hatched as it seems for him to take all of Atlanta’s undesirables to Clayton County. They planned for him to take the section – vouchers, and would create an attractive transit system to keep them pacified. But who had to pay for this? The poor old Clayton County taxpayers and established residents were again force to fork over their hard earned funds for his generous, thoughtless acts. The people complaining ought to be behind some of these school buses when they stop at the apartment complexes and wait for twenty minutes while the entire bus empties. NO TAX PAYERS here but the home owners who have no children have to pay for the schools and the parents transportation also. Bull, I feel like so many others that yes people need away to get to work, doctors visits. and other engagements, but not at the expense of others. Mr. Bell new this and did not care, that is why he was the only one to vote for C-Tran. This was a clean county with a low crime rate, now the police, sheriff, fire and other public safety officials run twenty-four seven because in the words of some of our people, “It Ain’t Mine, let somebody else clean it up”. See Ya C-Tran and hopefully in the next election, Mr. Bell( Don’t even think about it Mr Scott) We have had enough!!!

ClayCo Resident

November 20th, 2009
11:18 am

I’m so glad CTran is gone!! I DARE them to put it on the ballot!lol Sorry bus riders, start looking for new apartments/rental houses in Fulton/Dekalb..see ya!


March 16th, 2010
6:37 pm

Transit is necessary, Transit creates jobs, allow people to go to work. It allows people without vehicles to spend. The transit is absolutely necessary. You watch and wait… Clayton County thinks its strapped for cash and can’t afford C-Tran. It’s going to be even more strapped for cash. Those people who ride the bus generate a hefty tax dollars which will cut Clayton County’s throat. There will be job losses. Money loss due to less taxes coming in. So by saving money also decreases the county’s income. I hope the savings offset the decrease.


March 17th, 2010
11:03 am

There has been no analysis done about the impact of closing C-Tran. Most people do no realize that for every dollar put in to a transit system you will get four to nine dollars back in the local economy.

The closing of C-Tran will do damage to jobs, universities, shopping centers, and the local government itself.

Tax dollars generated by C-Tran’s ridership will be lost, jobs that depend on the transit system will be lost…

There is stupid arguments saying that the transit systems increase crimes. Get the facts. Several Studies have been done that prove that transit systems do not increase crime.