Clayton’s quality of life improving in small doses

The Clayton County Board of Commissioners recently voted unanimously to ban solicitation of donations on county roads and highways.

According to the Clayton News-Daily, the new ordinance states “no person shall stand in or enter any street, roadway or highway for the purpose of soliciting money or anything of value.”  Exceptions are solicitations made by uniformed public safety officials, such as members of the fire, police and sheriff departments.

I am sure I’ve just been lucky, but I have not encountered solicitors much in my area of Clayton.  Or maybe I tend to tune certain things out given my origins (any New Yorkers out there remember the squeegee guys?).  The one time I gave someone train fare, I watched him immediately turn around and continue soliciting others for money, so that did it for me.  Now if I’m unsure of where the money will end up, I don’t even pay attention to the pitch.

But the BOC was right, this practice wasn’t safe for anyone – the solicitors nor the public.  I am particularly happy for those residents who felt threatened or were just simply disturbed and annoyed by solicitors.  And anything that eases the burden of our public safety departments is also a plus since they are busy enough.

What do you think of this ordinance?  Was soliciting a problem in your area?

In addition, Election Day (Nov.  3) is again upon us and one hot ticket will be the Jonesboro city council race.  The Clayton County Wide Homeowners Association, Inc. will host a political debate for candidates vying for three City of Jonesboro council seats on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 7 to 9 p.m. at the Firehouse Museum, 103 West Mills Street, Jonesboro, in the Community Room.  City of Jonesboro voters will have an opportunity to meet, listen to and question the seven candidates seeking to represent them.  Call 404-396-2706 for more information.

Absentee voting has already begun and advance voting will begin the week before Election Day (Oct. 26-30).

You might want to check out the Georgia Voter Guide produced by the League of Women Voters of Georgia.

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October 30th, 2009
12:20 am

Clayton County has gone to the dogs Riverdale Cops need get of their ass and arrest people for real crimes instead of bothering helpless drivers to fill riverdales coffers. Bus service ending, because sorry ass county officals crying about a million dollars they pay to marta. They steal that much in a year. Code enforcement trying to find issues with property owners, so they write summons and bleed taxpayers dry. Then you vote the same bunch of fools into office year after year. clayton has gone to the dogs. One of the worst county in GA Plain and Simple

Happy Driver

November 3rd, 2009
8:35 pm

I’m SO happy to hear about this (even a few weeks after the fact)!!! Every day, I have to navigate between panhandlers, freelance preachers, youth sports teams, and homeless people at dangerous intersections: where Old Dixie Highway merges with Tara Blvd., at the I-75 on- and off-ramps at Hapeville, on Hwy. 54 and Forest Parkway in Riverdale… if it’s a high-volume intersection, you WILL be hustled. Whether the cause is worthy or legitimate is irrelevant to me, I do NOT want to be solicited. I get that all day long at Five Points. In fact, much of the time I don’t have any money at all myself, not even for a Coke. The same couple of guys beg at the off-ramp–yet they are within walking distance of a number of day-labor hiring offices. The thing that gets me most of all are the adults whose total lack of leadership and common sense results in their telling the local kids’ football team to beg for donations using their helmets, etc. I was in the band, Girl Scouts, etc. and we EARNED our money for trips, uniforms, and so on. We did NOT have Helicopter Mommy “sell” our Girl Scout cookies for us in the office. We DID get up off of our teenage behinds and wash cars for $5, work hotdog stands at the football stadium, and sell Christmas ornaments in order to fund band trips, sailing trips, and other major events. I worry that, by teaching kids to beg, we are teaching them the worst combination of entitlement and learned helplessness possible. When the kids sell hotdogs instead of shake cans, I support their efforts wholeheartedly and generously. Please, adults, take this message to heart. Earning money is different than begging for money. If you teach them this behavior, don’t be surprised when they come begging you for cash without having done their chores!

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9:59 am

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