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Is a charter school the answer?

Mt. Zion Christian Academy recently closed its doors after 38 years, leaving Clayton parents who prefer a private school education with few alternatives other than the traditional public school education.

One option for those parents is charter schools. However, the only two in Clayton to make AYP in 2009 are: Unidos Dual Language Charter School and Lewis Academy of Excellence

At least half of all instruction is taught in Spanish at Unidos for all grade levels. “We have a balanced population of native English and native Spanish speaking students and the goal is for them all to be able to read, write and speak both Spanish and English by the time they finish fifth grade,” says dual-language coordinator Dell Perry Giles. Enrollment is currently closed, but parents interested in getting their child on the waiting list must first attend an Informational Session. The next one is scheduled for July 30th – call 404-361-3494 for more.

Lewis Academy specializes in Reading and …

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Hill shadow still looms …

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Although former Sheriff Victor Hill is long gone, Clayton County is still dealing with the ramifications of lawsuits incurred and decisions made during his tenure.

Eleven Clayton County police officers recently filed a federal lawsuit accusing the county of violating its own policies and procedures, among other things. Derived from the 2007 settlement in favor of 27 deputies wrongfully terminated by Hill, seven lieutenant positions were created within the Clayton County Police Department specifically for them. This left some police officers who worked long and hard for their promotions and the perks that came with them out to dry.

Although a few officers did get promoted earlier this year, the Board of Commissioners revoked those promotions after delaying funding to pay for them. After a two year dispute, the officers became ineligible …

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Double standard at SACS?

While out of town last weekend I got several e-mails and telephone calls asking if I heard about the situation with the Cobb County school board. Apparently, other school boards may not have learned from the mistakes of our former members.

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, “An analysis of minutes from the board’s executive sessions since January 2007 reveal that the board voted about 55 times behind closed doors and conducted prohibited discussions about 25 times.” Board Chairman Dr. John Abraham admits that voting in executive session is standard operating procedure for them, which he did not know was illegal. The major difference I’m seeing thus far is the Cobb BOE is willing to disclose some of the information discussed and not completely shut their constituents out.

Problems with Clayton’s former BOE was media fodder for what seemed an eternity. I distinctly remember reading AJC vents and posts on this blog from residents of other counties (Cobb included) …

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Choose your child’s school!

Clayton students may now be able to transfer to the school of their choice thanks to a new state law.

House Bill 251 provides “…that a public school student can attend any school in the local school system under certain conditions.” As per the Clayton County Public Schools’ Web site, “Parents who request these transfers must assume all responsibility and all costs of transportation of their child(ren) to and from school.”

CCPS will offer 21 choices for student transfers: Elementary – East Clayton, Fountain, Huie, Kilpatrick, McGarrah, Mt. Zion, Northcutt, Riverdale, Suder, Swint, Tara and West Clayton; Middle schools – Adamson, Jonesboro, Kendrick, North Clayton, Pointe South, M.D. Roberts and Sequoyah; and high school choices are: Jonesboro and Mundy’s Mill. Charter schools are exempt from this option, as are any schools less than four years old.

Parents who have not already done so don’t have much time left to get the process started. Applications must be received …

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