Charles R. Drew High School will set the bar high

Charles R. Drew High School will make its Riverdale debut in August, and has residents and students alike excited about its potential.

Drew intends to set the bar high from the start. Among other things, students will be required to wear uniforms, and parents are expected to be active participants in their child’s education and discipline, if necessary.

The school will focus on biotechnical/health occupations, but also offers a culinary arts program, a full service bank for students to learn finance, public safety and engineering programs. A full athletic program will be offered eventually. The new 5,000 seat athletic stadium built next door will be shared with all county high schools. Only freshmen and sophomores will attend initially, and the Class of 2012 will be Drew’s first graduates.

This could be the beginning of good things for the Riverdale area. If this school succeeds, it could be used as a model for others statewide and bring some positive publicity and energy not only to Riverdale but also to Clayton County Public Schools in general.  Drew has the makings to become one of the more sought after high schools by Clayton students once accreditation is restored and residents begin to trust the system again.

Will your child attend Drew and if so, is he/she looking forward to it?  Do you know any students who are trying to get into Drew?

On a different note, the AJC recently reported that former school board member Michael King was ousted from his seat last week for various ethics violations.  Every single District 4 resident I ever spoke with claimed King was the best candidate in a pool of duds when elected.

Strike two for District 4 – is there anyone in that area capable of doing this job?

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June 30th, 2009
6:37 pm

I am proud that my son will be in the very first graduating class here at Charles R. Drew High School. I LIKE uniforms. People might argue my point, but times today are quite different than when I was a student, back in the Class of 1977…
I had a conversation by phone with the principal of the school and have every reason to believe that the school is in good hands, just by his experience.
My son and I have driven past the new school to view the progress and this facility is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Thank God something good is finally happening in the Clayton County School system…
Toyosi Pius: The principal said the open house should be sometime in July, but also that we would receive notification by mail of the exact date. You may call the Clayton County Board of Education for a date or get on the Clayton County School website for that and other information. The best of luck to you in your beautiful new school! Make these years count…you will draw memories from your high school experience for the rest of your life! I hope to meet you sometime during the school year!


June 30th, 2009
7:03 pm

I am very proud that my son will be among the first graduating class of Charles R. Drew High School.
I had a look at the facility and it is absolutely beautiful!
My brief conversation with the principal lead me to believe that the school is in very capable hands due to his experience, his latest as the principal of Mt Zion HS.
I personally am in favor of the use of uniforms, which sets the stage for a learning attitude.
I thank God that something positive like this is finally happening in Clayton County.
Toyosi Pius: The principal said that we would be notified by mail of the open house, sometime in July. You may get on the website for Clayton County Schools or call the main offices over in Jonesboro for the date. Good luck in your new school. I am very excited for you and hope to meet you sometime during the school year!

Unspoken Requests

July 17th, 2009
12:03 pm

I agree about “What’s in a name?” and alot of the comments..

Almost every road, highway, alley, whatever that’s named after Martin Luther King Jr. has an extremely HIGH crime rate. He was an empowering leader but everywhere his name is, it has a dangerous environment. Gangs, Burglars, people without homes, children with no parents, poor residents and terrible vandalism.

A name won’t do anything. I took a look at the school while no one was looking one day, and the design isn’t really impressive compared to the prototype animation that was released before it was built.

I have a feeling this school will just end up like all the other Clayton County schools. If they don’t get to the REAL root of the problem and stop stressing over UNIFORMS, then there’s no saving our Education System. If you’ve recently moved into Clayton County, MOVE OUT WHEN YOU HAVE THE CHANCE.

Tina Gray

August 6th, 2009
3:39 pm

I would like to know what color uniform the students have to wear?


August 11th, 2009
5:21 pm

Where is Charles R. Drew High School located? I’ve gone looking for it TWICE, but the address doesn’t exist.

This is the address listed on the CCPS website:
6237 Garden Walk Blvd. – Riverdale, GA 30274

is this correct?


August 12th, 2009
1:30 am

To the comment above about parents and children disrespecting teachers.Yes that is true for some, but not all. I come from a line of educators, so I have the utmost respect for teachers. I am not getting any help from the school. My daughter missed 65 days before the school filed truancy. Things like this need to change. I am a parent that needs help with there child. I don’t see a real concern to want and need to help the children of Clayton County. It should be more than just a paycheck. I believe Clayton County and the School system can over come all the discrepancies if they work together. More needs to be offered in this school system.

let talk we talk

September 7th, 2009
4:17 am

To the Comment that was made Clayton Country School system has change we see the people change But ,We all should come together and make a change we have People in Local Government say they will do what they want to do with my children your children the school will not give no one children a education Ms. Davis just did not walk back ( Mr.Bell) and the Member of the Broad vote her in the Meeting that how she come ,


September 14th, 2009
2:32 am

What is in a name? I was born anew, first, shinning, precious, wonderfully made. You can not remake me, but shape me, guide me, lead me, show me the way of the successful. The positive outcome of this experiment should not be put to rest until those who have endeavored to attempt triumph have been given their chance to do just that. Triump! The naysayers have no vision. I challenge ever Parent, Student, Teacher, and Educator to rush into the game or stay on the side lines. Don’t be discouraged just because something, this thing seems difficult. You can do it. All, hold each other accountable, after holding yourself accountable. Students, All of you attending this beautiful facility, challenge yourselves to make a difference. Others, be aware that there will be mistakes made, but don’t kill the spirit of this opening wonderment just for an opportunity to say I told you so. Why can’t we all of Clayton County show up to lend a helping hand to those that are there, even if the parents are indifferent, the educators too occupied, the students too bound by ancestry circumstance and chisel out the positive outcome that we so desperately desire and need. If you are not willing to do something besides talk, stand aside and let those who are in the pit take their turn. A brief story from Vietnam: Out of a Company of 130 that was over-run by a battalion of Viet-Cong regulars, six of us were accidentally left behind in a damp, mosquito ridden LZ. After 5 days without radio contact, a specific LT. manning a nearby outpost heard our transmission, connected us to HQ for our instructions. We were to stay put for three days and then hike eleven miles to link up with the LT at the outpost. All was well except for no water, wet and damp from head to toe and corroding batteries. Day two, the radio dies, 1000 mosquito bites, (count them) and the outpost is overrun and surrounded and we don’t know anything. What we know is how much we need each other, and what it is like not to stand a chance. After walking 9.1/2 of the eleven miles, with raggady cloths hanging off our weakened bodies, trench foot, and dehydration, we hear and see this LT and a red-haired boy of nineteen. We link up with each other without killing each other, and find out that HQ believes we six are dead and there will be no rescue. We must rescue ourselves if we are to be saved. There is a way to do this, however it will take rationing the water of the LT and the red-haired boy between eight desperately thirsty Titians.( 5 quarts) Five more days through this miserable existence and we are almost free. Except for the orders to survive at your own discretion, eight men less 323 pounds between them walked out that Jungle, join a firefight that helped save the very base camp that gave us up for dead and slid back into obscurity.

Jenny Lewis

January 1st, 2010
3:56 pm

Unfortunatley it didnt live up to the HYPE.School is as worse as the others.They should of put the money into remodeling Riverdale.and North Clayton.