Most Atlanta companies to fill openings in coming months

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The majority of metro Atlanta companies plan to fill professional staff openings as they come up in the coming months, and some plan to increase the number of  workers on their payroll, according to a new survey of chief financial officers.

While 77 percent of companies say they won’t be increasing the number of workers they employ in the second quarter, they will fill any vacancies, according to the survey conducted by the staffing firm Robert Half. Twelve percent, however, said they expect to add new positions in April, May and June.

Nine percent of CFOs aren’t planning any hiring, even to fill open positions, and 1 percent said they plan to cut staffing levels.

The survey, which gauges hiring in accounting, administrative, IT and other skilled jobs, involved more than 100 CFOs at metro Atlanta companies with 20 or more employees.

It’s the first time Robert Half has done such a study so there are no comparative numbers for the first quarter or for the same period a year ago.

Andy Decker, a Robert Half senior regional vice president, said there is more demand for skilled talent but the pool of talent isn’t keeping up with demand.

“An increased demand for skilled talent, combined with the misperception that there is a large candidate pool, has left many employers in Atlanta with critical roles unfilled,” Decker said in releasing the study. “Companies with lengthy hiring processes can lose out on highly skilled candidates, who often receive multiple offers.”

Is your company filling vacancies around you, or are  many vacant jobs still going unfilled, leaving more work for you and others?

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March 12th, 2013
1:38 pm

If they would quit looking for the “perfect employee” that does not exist and not discriminate against the long term unemployed, they could fill those empty postitions.


March 12th, 2013
4:07 pm

Mary you are 1000% correct. I friend of mines said the same thing. Bloggers answer this….. What dies you credit have to do with your work ethic? I know people who didn’t get get because they owed for student loans and they had bad credit. The things hiring companies are doing now are crazy. Of course if you lose your job you credit will be affected just hire a person based on there past work not there credit and these jobs will be filled quickly.


March 12th, 2013
8:17 pm

Employers want purple unicorns and call applicants from job boards “homers”. Bing it. I officially quit looking for a job and started my own operation. Best thing I’ve done in two years. Yep…

John Ellison

March 13th, 2013
7:12 am

Your credit rating indicates whether you are a responsible person or not.

Butch Cassidy (I)

March 13th, 2013
7:20 am

miked706 – ” I friend of mines said the same thing. Bloggers answer this….. What dies you credit have to do with your work ethic?”

It shows responsibilty. On another note, employers also look at spelling and grammer.

Credit Score

March 13th, 2013
11:35 am

Your credit report might suffer if you have been out of work for several months. Unemployed folks tend not to have the best credit scores.