Study: Job openings growing in Atlanta, nation

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Job openings were up 8 percent nationally in January compared with the same period a year ago, but openings were up 15 percent in Atlanta, according to a company that operates one of the world’s largest job search engines.

In its latest update on the growth in job openings, Simply Hired said Atlanta ranked No. 4 in largest gains between December and January, up 3.3 percent. Atlanta followed West Palm Beach ( up 6 percent); Seattle and Tacoma, Wash., (4.2 percent); and Las Vegas (4.1 percent). The study showed there were three unemployed people for every one job opening on average.

Simply Hired spokeswoman Sara Lee said the data is taken from a database of more than 8 million job openings. The top hiring companies locally were WellStar Health System, Piedmont Healthcare, Northside Hospital, Emory University and Great Clips, according to Simply Hired.

The state Labor Department does not track job openings, but said there were 2.37 million jobs in metro Atlanta in December – 37,400 more than in December a year ago.

The job opening findings are among the latest indicators that show people looking for work are finding more openings as the economy gradually improves and companies feel more confident about adding to their payrolls.

The U.S.  Labor Department reported Friday that hiring was much stronger at the end of last year that previously thought, and that employers added 157,000 jobs in January. The estimated job gains for November were revised upward to 247,000 from 161,000, and to 196,000 from 155,000 for December .

The January unemployment rate, however, rose to 7.9 percent from 7.8 percent in December.

Simply Hired President and CEO James Beriker said job openings rose in January despite the traditional downsizing that followed temporary hiring the holiday season. “January marks the eighth time in nine months that we have seen an increase in nationwide job openings,” he said.

The biggest jump in job openings was in agriculture (21 percent), personal care and services (17.6 percent and technology (13.7 percent). Non-profits and the legal community saw the largest drop in job openings, down 30 percent and 22.6 percent, respectively.

Do you think a job exists somewhere out there for anyone who is willing to work?

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Mr. Optimistic

February 1st, 2013
12:46 pm

Keep the faith!


February 1st, 2013
1:11 pm

All the job openings I see are for IT.
I apply for jobs all the time, but employers have to actually start interviewing people. I have applied for jobs that I am qualified for, but the jobs stay open and never seem to get filled.
I have also been told in a roundabout way that I am too old (I’m only 44).
I think employers are only looking for young (cheap) employees. I live in midtown (I would love to work in midtown) and I have seen the workforce become younger. What are other middle aged professionals doing? We can’t all start businesses or become “consultants”.


February 1st, 2013
1:12 pm

169,000 Americans Drop Out of Labor Force in January As Unemployment Ticks Up

Nice try Chris and AJC. ;-)


February 1st, 2013
1:13 pm

Left why?

February 1st, 2013
1:26 pm

8.5 million left the labor force after Bush wrecked the economy.

nice try USMC.
Cite newsbusters? LOL. Try citing reality.


February 1st, 2013
1:31 pm

Mary has a point. At 60, I am thankful that I am in a field where I can paddle my own canoe. Most folks seem to assume I’m a decade younger until I tip them off, but even at 50 folks find it difficult to find a suitable job. When I applied for a high position outside my own company, which the top people had encouraged me to seek, young staffers guided the process and it wound up going to a minority female 38 years old. I see the folks I grew up with leaving the labor force for “early retirement” due to the lack of opportunities. In hiring for my business, I run a blind ad in the online job sites and receive hundreds of resumes for one position. While I do place top value on critical skills, I find myself tilting toward somewhat younger applicants, not so much to pay less or to discriminate on age, but rather because they seem to have more up to date skills.


February 1st, 2013
1:37 pm

Well, what a surprise. The two fields I have experience in, nonprofit and legal, show the biggest drop in openings. Maybe that helps explain why nine months after being laid off I still can’t find work. Not to mention that you never hear a word after submitting a resume. Sure, there’s plenty of openings- they’re all in IT. God forbid if you’re not an expert in agriculture or IT, I guess you’re just out of luck.


February 1st, 2013
1:57 pm

If you are qualified for a position and not getting initial interview calls after submitting your resume…..maybe you need to hire a professional resume writer, or check your resume for grammatical errors.

Barry Obama, community organizer

February 1st, 2013
2:46 pm

When my current term is up, hopefully the unemployment rate will be lower than it was when I took office in January 2009.

It not, I’ll try something different in my third term as president.

In the mean time, I’ll just blame Bush and the Republicans for all our problems.


February 1st, 2013
2:54 pm

I wouldn’t believe a word in this article. Its coming from the AJC: big supporters of Barrack. So, some random database spit this out? Funny how the top job offers are coming from the medical industry? Wanna know why? Because everyone with a brain is leaving that industry because they know Obamacare is coming.


February 1st, 2013
2:57 pm

Left Why: 8.5M people have left the market since Barrack Hussein took office. Confirmed from your liberal AP.
Bush wrecked the economy! Bush wrecked the economy! So, there was no politicians, no policy, no thing pre-2000?


February 1st, 2013
2:57 pm

@ATLHappy – You are assuming a lot. I was a highly qualified job seeker with an impeccable resume – I’m in marketing communications, so it’s expected. Atlanta employers didn’t want me (or they wanted my extensive experience and education at bargain-basement prices), so I found a wonderful high-paying job in Dallas, TX. They even paid to relocate me. I was sad to leave my family, but I knew Atlanta was not the place for me to build my career.


February 1st, 2013
2:58 pm

Let’s see, Q4 contracted, 8.5 million fewer people working than 4 years, black unemployment way up, Hispanic unemployment way up, female unemployment up, youth unemployment way up, Federal debt approaching 200% of GDP, worst recovery from a recession in history, 47 million on food stamps, 1 in 6 live in poverty, 49% pay no Federal tax….but we’re in a “recovery”. Success!!


February 1st, 2013
3:05 pm

As usual with an AJC propaganda piece, ignore the misleading headline and note the little factoid slipped in that tells a the more accurate story:

“The study showed there were THREE UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE FOR EVERY ONE JOB OPENING on average.”

Kip Wittlesworth

February 1st, 2013
3:07 pm


Get a job, you dirty bum.

Software Farmer, Inc.

February 1st, 2013
3:14 pm

In this blog… people bragging about how worthless they are to the labor market and blaming it on someone else. Those of us with skills have jobs and tons of job offers. If you’re fighting three people for the same job, it’s because you made bad life choices. Accept responsibility for being a loser rather than trying to blame others.

Frodo, just because hobbits in fantasy live underground doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to live in your parents basement while crying that the problems in your life are somebody else’s fault. Go out into the sunlight and find a job.


February 1st, 2013
4:00 pm

Danny – Thats a pretty good ratio. Its never 1 person for each job opening.

Midnight garden

February 1st, 2013
4:17 pm

The unemployment rate for college grads is under 4% so go to school or go back to school!


February 1st, 2013
4:22 pm

Has anyone bothered to compare how people apply for jobs now to the last recession? If you remember was back when not every home had a computer, nobody had smart phones, and online job boards were a new idea. Recruiters had to actually want to find YOU a job to contact you, because you had to contact them first. The nation fills out online apps and calls it a day. Recruiters are hired by companies because too many people who may or may not be qualified for any position offered flood their websites because all it takes is a click now to spread your resume. It is possible to meet a hiring manager or someone in HR, by contacting them directly and doing some research. You know, the same exact way we all had to do it prior to 2000. Of course a company website say submit online. It’s a website. You still call and set up a time to drop off your resume to someone. A smile and a handshake are still worth more than different colored paper or a well formatted word doc.


February 1st, 2013
4:46 pm

@Software Farmer: Are you in your 20’s or 30’s? If so, you don’t have a clue. We’re in our 60’s – the rainbow is over for us. But hey, since we’re such losers, we still have our house and no debt.

Seek a different tone – you are truly insulting.

Cephus Jackson

February 1st, 2013
4:54 pm

“@ATLHappy – You are assuming a lot. I was a highly qualified job seeker with an impeccable resume – I’m in marketing communications, so it’s expected. Atlanta employers didn’t want
me .” – GaGirl


If you spoke in Ebonics you would have had a better chance of finding employment in the ATL.


February 1st, 2013
5:29 pm

I have to believe that if the government would stop extending unemployment benefits (they just tacked on an additional year) it would motivate a lot of people to go back to work.

Say that’s uncaring, uncompassionate etc. if you will but human nature being what it is some people will game the system long as you let them.

Software Farmer, Inc.

February 1st, 2013
6:38 pm

Rose, some people need a kick in the pants. If you find that insulting, that’s your choice. And if you have a home and no debt then you’re already in better shape than most, probably due to good life choices on your part. Kudos to you. If you have skills that are truly in demand, you’re going to be hired. If you have general jack-of-all-trades skills that most everyone possess, yeah, you’ll probably get beat out for the job by someone else with a positive attitude instead of a depressing “woe is me” one. We live in a time of “learning a living”. There are no silver watches and fat pensions for doing the same thing for thirty-five years. Stay fresh or stay out of the market.

I dropped my fried twinkie

February 1st, 2013
10:44 pm

Part time jobs with no benefits will not help the economy. people will have to get 2 jobs and that will not happen either just to survive.


February 2nd, 2013
6:24 am

The AJC and the media in general have been pimping the economy as hard as they can. If a republican were president in this miserable economy the AJC would crucify him.
The reality is that if millions were not leaving the workforce the unemployment rate would be way over ten percent. Personal income is stagnant, Minority unemployment is as high as it has ever been.
The stock market is roaring because Bernanke is pumping up the money supply by buying back our bonds
The unwavering support from the left for Obama’s failure is amazing. It’s hardly rooted in reality or in their best interests. It seems the media mavens like the AJC have simply lied enough to keep the folks in line.

Software Farmer's apprentice

February 6th, 2013
8:02 pm

How dare the AJC cite positive statistics about the economy!!? Everyone knows that the whole world is about to come crashing down in a blaze of misery and despair.

Meanwhile … people like Software Farmer, Inc. enjoy the good life. He’s not kidding about the multiple job offers – I’m getting them too. I know at least 3 people who make over $100k and don’t even have a degree.

Oh but mean ole Obama is a meanie, communist, socialist, Muslim, christian, Jew who hates America and commands its armed forces and um – did I say Obama is a meanie?