Sandy slows auto sales, but may drive need for replacements

Superstorm Sandy is having an impact on the economy in so many ways. One industry that’s been affected is autos, with car sales less than expected in October as a result of the storm.

According to MarketWatch, “October car sales came up well short of hopes for most auto makers, as Hurricane Sandy washed away business at the end of the month. All of the Big Three U.S. auto makers experienced weaker volumes than expected, sales data showed Thursday.”

One analyst said, however, that Sandy might actually boost sales in the near future as people have to replace vehicles lost in the storm. The only hitch is that storm-damaged dealerships in the Northeast will have to get back into full selling mode fast to take advantage of that expected demand.

Overall, U.S. auto sales still were up 7 percent  in October from the same month in 2011. Only Nissan declined from a year ago.

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