Next for Apple? Streaming radio

How about a little radio music with that Apple device?

Word on the street is that the maker of the iPod, iPhone, iPad and now iPad Mini is setting sights and ears on launching a new online radio service by 2013.

It must be a shocker to investors in the company behind the Pandora online radio service. Shares of Pandora Media Inc. plunged in Friday trading.

Apple reportedly is intensifying talks with major music labels to start a streaming-radio service that would rival Pandora. According to a Bloomberg News report, Apple is close to a deal and the new service could start in the first three months of the new year.

According to Bloomberg:

Apple, the world’s biggest music retailer with more than 400 million iTunes accounts, wants listeners to be able to buy tracks as music streams or revisit what they’ve heard in auto-generated playlists.

When it went public last summer, Pandora had 80 million users, 800,000 tracks from 80,000 artists in is library. Pandora has two subscription plans: one free and supported by advertisers and the other fee-based without ads.

Will you have your earphones, and wallets, ready for Apple?

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Andrew G

October 26th, 2012
4:27 pm

Really Aquemini? Your picking on the writer for a blip of an article? You must have A LOT of responsibilities on your hands. And to be so crass while using a name ripped from an Outkast album title. You’re unimaginative and hypocritical, two of my favorite qualities. :-P WOW!

Andrew G

October 26th, 2012
4:31 pm

Anyhow, I like Spotify more than Pandora. But now they are charging for Spotify too. Looks like the free streaming “door” might be closing soon.