Are TSA workers conducting thorough inspections?

Travelers have had their share of run-ins with Transportation Security Administration agents at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and many other major airports across the country.

Top complaints have included overzealous searches (from hair to bandages), items suddenly missing from checked carry-ons and other luggage, and rudeness. TSA workers also have had to deal with their share of uncooperative travelers.

Now comes word from Newark , N.J. that 44 TSA workers face either firing or suspension for not screening checked luggage properly, which is one of the procedures that lie at the heart of the effort to prevent explosive devices and other weapons from getting on aircraft. Last year in Honolulu, 48 TSA workers also faced firing or suspension for not screening luggage properly.

According to an Associated Press report, “Among the allegations is that screeners failed to open up and physically check bags that had been flagged by X-ray machines.”

The union representing the Newark workers will seek to have some of the dismissed workers reinstated, arguing that the workers were doing “what they were trained to do.”

Do you feel confident that TSA workers are conducting thorough inspections as you make your way through security lines at Hartsfield-Jackson or any other airport?

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