Manufacturing lags in Georgia, U.S., but one good sign

There’s some troubling news out this morning about the manufacturing sector.

While more than 70 percent of jobs lost in service industries nationwide have returned three years after the recession’s end, only 15 percent of jobs lost in manufacturing, construction and other industries that produce goods have come back, USA Today reports, citing U.S. Labor Department data from January 2008 (that’s when total employment peaked)  through last month.

Every state in the nation lost manufacturing jobs from May 2007 to May of this year, reports WSB Radio, but Georgia was among the worst, it  notes, having lost 78,000 manufacturing jobs in that five-year period, making it one of the ten biggest losers.

“That did happen, no doubt about it. Georgia had a very large manufacturing base and a big part of that was textiles, which were directly related to construction,”  labor commissioner Mark Butler told WSB.

When the construction industry collapsed, manufacturing followed, Butler said.

But Butler found some good news in the decline: Manufacturing jobs in Georgia have been on the rise since October 2010.

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[...] Manufacturing Lags in Georgia, U.S., but One Good Sign [...]

A. S. Mathew

July 18th, 2012
8:12 am

Textiles, if I am adamant to conver my body only with U.S. made textiles, I will be staying at home or in the car hiding from the public, and stores will be totally empty. All those textiles jobs were exported to China. All the big U.S. brand names sold in high and low end department stores are all 95% made in China.