Google outspends rivals on lobbying

When you’re king, the assaults can come from anywhere, at any time.

Which means you  have to protect yourself. You have to guard your interests.

Consider Google. It used to be the search engine company barely bothered to push its positions by lobbying the powers that be in Washington.

Now, though, it’s a lobbying heavyweight.

The New York Times reports Google spent $5 million on lobbying in the first quarter. That’s more than triple what it spent in the same period last year. It’s also more than the combined lobbying expenditures of Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.

Since its emergence, Google, the report notes, has “… become the subject of almost constant scrutiny from regulators, competitors and privacy advocates.” It adds that, “With Congress and privacy watchdogs breathing down its neck, Google is stepping up its lobbying presence inside the Beltway …”

Art Brodsky, of digital rights group Public Knowledge, notes that Google once was “an itty-bitty search engine. (But) the more Google expands, the more it gets into other people’s business.”


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