Now you can post your tweets on your TP

Millions and millions of Tweets are posted every day worldwide, and even the most ardent advocates of Twitter acknowledge that many are pretty much worthless to them.

So there’s some cheeky logic to one company’s idea: print your Twitter feed  (or any one else’s) on rolls of toilet paper.

According to the Daily Mail, “The site S***ter charges $35 for four rolls of paper printed with 140-(character) Tweets. The Tweets appear printed on sheets with about four Tweets per sheet.”

(Note: Figuring out which letters fill in the blanks of the site’s name shouldn’t be too difficult).

Company founder David Gillespie said, “Obviously this is fairly tongue in cheek, but we’re reasonably pleased we monetized Twitter in a way that avoided advertising.”

The site’s slogan: “Social media has never been so disposable.”

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Road Scholar

April 2nd, 2012
8:53 am

That is what most tweets are worth!