Want a cushy job? Try chocolate eater or mattress tester

Dreaming of an easier gig?

How about testing the thread count, slipper softness and room service at top hotels?

Or sampling Godiva chocolate all day to check for taste, aroma and texture?

Yes, those are real jobs, according to Shine, which lists them among the easiest-sounding positions out there.

Some others: cute pet aggregator; mansion sitter; TV watcher; professional know-it-all; spa critic; and resort consultant.

Not all of them, naturally, are as cushy as they might sound. There really is work involved, depending  on your definition of work.

And they’re generally not easy to land.

But some aren’t bad.

Like the full-time mattress tester for Travelodge, a job that can pay $1,500 a month.

Or mansion sitting. Experienced sitters can command $200 a week to mind the manse while living like royalty. Sure, you might have to do a lot of moving around, but it might beat having to stay late at your cubicle to get that report to the boss by morning.

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