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Delta warns of bogus emails

Delta Air Lines is warning its SkyMiles and other customers about bogus emails claiming to be from the Atlanta-based carrier.

To get customers to open the email, the sender claims a customer has purchased a Delta ticket, a credit card has been charged or an invoice or receipt is attached. Accessing the email, however, may expose the customer to potentially dangerous viruses that may be harmful to a computer, the airline said.

Delta says its emails end in “” and advises customers not to open, click on or reply to any email that does not contain that ending. It also said the email should be deleted.

It is advising SkyMiles customers to immediately change their account personal identification number, or PIN.

“Be assured that Delta did not send these emails, and our customers’ credit cards have not been charged by Delta as a result of the emails,” the airline said in a statement. “These emails did not originate from Delta, nor do we believe that any …

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Would you leave your job for one in another state?

With the economy still struggling to create enough jobs for the jobless, people have less reason to move.

Between 2010 and 2011, only 11.6 percent of Americans moved residences, compared with 20.2 percent who relocated in 1985, the year before the steady decline began, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The bureau began tracking such moves in 1948. According to Bloomberg News’ report on the study, most people who move long distances do so for new job opportunities.

Another study by the American Community Survey found most state-to-state moves from 2009 to 2010 were from California to other Western states and from New York to Florida. But even Floridians were on the move, with 49,901 of them relocating to Georgia.

Would you leave a current job for one in another state or does it come down to “a bird in the hand …?”

Christopher Seward

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When that nice salary of yours feels like minimum wage

Maybe you’ve felt this way, too.

You seem to earn a pretty good salary, but when you get through with taxes, the costs to commute to work, the price of child care and the need to spend for work-appropriate clothing and accessories there’s not much left.

It can feel like you’re making minimum wage.

That’s how one woman who wrote about it at feels. She took a job at $50,000 a year and felt good about it _ until she started to calculate all the costs. Check out her calculations. They might seem a lot like yours.

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iFix or not? Apple says iPhone 4S battery problem solved

Apple says the iFix is in, but some customers frustrated with the battery life of its latest iPhone aren’t so sure.

Plagued by complaints over the battery life of its iPhone 4S, Apple has released a software update that it says will fix the problem and also deal with battery issues with some of its  latest iPads and iPods.

While the company says a small number of customers have reported problems, forums have been flooded with negative feedback from customers.

The low battery life has been linked to its latest operating system, iOS 5, which comes with the iPhone 4S and was also offered for free as an upgrade on iPads, the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and recent models of the iPod Touch. Apple on Thursday released the iOS 5.0.1.

But as DigitalTrends notes, issues may remain:

Forums are once again filling with posts by frustrated owners of the phone, complaining that the ‘fix’ hadn’t actually fixed anything at all. One poster wrote: “After installing update phone was …

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Jay-Z: No occupying my cash

The “Occupy” movement has attracted its share of stars willing to share their stardom to bring attention to the cause against Wall Street greed, but at least one is drawing the line at the cash register.

Rocawear, founded by Jay-Z,  has come out with a T-shirt emblazoned with “Occupy All Streets” to spread the news that “there is change to be made everywhere” and not just on Wall Street.

But if Occupy Atlanta and other offshoots of the Occupy Wall Street movement expect to cash in on Jay-Z’s show of support, they may be disappointed. Rocawear says it isn’t sharing any of the revenue from the T-shirt sales, according to a Business Insider report.

“At this time we have not made an official commitment to monetarily support the movement,” the company said in a statement.

Some might say Beyonce’s hubby is just co-opting the cause to line Rocawear’s pockets with cash. Others, however, may look at it and say business is business -  capitalism at …

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Counting on an inheritance from your Boomer parents? Fuhgeddaboutit. They’re keeping it for themselves

If your financial bailout plan hinged on a big dollop of cash coming from mom and dad when they’re gone, think again. At least if they’re of the baby boomer era.

Less than half of millionaire boomers feel that leaving money for their kids is a priority, says a 2011 U.S. Trust study, according to Smart Money magazine.

Nearly two in three  boomers plan to use their money to travel. One in three say they just want to have fun.

All this is a pretty big change from previous generations.

The magazine notes that, “Older retirees are seven times more likely than boomers to believe they owe their children an inheritance, according to a survey of high net worth individuals published in the Journal of Financial Planning.”

It adds that, “boomers are more concerned with leaving behind things like values and keepsakes.”

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Facebook makes a deal: Will need users’ OK to expose their info

Facebook is nearing a settlement with federal regulators that would require it to get the OK from its users before it can make changes that expose their profiles and activities to a wider audience, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Facebook would have to get explicit consent from its 800 million users before changing its privacy settings.

The changes would resolve an ongoing  case before the Federal Trade Commission which must approve the deal.

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Food service distributor to add 108 jobs in Newnan

It’s been a pretty good run for the state’s economic development machine.

While unemployment remains stubbornly high here, there have been several positive announcements in recent months, with employers both new and familiar to Georgia adding jobs by the hundreds.

The latest good word comes from a big North Carolina food distributor, MBM Foodservice.

The company, which already has an operation in LaGrange in Troup County, plans to create 108 jobs in Newnan in Coweta County. MBM will lease a shell building in Coweta Industrial Park and refurbish it.

Back to the key news here: They’ll begin hiring in the first quarter of 2012.

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Want a great holiday airfare? Just wait: this year, the best fares will come late

One of the great truths of bargain travel is that you better book early if you want to save on air fares, especially for the peak holiday period.

This year, though, that maxim’s been turned upside down, according to this Yahool Travel report.

How could this be?

The “airlines may have jacked some prices up too high, too fast, the story says. “When that happens, airlines run sales closer to flight dates to fill the remaining seats on the plane. Airlines also ran many last-minute sales during the recession when Americans dramatically pulled back on flying.”

Happy shopping.

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Atlanta ties as 5th best metro area in U.S. for black-owned businesses

Atlanta tied for fifth among U.S. metro areas as a best place for black-owned companies to do business, according to a new report from the National Urban League Policy Institute, the research arm of the National Urban League.

Atlanta, which was tied with Charlotte,  ranked behind the Washington, D.C., Los Angeles metro areas, which were one and two in the report, and the Chicago and Detroit metro areas, which tied for third.

St. Louis, Dallas-Fort Worth, Cleveland, New York and Philadelphia followed.

The report said that, “Cities with strong diversity supplier policies and which allow easy access to business-to-business and government contracts were the best environments for black-owned businesses to grow.”

National Urban League President Marc H. Morial said, “Businesses owned by minorities have grown faster than white-owned businesses since 2007. One major factor in that growth has been the success of minority business set-aside programs. It’s been one of the few …

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