Tax us, please! Millionaires say they’re willing to pay more

Warren Buffett is willing to pay more.

So are other  millionaires (and billionaires), it appears.

According to a survey of those with $1 million or more in investments, the rich are OK with higher taxes on themselves, according to a report in Huffington Post.

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October 28th, 2011
10:26 am

That is a profound act!!!…If I was a millionaire, I would want to help buy paying more. As the saying goes…you can’t take it with you!


October 28th, 2011
3:58 pm

If they want to pay more it is very easy, there is a line on the bottom of every tax form to pay additional monies to the government; no one is stopping them.

Warren Buffett, shut up


October 28th, 2011
5:33 pm

Maybe they feel guilty about having money and want to get rid of it. And they’re naive. The government is just going to squander every extra penny they pay, and then some, on new wars or new entitlement programs.


October 28th, 2011
5:55 pm

This is apalling! We should be “broadening the base” (republican for raise taxes on poor and middle class folks) instead! God forbid billionaires have to shell out a few more bucks while the working poor starve. The nerve of these people!
-Typical Republican


November 1st, 2011
10:53 am

O.K. you dumb Republicans! Can any of you even read???? They want you to tax them…so what’s the problem? Oh yeah..your goal is for President Obama to be a 1 term President…NEWSFLASH!!!


November 1st, 2011
10:55 am

The rich want to pay more taxes..what’s the problem Republicans?!!! NEWSFLASH!!! The rich want to pay more!!! Oh yeah…you are determined to have President Obama as a 1 term President! NOT GONNA HAPPEN! OBAMA WILL WIN AGAIN! OBAMA 2012 :)

Chief Wiggum

November 3rd, 2011
11:21 am

I call nonsense. As others have said, nothing is stopping these millionaires and billionaires from voluntarily giving their money to the government. There is indeed the space on the 1040 form for folks to give money to the government. So, put up or shut up. That especially goes for Warren Buffett. He has a plan to dispose of most of his money when he dies, but is he giving it to the government? NO. He wants everybody else to do that.

Oh, and Samantha? You come across as a buffoon.