Chinese manufacturer to add 300 jobs in Peachtree City

SANY Heavy Industry of China will add a research and development center at its SANY North America facility in Peachtree City, Gov. Nathan Deal announced from China where he and a group of officials from Georgia are on a week-long economic development mission.

The company will create about 300 jobs and invest $25 million in the expansion.

SANY will hire 300 mechanical and hydraulic engineers within the the next three to five years, with hiring to begin in about a year. Hiring will be handled by the Georgia Department of Labor.

The research and development center will design and develop products from many of the company’s product lines.

SANY has had its Peachtree City manufacturing facility since 2007. The $60 million, 420,000-square-foot complex makes specialized cranes and lifting equipment for the construction industry. The operation also houses sales, procurement and engineering offices. About 100 workers are currently employed at the plant.

SANY Group Ltd., the parent company of SANY America, has sales revenues of $8 billion and 53,000 employees in more than 120 countries. It is one of the world’s largest concrete machinery manufacturers.

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October 21st, 2011
10:13 am

Glad they are adding more jobs in our community. Be sure to use #1 Free Resume Generator Online.


October 21st, 2011
10:49 am

This is old news. Sany corp. already had plans to expand in PTC. I don’t know why Deal should announce it from China. He must be desperate for publicity.

Tech '10

October 21st, 2011
11:02 am


October 21st, 2011
11:25 am

Deal and his wife spent enough money to pay a hundred people’s unemployment for a year. This clown is as crooked as my dogs back leg. .

CAT Yellow

October 21st, 2011
11:45 am

Glad to have SANY as a corporate neighbor. Governor Deal and wife Sandra are very nice people. Gracious and genteel, I’m sure they’ve been greeted warmly by their Chinese hosts.


October 21st, 2011
12:20 pm

Stop outsourcing now!!! Oh, the jobs are in Atlanta… Then good. Outsourcing is good.


October 21st, 2011
12:42 pm

Wait a minute, I see or hear all of these companies from China, and car companies in west Georgia, what about our own American companies starting jobs for Americans workers? You mean we don’t have american companies that can develop and start to put america back to work; just as we are permiting all of these other countires to come in and freely start busiesses; I am ashame of America because we have let our strong bond and images turn into a soreeye for the rest of the worls!


October 21st, 2011
1:12 pm




October 21st, 2011
1:18 pm

When Gov. Perdue got SANY to come to Peachtree City, SANY promised 600 jobs. So far, less than 100. SANY also is nickle and diming the city govt., to waive every fee and ordinance that any US company would payand abide by. They want a city street renamed SANY Blvd., but have refused to reimburse any company along that street for the costs they will incur to their small businesses to change letterhead, internet, marketing material, etc. SANY submitted an elaborate landscape plan to the city, got approval, and then removed everything except the basics. Unheard of. SANY has received a sign variance. SANY has received impact fee waivers from the county, a $50,000. fee waiver per employee from the city, state tax breaks and on and on and on. This co. is run by a Chinese BILLIONare. Now, you tell me, how low do we go? Ask their American company competition what they are doing. Wait for the big trade show in Atlanta in January.


October 21st, 2011
1:59 pm

CAT Yellow (see above), how long have you worked for SANY and are you enjoying our American blogs?


October 21st, 2011
2:59 pm

Hiring will be handled by the Georgia Department of Labor…what does that mean?


October 21st, 2011
2:59 pm

By reading just the few responses here, it is clear that some people will b1tch and moan about anything. For crying out loud folks, 300 high paying engineer jobs are coming to metro Atlanta. How about quit looking for someone to blame and be glad that someone, somewhere is doing something to employ folks… These jobs will create revenue for the local economy. Quit complaining and encourage other businesses to bring jobs back to America. Every little bit helps. Have a nice day.


October 21st, 2011
3:55 pm

David, what part of “SANY promised 600 jobs and so far, less than 100″ are you not getting?

Promises, promises.

CAT Yellow

October 21st, 2011
4:08 pm

Never worked a day at SANY but I have contacted them about employment. American blogs are very much like it’s citizens, decidedly negative. I’m sorry for your wealth envy though, Caroline. That mean old Chinese billionaire should be tarred, feathered and run out of town. How dare them to want to expand beyond their borders. Can you say protectionist?

David thanks for some sanity here. I guess these other folks didn’t get there government handouts today and now they’re a little cranky. Maybe they need a nap. Cry babies.


October 21st, 2011
5:18 pm

CAT Yellow-American blogs are part of free speech-something the Chinese are not used to..get the point? Can you say Chinese communist billionaire? c-o-m-m-u-n-i-s-t. Protectionist? Darn right. And proud of it. There is no govt. handout here. Ask SANY how much Chinese govt. $$ they got in handouts to survive. Just think, if you get the job, you too can go live there. Just don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.


October 22nd, 2011
11:40 am


Free speech deals with government limitation. There is nothing that requires the ajc to let you talk. Just wanted to say something since you are schooling the chinese on our constitutional rights.


October 23rd, 2011
7:41 pm

Great Job Governor Deal, China will soon be the world’s number one economy, and Georgia will benefit greatly. Would love to see some more nonstop flights from Hartsfield to China