10 restaurant chains that could close their doors

Now this is sort of sad news.

Some well-known restaurant chains are facing tough times and possibly a bleak future, according to this article in 24/7 Wall St.

Eateries like Bennigan’s, Big Boy and Country Kitchen are all in peril, it says, troubled by changing tastes and the economy.

Of course, some foodies might cheer their demise.

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All I remember is

October 17th, 2011
10:37 am

Godfather’s Pizza needs to close it’s doors now.

good riddance!

October 17th, 2011
11:11 am

overpriced, mediocre food, bad service???? I wonder why they are having financial troubles??????


October 17th, 2011
1:02 pm

A bad economy drops all ships.


October 17th, 2011
1:10 pm

I grew up in Mobile, Ala., where Godfather’s Pizza had at least 10 restaurants in the area. Now, there are about four. I love Godfather’s Pizza. I think it’s the best.


October 17th, 2011
1:18 pm

Yeah, that Godfather’s Pizza sure has some people skeeeeert these days. I wonder why.


October 17th, 2011
1:39 pm

The Federal Reserve slashes interest rates below what the free market would set. This falsely encourages businesses to malinvest in things that are not functionally sustainable. As low interest rates would normally signal increased savings, the expectation would be that future spending would sustain these investments, but there was NO savings, and low interest rates actually discouraged savings while massive inflation actually destroyed their future value. End result, Fed created bubble bursts.

This cycle has been going on for a long time, but made far far worse by the presence of the Federal Reserve in the economy. These failures are just part of the correction and must happen to restore a sound foundation for future growth. We should be upset when the bubble is forming, but instead we get upset when it inevitably bursts. END THE FED. Ron Paul 2012. Restore sound money and sound economics.


October 17th, 2011
2:05 pm

I’m surprised that Shoney’s isn’t on that list. I remember there being a Shoney’s on almost every major exit off I-20, I-85, and I-75. Nowadays you’d be lucky to find even one. The only ones I know of still in operation are on Thornton Road in Austell, and somewhere in Cartersville.


October 17th, 2011
2:05 pm

“Bennigan’s, Big Boy and Country Kitchen”

Oh, no. However will I get along.


October 17th, 2011
2:06 pm

I’m only familiar with about half of those listed, but I can’t say I’d miss any of them.


October 17th, 2011
2:39 pm

“The majority offer American Style cuisine — e.g., steak and burgers — in a bar or grill setting.”

Funny, I can do those on my own for far less cost. Why bother?

Old flea bag

October 17th, 2011
2:58 pm

“I’m surprised that Shoney’s isn’t on that list”.

Shoney’s used to be a mainstay. They were considered to be a clean, decent family oriented place to visit. Shoney’s and Chilli’s both provide the same commodity, but each are percieved in a whole different manner. Chilli’s appears to be hip, tendy, while Shoney’s is considered to be the “Oldsmobile” of restaurants.

Bennigan’s used to be cool but I don’t even know if there is one around anymore.

Time changes everything.

Bobby B

October 17th, 2011
2:59 pm

Let’s cut their taxes. After all, that does ensure future viability for any business, right?


October 17th, 2011
3:45 pm

I don’t want to name the fast food, but I was surprised to see the
reduction of beef in the sandwich, but kept the rest in the same old order. In these hard times, less people eating at the restaurants and
fast foods, and the food industry is trying to cut corners. So, less people will be eating, and more closings are the final result.


October 18th, 2011
6:32 pm

In a bad economy it’s funny that restaurants are raising prices and lowering the quality of food with a side of bad service. The managers and servers don’t seem to care, but want to complain that the business is off and they are not making enough tips. I can se a lot more than 10 chains closing.

oh no!!

October 18th, 2011
10:17 pm

Next thing you know, Magic Pan, Shakeys and Steak and Ale will be gone…


October 21st, 2011
12:10 pm

Govt should bail them out, they are too big to fail.