Power Breakfast: New fuel economy deal set for today, Turner Field vendors, nuclear costs, CCE, debt ceiling

With everyone focusing on the debt ceiling impasse in Washington, I wanted to highlight another important story developing there today.

President Barack Obama and top auto executives are set to unveil details of a compromise to slash the amount of gasoline cars and trucks will need in the future, Associated Press is reporting.

The deal, to be announced Friday, will double fuel economy standards to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 and further restrict the tailpipe emissions blamed for global warming, AP writes.

In a concession to automakers, light trucks — which are among their best-selling vehicles — would get easier treatment at the outset, AP reports.

The deal also includes credits for solar-paneled roofs and battery-powered cars that could allow fleets to fall short of the target, AP writes.

Obama’s spokesman said the deal would save drivers money at the pump, reduce oil consumption and pollution, and create jobs, AP reports.

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Sam I Am

July 29th, 2011
6:52 am

Why didn’e someone think of this sooner, just double the MPG, problem solved.


July 29th, 2011
7:02 am

I think it is wonderful that we live in a society where such great strides in efficiency can be solved by a simple government mandate. Why don’t we simply make it illegal to be poor, punishable by a significant fine? I am sure these automakers were not endeavoring to create more fuel-efficient vehicles before the increase in CAFE standards. Now they must increase the average mpg – done deal. Isn’t government wonderful? /sarcasm off


July 29th, 2011
7:13 am

The real way to increase the amount of fuel available for light trucks and cars is to force more goods to travel by rail. Tractor/Trailers are a very inefficient means of transportation that also destory our road surfaces.

Road Scholar

July 29th, 2011
7:42 am

Wrecker: So who would increase the efficiency w/o a new goal being achieved? When gas get to be $6 a gallon, W/o this action, you would whine…just like you just did!

seabeau: But it is hard to get the trains into the shopping centers! Freight operations from Savannah has increased the use of trains with guarenteed delivery in 24 hours. The trains go to railyards close to the cities and from there the trucks deliver the goods. The same is true for airports.


July 29th, 2011
7:51 am

I’m with Sam… increasing MPG via Big Nanny regulation is brilliant! If it can’t be done with technology and innovation by the private sector, surely the White House can do it by Executive Decision.

While they’re throwing around arbitrary math, why don’t they cut cancer and obesity numbers in half, as well? At least as equally beneficial to society, no?


July 29th, 2011
8:16 am

The progressive liberals can not produce a bill to fund the government but they can continue to socialize our country.


July 29th, 2011
8:27 am

Whoever is complaining about incresed MPG is a complete moron. Technology already exists to have higher MPG in our vehicles but the auto makers and big oil lobyists work overtime so they don’t have to do this in the US. They want us to drive vehicles that get worse MPG so we can keep going back to pump and they can keep getting rich. The only way for that to change is by the White House coming out with these better standards that benefit all, but greedy oil execs. Less gas/oil used, less pollution, what’s the problem? Oh yeah, it’s a democrate president doing it, so it’s “Nanny State”…give it a rest! Take your big trucks and enjoy burning up your household’s income on gas…

To Big to Fail

July 29th, 2011
5:39 pm

Herbert Hoover
would be real proud of the knucklehead Republicans in Congress today.


July 30th, 2011
7:45 am

Whiners whining about government intervention fail to realize the automakers were arguing for 42 mpg and thus the technology is out there.Then again, whiners whining usually don’t read much other than what is spoon fed to them.

Debt Ceiling Knuckleheads

July 30th, 2011
10:17 am

According to the U.S. Congress,
it appears the U.S. Government is not too big to fail