Power Breakfast: Long-term transportation plan approved, metro jobless rate jumps, schools, Delta, debt ceiling

The Atlanta Regional Commission approved the region’s 30-year plan to spend $60.9 billion on transportation projects and manage growth, AJC reporter Ariel Hart writes.

That transportation list is unrelated to the list being drawn up for a sales tax referendum next year.

ARC updates the plan every three or four years and last did so in 2007, Hart reports. Since then it has had to cut $7 billion from the plan as revenue continued to shrink. Those cuts included road and highway projects.

The region is expected to be home to 8.3 million people by the year 2040, according to ARC. The new plan spends billions of local, state and federal dollars on road widening and mass transit, and it aims to manage the expected population growth by choosing those projects in a coordinated way.

The plan passed overwhelmingly, but Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed voted against it, saying it didn’t spend enough on mass transit, Hart reports.

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July 28th, 2011
8:15 am

Why would the long term plan be “unrelated” to the list for next year’s sales tax referendum? In a normal strategic plan, the short term pieces build for the long term plan. This would appear to be part of the problem with our trying to pave our way out of gridlock without having a cohesive plan


July 28th, 2011
9:24 am

So by the year 2040, 285, 85, 75, 400, 20 , et, etc…will all be 10 lanes going each way…and it will take 3 hours one way to go 10 miles, but we won’t every spend a dime on a train/subway system around here. Brilliant.

My question is, when do companies finally start to pass on Atlanta and Georgia because the transportation system is terrible here?