Which iPhone side are you on: AT&T or Verizon?

AT&T reported robust sales for the second quarter, largely because it discounted an older version of the iPhone to prevent customers from switching to Verizon Wireless, AJC staffer Kristi Swartz writes.

If you’re an iPhone user, did you switch from AT&T to Verizon or stick with AT&T?

Did you wait until the iPhone came to Verizon to get one?

In previous blogs, many have criticized the AT&T network, but AT&T has said it’s been investing in improvements. Have things gotten better?

- Henry Unger, The Biz Beat

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Wednesday Blues

July 21st, 2011
12:28 pm

Stayed with AT&T. However, the price for service is outrageous. $30 for unlimited texting per line, and $25.00 for data usage. 2 phones and my bill is $175/mo.

I think that’s too expensive and I don’t know how much longer I can afford that bill. However, by August 15, if my 20 year old child is still unemployed, I’m cutting her service off. She can get off her butt and get a job and pay her own damn phone bill.


July 21st, 2011
1:10 pm

Waited until iPhone came to Verizon. I’ve been with Verizon forever and have never had connectivity problems so when it first came out they would be getting iPhone I patiently waited and my contract ended about the same time too. Have not regretted one bit!!! AT&T has me for internet and cable so everyone getting a little bit of my pie:-)

How can AT&T be so big and horrible ?

July 21st, 2011
1:49 pm

Got a droid phone with neither of the two providers I will say I have a friend with an iPhone on AT&T and his calls drop so often it has become a running joke with our crowd . It is not shocking that AT&T lost exclusive rights to the device . Their service has gotten so bad . If one does want an iPhone supposedly Sprint & T-Mobile will be getting it in September . They will probably have a more affordable plan though I don’t know how the AT&T/TMO merger will affect a iPhone on that network .


July 21st, 2011
2:15 pm

I dumped ATT when verizon got the iphone—very few dropped calls, better customer service (but not great).

Greg Brown

July 21st, 2011
5:52 pm

Waited until Verizon got the iPhone. Suffered through a decision to get the iPhone or wait for the Bionic from Motorola. Got tired of waiting and finally got one. Can’t imagine ever going to AT&T for any reason…


July 21st, 2011
6:36 pm

Got the first Droid X the day it was released with Verizon after an 8 year stint with Att-Cingular-Att. This Droid X has saved me over 80 bucks monthly now. I was able to cancel the Att aircard with the Droid X 3g hotspot feature, cancelled my comcast home internet as well, plus my corporate discount on Verizon. Great Verizon customer service when i had minor issues with the Droid X, they connected me with Motorola tech support and resolved the froyo non-updating issue. Ive never dropped a single call on verizon. My tablet running the Android operating system works seamlessly through the Droid X phone and ive got 5gb monthly for tethering and unlimited data on the phone’s large screen!


July 21st, 2011
7:03 pm

I think it’s great that Americans have choices and can choose the Android smartphone/tablet combination like myself, or the IPhone/IPad combination on Verizon’s rock solid network and competent tech support/customer service!


July 21st, 2011
10:51 pm

AT&T’s crummy wireless service around Atlanta is becoming the stuff of legends. I hate it cuz I’m a shareholder but if they don’t fix the dropped call/no reception issues there’ll eventually be only one phone company – and it won’t be AT&T.


July 21st, 2011
11:39 pm

I’ve had ATT wireless for years. Never had problems. My son has Verizon… seems every time he calls me the call is dropped. Seems Verizons network is not so rock solid….


July 22nd, 2011
7:42 am

Neither, IPhone is for the simple minded sheep. I do have verizon android, and never had one problem, but used to have ATT and it sucked.

The Truth Truth

July 22nd, 2011
7:55 am

Magic jack and Metro PCS…….life is good..


July 22nd, 2011
8:06 am

Had AT&T for the last 12 years and was thinking of moving to Verizon but then I figured out how many times I am doing multiple things on the Iphone. Will probably stay with AT & T but right now am spending $400 per month for Uverse TV, Internet,iphones, etc., May just go back to a basic phone and dump the uverse TV. I only need it for College football in the fall. It’s all way to expensive no matter who you have.

my own two cents

July 22nd, 2011
8:10 am

I had a Blackberry 8830 on Verizon and now I have the iPhone and and my kids have Andriod phones on AT&T. Not crazy about the service, My Iphone does drop more calls than the Andriod phones on the same network, but I really see not much difference between the networks.

Also, JOD, I may be simple minded, but I have more important things to do than play (read “customize”) with my phone all day long. Sounds like the Geico commercial was made with you in mind.

vladimir sonovabitch

July 22nd, 2011
8:10 am

DROID – Nuff said

Verizon Multitasking

July 22nd, 2011
8:19 am

I have no problem whatsoever surfing the web while talking on my Verizon iPhone. Not sure how AT&T makes those claims.

iPhone user

July 22nd, 2011
8:24 am

@Verizon Multitasking- Are you saying that you talk & surf the web using your 3G connection simultaneously on your Verizon iPhone? Verizon states that this can’t be done using CDMA technology, so how do you do it?


July 22nd, 2011
8:26 am

neither , i can t afford to have an at least 80$ bill each month to play dumb games and surf the net with the idle network of att or verizon. It got really expensive to be an iphonaut…

The Truth Truth

July 22nd, 2011
8:39 am

Check out Samsung galaxy droid from METRO.and Majic jack at home. Free yourself from your masters.


July 22nd, 2011
9:00 am

Sprint HTC EVO – Android. Purchased day one, June 1 2010, never looked back. Recent road trip to Florida, (when we weren’t doing Mad Libs) I either Pandora’d, streamed ESPN (not while driving), all the while my kids and wife used its wireless hotspot for internet access. Very few dead spots along the way too. No dropped calls I hear about with others.


July 22nd, 2011
9:15 am

It will be an icy day in Hades before I become an AT&T customer. When/if they take over T-Mobile, I will go with ANYBODY else rather than give a penny to AT&T.

Mario S.

July 22nd, 2011
10:44 am

Verizon all day. I never had the need to talk and surf at the same time. I get emails and texts when I’m on a call and that’s enough. Verizon’s coverage is far superior. I am so glad that I dropped AT&T.

Do Not Like AT&T

July 22nd, 2011
11:29 am

I stayed with AT&T because of my contract. I have the iPhone4 and my sone has the iPhone3. Both are terrible at dropping calls. Was in Hilton Head recently, my husbands nonsmart Verizon phone worked perfectly inside and outside on the balcony of our condo. My iPhone did not. I had to go down to lobby 4 floors and go outside for my phone to work. We go to Idaho every summer, Verizon works from the lakehouse, AT&T cannot even pick up a signal. There is a dip in the road outside our subdivision, will loose calls every time. I get a discount from work, but still pay a hefty monthly bill for two iPhones, data usage etc. Will definitely switch to Verizon when contract ends and maybe try a droid or another smart phone. Does anyone know anything about the Palm?

iPhone user

July 23rd, 2011
8:16 pm

@Do Not Like AT&T- The older “non-smart” phones use older technology have larger antennas to accommodate for the lack of cell towers that used to exist. We were in Chicago and my boyfriends 9 year old phone worked in parking decks underground and the rest of our group had a mix of AT&T, Verizon, & Sprint smart phones and couldn’t get service underground.


July 25th, 2011
12:04 am


It’s because you’re on wifi


July 27th, 2011
3:11 pm

have a razr I’ve had for years. no contracts. no data, no text, no internet. works fine. the kids complain but they will get over it!…..really don’t want to be that “connected”….