Georgia’s unemployment rate jumps to 10.1 percent

Georgia’s unemployment rate jumped to 10.1 percent in November from a revised 9.8 percent in October, the state labor department said Thursday.

There has been virtually no progress from a year ago, when the jobless rate stood at 10.2 percent in November 2009. This November was the 38th consecutive month that Georgia’s jobless rate has exceeded the national rate, which is 9.8 percent.

“The unemployment rate is up because of increases in new layoffs and in the number of long-term unemployed,” state Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond said in a statement.

There were 252,200 long-term unemployed in November — those who have been out of work for at least 27 weeks, the labor department said. This represents an increase of 4.8 percent from October and 59.8 percent from November 2009.

The long-term unemployed now account for 53.7 percent of the 469,702 jobless workers in Georgia. A year ago, the long-term jobless represented 32.9 percent of the unemployed.

In November, the number of payroll jobs increased by two-tenths of a percentage point to rise to 3,849,500, the labor department said. Most of the increases came in retail trade, professional and business services, and educational and health services.

But, the number of jobs remains one-tenth of a percentage point less than in November 2009.

Also, 67,714 laid-off workers filed initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits in November — an increase of 17.8 percent from October.

Most of the first-time claims were filed in manufacturing, trade, administrative and support services, and construction, the labor department said.

- Henry Unger, The Biz Beat

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December 16th, 2010
4:17 am

First? Do I care?


December 16th, 2010
4:21 am

Guess so. Anyway, the trillion dollars this administration has blown on garbage pork is a crying shame. If we’re going to spend that kind of money as a country we darn well better spend on rebuilding an industry or two to compete globally for some of the jobs we’ve already lost. That is not the same as funneling money to the unions to prop up their salary & benefits. If we’re going to compete we’re going to have to be at least somewhat competitive with our salaries & benefits. It sucks, but that’s the way the world is..


December 16th, 2010
4:40 am

Gerogia just pretty much turned the keys over to the Republican party – since they’ve done so well for us over the past 8 years in this state.

Sorry folks, this is what you chose, and this is what you get. And it will get worse, as long as the only economic solution the Republicans have is tax cuts for Boortz and his cronies.


December 16th, 2010
4:43 am

I filed for umemployment for the frist time last week. I am nervous about my chances of finding a job but I am blessed in that I have two interviews already. I am hoping to find some type of employment before my 26 weeks runs out.


December 16th, 2010
4:53 am

Good luck Keisha


December 16th, 2010
5:00 am

Our fearless leaders need to take a serious look at NAFTA, and quit sending our jobs out of the country!

[...] Georgia’s jobless rate jumps to 10.1 percent [...]


December 16th, 2010
5:14 am

If you look at the big picture…most people would see that you have to find out what a problem is in order to fix it. Problem: NO JOBS Why: Sent to other Countries SOLUTION: Force companies to bring them back or no longer offer services in US. Consumers, stop buying things that are not made in America. Change all services,insurance etc to a service provider who has their service centers in America. Everyone would see a HUGE change in a short time.


December 16th, 2010
5:36 am

Cherokee, that’s why I don’t understand why people down here keep voting for Republicans. Don’t they get it? What do Republicans do for the people of this state, other than line their own pockets? What did Sonny do for this state, other than create ‘Go Fishing, Georgia’

Georgia guy

December 16th, 2010
6:27 am

If you think Georgia is so bad why not move to a blue state like California aka the liberal utopia ,things are really great there right?


December 16th, 2010
6:39 am

I’m amazed that people view this as a partisan political problem. Job losses and high unemployment have affected both Republican and Democrat controlled states. There are probably legitimate arguments that federal trade policy has contributed to the problem, but NAFTA and similar “free trade” agreements have been supported by both Democrat and Repulican politicians for well over a decade.

The fact is, today’s problems were generated in large part by excessive spending and increasing debt over the last many years. This is true not only at the federal government level, but also for state governments and individual consumers. (It’s true that state governments have constitutional prohibitions against running budget deficits, but there is nothing that prevents the states from going deeper into debt through bond issues.) Until we accept the fact that we must live within our means, we can expect “the great recession” to continue. Based on the bi-partisan tax package that passed the U.S. Senate earlier this week, I would say that our government hasn’t learned that lesson yet.


December 16th, 2010
6:39 am

don’t worry folks… hold on… in 2 years we’ll get rid of the incompetent idiot-in-chief and CHANGE will come..
..never again…


December 16th, 2010
6:41 am

It saddens me to see jobs going elsewhere. The irony is in my industry it’s almost a certanty that some if not all of our labor force will be required to be offshore. In fact, my boss asked me last week for a model that would move 200 GA positions offshore. I don’t like it but I understand why we’ll have to do it.

Vin Tanner

December 16th, 2010
6:42 am

The pro-Obama liberal dems above forget that their party has been in charge the last two years. During this time unemployment has increased to double digit numbers. The Obama GM giveaway and other gifts have wrecked the country.

And, the folks who want business to come back to the U.S.(as do I) are the same ones who go to Wal Mart to get the cheapest price for their goods. Look at what you are buying and most of it comes from Mexico or China. Still want American goods? Want to pay hundreds of dollars more each month for the US made product?

The housing mess started with Maxine Waters pushing for the NINJA Loans for the “poor” to be able to buy a house. No Income, No Job, No asset, yet one gets a house. Made sense then? Now, the home buyers just simply walk away.

No accountability anywhere. Subsidize GM. Subsidize unmarried mothers having big families.

Make everyone pay something. Lower the FICA from 7.65% to 5.5% but have no cap in the Social Security limit. All should have to pay the SS % no matter what their income. Medicare payment cap was removed several years back. That would give equity to the process and allow the system to stay afloat.

Accountability. For all, “rich” and poor. The problem will be that Obama will gradually decide that rich is the amount that 2 married school teachers make since one half of the country already gets a government handout.

America has found its problem and it is: US.


December 16th, 2010
7:09 am

Y’all just hate Obama cause he black.. can’t have a man of color in charge, can we?
All he need is 6 more years.. and we’ll have this ship turned around.
free health care
free houses
free cars

can’t wait..

Columbus Peach

December 16th, 2010
7:10 am

Nathan Deal said he’s gonna cut corporate tax to bring more jobs to Georgia and cut more costs tied to educating Georgia children and young adults….

So, I guess Nathan Deal will lead us out of this mess – STOP laughing- he will! – Seriously, stop laughing!!!

If not then i guess we’ll see higher rates of unemployment in 2012 – but Georgians voted for him….

I guess we’ll see if he’s a Deal for the people of Georgia. Nathan also said he’s gonna fight the new healthcare law.

Nathan we need JOBS, JOBS, JOBS…..focus on JOBS!!!!


December 16th, 2010
7:14 am

Nathan will have a hard time creating jobs from prison (where most conservatives belong).


December 16th, 2010
7:17 am

Typical conversation in from ‘08-’09:
-”Oh, the economy will pick back up”
Me: “How do you know?”
-”Because it always does”
Me: “That’s a dumb reason”

Ms. Peggy

December 16th, 2010
7:19 am

I blame Sonny Purdue!

When he ran for office – he asked us what was on our “Sonny Due List?”

Remember that, “Whats on your Sonny Due List?”

I don’t remember asking for a recession, high foreclosure and unemployment rates! The things on my “Sonny Due List” have yet to come true!

Now we have four more years of GOP rule in GA? This can’t be good… It’s like being taken to watch a Jessica Simpson movie…”

Pierce Randall

December 16th, 2010
7:19 am

It’s not cogent to blame the administration, since you don’t have counterfactual information about what might have happened if it had pursued different policies. You also have economists saying the unemployment rate would have been 15+% if the administration had done nothing.

(Also, many liberals and certainly self-described left-wing people are probably disgusted with the Presidents’ embrace of rightist policies like the Bush tax cuts at this point.)

Meanwhile, we do have counterfactual information on the performance of our state government’s fire-state-workers strategy, since we can look at other states who’ve implemented alternatives. While this isn’t perfect, since different states’ conditions will be different, I’ve see that traditional “tax-and-spend” states like New York are seeing a faster reverse on the unemployment scale.

One of the things our state government seems to be doing is a race to the bottom: Yeah, we lower corporate taxes, which might encourage companies to relocate (not necessarily in the nation’s interest, since we’re openly doing this to compete with other states), but then we pay for it by gutting public higher education, which gives us a less productive workforce and discourages companies from moving here.

But, all that might be a bit reactionary for a revision to the jobless rate–but so are “gubmint” posts blaming Obama.

Logic 05

December 16th, 2010
7:28 am

Is this just more of the “Change we can believe in….”

I don’t understand, I thought the “Stimulus” was going to keep unemployment under 8%.
What happened to the “Summer of Recovery”


December 16th, 2010
7:29 am

Most of the blame lies with the companies- they are nothing but over-greedy, and all they care about is the bottom line. They do not care about those families they are affecting because they want to send a job to India or China just because it’s “cheaper”. Shame on all american corporations!

Leftwing Dem

December 16th, 2010
7:31 am

I really thought the “Cash for Clunkers” would solve all of our problems.

Wondering ?

December 16th, 2010
7:32 am

Attention Charles at 7:29am,

What have you done to create jobs? Or do you just sit on your duff and blame corporate America?

Conservatard Lobotomizer

December 16th, 2010
7:34 am

China’s undervalued currency makes it impossible for American workers to compete, even if they were to work for FREE. The “American” Chamber of Commerce, the “corporations are people too” Republican party and “American” industries with investments in China are all against playing hardball with China because the only thing that matters to them is their own profit. Apparently, the phrase “America First!” is just a meaningless slogan for dimwits to chant at political conventions in support of the oligarchs who would love to see permanent 10% unemployment in the USA.

Wondering ?

December 16th, 2010
7:37 am

Instead of blaming Corporate America, why don’t all of you Democratic, Union loving geniuses start your own companies and show Corporate America how it is done.


December 16th, 2010
7:39 am

I thought between Sonny’s “Go Fish” stimulus and the Bush tax cuts we wouldn’t even have a recession in Georgia.

Maybe this is just part of the plan to gut education so that Georgians will stay ignorant and vote for republican’ts.

Conservatard Lobotomizer

December 16th, 2010
7:44 am

Instead of blaming Democrats, why don’t all of you Rebublican, hereditary aristocracy loving geniuses start your own country and show China how it is done.


December 16th, 2010
7:46 am

There’s the hope and change we were looking for. NOT

Wondering ?

December 16th, 2010
7:48 am

Conservatard Lobotomizer at 7:44am

Republicans have jobs because they have a work ethic. I suggest you move out of your parent’s basement and develop marketable job skills.

Conservatard Lobotomizer

December 16th, 2010
7:59 am

@ Wondering ?:

Parent’s basement? Really? Did that make you feel original and witty? No. It is, however, typical of the instinct of conservatards to hurl lame insults at whoever confronts them with something that challenges their childish worldview.

In your world, I assume, all Rebublicans are 100% employed?


December 16th, 2010
8:00 am

We should all be celebrating that we are getting a really crooked deal shortly. And everyone from the Republican legislature to Democratic counties such as Dekalb is going to be raising taxes and fees.


December 16th, 2010
8:11 am

People like “Terry” are incapable of intelligent discussion…”you don’t like him because he’s black”…the more you pull the “race card” as a knee-jerk reaction, the more you turn people off to the point where they can’t take you seriously anymore. Give it a rest already!

Motocross Survivor

December 16th, 2010
8:25 am

The fact is, the United States is a nation in decline–economically, politically and culturally. It really doesn’t much matter which of the major parties is in control (Dems or GOP). A Ron Paul ideology is the only spark of hope I see for the failing republic. Both of the major parties are under the compete control of Israel and its wishes–who see the United States as a tool for their purposes. In less than 100 years, the U.S. people over 40 have known will be completely gone. Good luck human race.


December 16th, 2010
8:26 am

Reading the usual rants from the Republicons on this site tells me that America will never make it back regardless of who is in power. Too many idiots make up a significant portion of those that support the GOP. How can a country prosper with these morons who forget the lost decade of the Bush years?


December 16th, 2010
8:27 am

This is an interesting back and forth argument. I would say that none of you have poitned out the problem. Goverment and Taxes are the problem. If you want the government to do any private sector function you can add 15-20 percent to the cost. For all of you claiming this is a Republican or Democratic problem I would suggest you take a step back. This is a great country. A country where my father a poor farmer from rural America rose to be a successful business man. In turn he was fortunate to put 5 children who were not part of his family through high school and college. Not because he had to but because he wanted to. Keep raising his taxes to pay for 5 FTE’s to push paper from one desk to the next in government and he won’t be able to continue. Could the government have put 5 kids through college. I think not, there program has gone belly up. Get the government out of our lives and the good people of this country will go to work. Stop blaming political parties!


December 16th, 2010
8:28 am

I hate to make a negative statement, but the unemployment will go farther higher before it can
come down some day.

Indeed, as I look at the country of origin of various products in all kinds of stores, my hope in
a positive reading of unemployment data is being diministed. I can’t find anything in the stores
as ” made in U.S.A”. Can any nation survive by consuming everything made in foreign
countries, but we are simply consuming them without having jobs at home?

Are we all going to land white collar-jobs? Consumber goods are made by the blue-collar work force. Only two alternatives are left for us to create jobs: Find jobs in foreign countries. Try to export
American goods to other countries so that people can work here.
In a recent study, the U.S. lost over 20 million jobs to China during the last 20 years. When we
add other countries, may be 10 million or more jobs are lost in that direction. Now, we are
forced to return to an old lifestyle, and to start over again because there is no job for the highly
educated or the high school drop out. Even retrained people in certain highly demanding
fields are looking for jobs for months. Everybody in the nation is affected by this critical
situation we have never faced in our lifetime.

President Obama can appeal to the big corporations about creating jobs, but they are the people
shifted all the jobs to China and other foreign countries for cheap labor. If we think that they are
going to bring back the jobs to the U.S., that is simply a wishful thinking; and it will never happen,
until the labor costs are almost equal. How and when it will happen, is the next question to be

We are in a terrible vicious cycle without any escape route to jump out.


December 16th, 2010
8:30 am

It will get worse, much worse. There is a new American Dream lifestyle coming, and it aint the one your parents lived. 10% unemployment will be the new normal, a % of the population will go back to work. The 80-120K jobs that are gone, they are not coming back. Get used to a 45k salary job with no bonus, and a smaller home and older car. Sorry for the spoiled mentality this country has, you arent that important and you dont deserve everything you want. Learn to live below your means, looks like you wont really have a choice now. Good Luck.


December 16th, 2010
8:32 am

Change we can believe in! If you never held a real job how can you be the leader of our free nation and create new jobs. The answer is Obama has no answers only big gov’t/big business payoffs. This is the most divisive, clueless, and anti-small business administration since Carter.

Road Scholar

December 16th, 2010
8:34 am

Bill:”don’t worry folks… hold on… in 2 years we’ll get rid of the incompetent idiot-in-chief and CHANGE will come..”

You mean Nathan Deal will be in prison by then?

I can understand the anger in most posts, but name calling and insults won’t change a thing to the better.

Has anyone thought (now there is THE question!) that when they introduced the stimulus and stated that unemployment would be topped at 8%, that the economy was in worse shape than formerly believed? You don’t turn a ship on a dime! Oh I forget that some live in a parallel universe and see the solution…they just don’t want to share it with us….nor do they run for office!

[...] added this: “What do you expect? For crying out loud, this economy sucks! We’re at 10% unemployment, and we can’t just print money like those Hopey-McChange idiots in Washington. If you have [...]

Hayseed Tea Partier

December 16th, 2010
8:45 am

I’m sure financial whiz Nathan Deal will save us.

Andy in Blairsville

December 16th, 2010
8:46 am

How’s that Hopey Changy working out for you?

Since 2009, I’ve hired 2 FT guys and 2 PT guys for my manufacturing business and every quarter this year my guys have received a healthy bonus. I’m obviously the exception to the rule.


December 16th, 2010
8:48 am

This is truly ignorant,,,find a way to support yourselves. Nathan the “Crook” Deal did it, so find some form of work.Selling.. meth to white kids and crack to black kids…..Live goood……….That’s the American way….lolololololo

[...] AJC: Georgia’s unemployment rate jumped to 10.1 percent in November from a revised 9.8 percent in October, the state labor department said Thursday. [...]


December 16th, 2010
8:50 am

But wait, Obama and the National Media say everything is GREAT.

Now I have a new meaning for our Star Spangled Banner……”Oh say can you see……,


December 16th, 2010
8:55 am

All you IDIOTS who are blaming The Obama administration for this need to WAKE UP! Look in the mirror, GOP supporters! These problems were created by greedy SOB’s like yourself! Quit blaming the people who are trying to clean ul your hot mess!

Virgil Bierschwale

December 16th, 2010
8:58 am

Each of you may be interested in the second video on the right hand side as this has all played out before.

the first time, the people of America won.
the second time, the people of America are losing and its getting worse.

look at the first video to see what we’ve done.


Real American

December 16th, 2010
9:00 am

Rep been running this state for 8 years and you dumb hicks, keep voting for the people that has done nothing to bring jobs here.
I guess Obama been in office the last 8 years, you idiots in Georgia were so busy hating the President that you voting aginst your own interest.
I will say it over and over, poor white middle class conservatives love to get pimped by rich white conservatives.

Swede Atlanta

December 16th, 2010
9:01 am

John Boehner, where are the jobs from the Bush era tax cuts? I’m still waiting….waiting…waiting…. I was hoping you would deliver them in people’s stockings as holiday gifts. I suspect we will still be waiting this time next year as the rich stuff their stockings even fuller and remark “let them eat cake” to the unemployed.