Power Breakfast: AT&T’s new high-tech pill bottle, Coke after next real thing, Fulton schools, Varsity Jr., CCE, credit cards

Sometime this fall, patients are going to head home from the pharmacy with a free, flashing, noisy tattletale of a pill bottle, writes AJC reporter Margaret Newkirk.

The bottle will glow and ring aloud when it’s time to take a pill. And it will report slackers: A pill-skipper can expect at least one robotic telephone call per missed dose, Newkirk reports.

Insurers, drug makers and pharmacies will pay for the bottle, on the grounds that it will keep people healthier and sell more pills.

And benefiting quietly in the background will be Atlanta-based AT&T Mobility, whose wireless system supports the bottle’s smarts, Newkirk writes.

The dispenser is one of a group of products targeted by the company’s emerging devices team, in an effort to expand the reach of AT&T’s wireless business.

Connected devices such as the pill bottle are a different kind of business than traditional cellphone contracts, Newkirk reports. With the cellphone market is almost saturated, connecting devices will allow AT&T to grow.

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Winfield J. Abbe

August 23rd, 2010
6:40 am

Why do not judges have to comply with the same laws citizens must comply with? When a judge does something like have sex with a public defender in public, are they arrested by the Sheriff who observed them? Why no, they are permitted to resign to avoid embarrassment and then a sham lawyer is appointed to investigate to see if their unconscionable conduct violated the rights of any of the hundreds of defendants who appeared in their court. Why not a random citizen’s committee to judge the judges instead of other cronies? How about it lawmakers, why are these judges treated so special in their improper and illegal conduct? Why don’t you do something to correct this injustice to society?
Every case should be retried and they should be forced to pay the costs of them. How about it you corrupt lawmakers placing the rights of judges above the law?

Winfield J. Abbe

August 23rd, 2010
6:52 am

More businesses should follow the example of the Varsity in closing when Gestapo Government Planning Departments, like the ones in Atlanta and Communist Athens, seek to impose arbitrary and capricous rules on them that usually cost many thousands of dollars unnecessarily. Shut the businesses down. That is the only kind of language these tyrannical government boards understand. It is much more powerful than expensive lawsuits which only benefit lawyers who have sold out to government. They do not deserve these good businesses when they treat them like garbage and force them to pay many thousands and millions of dollars in tax, which mainly go to pay for the education costs of irresponsible good for nothings who have all these children out of wedlock and pay nothing of their costs, nor do they even vote, while these businesses are forced not only to pay the costs of others in true Robin Hood fashion, but cannot vote either. This is as sick as it gets. Business receives the royal shaft from government from its failure to protect their inventories from robbers and thugs to legalized theft by government itself. Shut these businesses down pronto. Turn these cesspool cities into the cesspools they are.
Athens has one of the worst and most expensive and most unfair Planning Department Gestapos in the Robin Hood Communist Capital of the State of Georgia. If every mistreated business simply told them to “shove it” and shut down like the owners of the Varsity, we might see some long overdue changes in these disgusting Planning Departments usually operated by those who have never operated any business nor done a day’s work in their wasted lives.

Winfield J. Abbe

August 23rd, 2010
6:59 am

Notice the deafening silence from that disgusting and reprehensible the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce regarding the closing of the Varsity Jr. Do not donate one dime to that disgusting group of thugs like its counterpart in the Communist cesspool Athens Clarke County which is paid money from government to buy its silence on vital public issues like this one. It does not support business at all. It supports only its selfish, Communist, politically correct agenda like dictating the correct Georgia flag so as not offend certain groups who don’t pay for their costs of government, especially education costs of rouglhly $12K per year per student to warehouse these good for nothing students in the public schools. So not support any cause supported or promoted by these good for nothing Chambers of Commerce who are in bed with tyrannical Robin Hood Communist government. Remember Robin Hood? He is their idol. He is the outlaw they watched on Saturday mornings stealing from the rich and giving to the good for nothing poor who only take from society but never give back a dime of the costs.

Special rules

August 23rd, 2010
12:55 pm

Judges, DAs and police officers operate by special rules—when they break the law, some bogus “internal investigation” results in nothing, while regular people are thrown in jail and prosecuted by these same people.