Power Breakfast: Job retraining is not panacea, bank closure, Cobb teachers, Sunday alcohol, Macy’s, BP

Job retraining has been billed as one of the solutions for the unemployed. But there does not seem to be any silver bullet in this recession.

AJC reporter Dan Chapman writes that there are plenty of questions about whether worker retraining is working in this era of double-digit unemployment. He talks with several workers who have tried to get jobs after gainining new skills.

Some schools don’t adequately retrain workers for new jobs, Chapman reports. Some graduates discover that once-promised jobs in nursing or medical billing, for example, now require three or four years of work experience. Or prospective employers demand even more training.

While Washington has pumped $10 billion in grants into retraining programs nationwide the last two years, critics say much more is needed to deal with the unprecedented surge in the long-term unemployed, Chapman writes.

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