Power Breakfast: More state cuts on way, UPS, SunTrust, MARTA, home sales, bank bonuses

More state jobs cuts are on the way.

Gov. Sonny Perdue ordered already slimmed-down Georgia agencies this week to take another 4 percent spending cut starting in August because the state’s new budget relies on federal stimulus money that may never come, AJC staffer James Salzer reports.

Perdue exempted K-12 schools from the latest cut, but not the university system. It will affect  agencies that hand out driver’s licenses, educate college students and run parks, prisons and health care programs that cover more than a 1 million Georgians. Those agencies employ about 90,000 people, Salzer writes.

The move, which will save the state $25.5 million per month, is a preemptive one, the governor’s office told Salzer. Congress could still come through with the stimulus money before the end of the year. But it’s far from certain.

Perdue and lawmakers approved a budget for this fiscal year, which began July 1, that counted on about $375 million in extra federal Medicaid stimulus money. But conservative Democrats and Republicans in Congress stalled the funding, arguing that it added to the burgeoning federal deficit, Salzer reports.

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July 23rd, 2010
9:53 am

Did they ever cut funding for that dang College Football hall of fame? Only in Georgia could a state be broke and still find room for garbage like that…

Oh Well

July 23rd, 2010
3:17 pm


shows just where the priorities are…

Go Fish

July 23rd, 2010
6:37 pm

How about Sonny’s multi million $$ fishing program in his home town? How’s the budget doing for that brilliant program. Sonny’s proud of it.


July 25th, 2010
11:16 am

The funding is stalled because the country is broke. Some members want to continually add on to our debt. They don’t have to. They could pay for this with our money, the stimulus fund….Congress will not part with the stimulus for this. The bankers get that.