Power Breakfast: No extension for jobless benefits, green jobs, airport protest, financial reform OK’d

Metro Atlantans found it tougher to get a job last month as the region’s unemployment rate inched up to 9.9 percent, the Georgia Department of Labor reported Thursday.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate failed Thursday to extend unemployment benefits to people who haven’t been able to find a job.

In Georgia, roughly 7,000 people a week lose unemployment insurance, AJC reporters Dan Chapman and Bob Keefe write.

“Those extensions were critical; they were all I had coming in,” said Chuck Mitchell, a Conyers tax adviser who received the benefits during 18 months of unemployment. “It wasn’t enough to cover my mortgage note, but every little bit helped. It definitely kept us afloat.”

U.S. Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, Republicans from Georgia, oppose extending the benefits. All Senate Republicans vowed to filibuster any financial assistance for the jobless if it added to the federal deficit.

“If it’s paid for, I’ll support it,” Chambliss said. “What I’m voting against is to continue to increase this massive debt we’ve got.”

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Regina Alexander

June 25th, 2010
6:31 am

I hope every can see how disgusting these people who we voted into office care so little about us. Don’t ever forget this. Especially in November. Make them remember that we remember how they treated us.
These people are just playing games so they can cut out a lot from unemployment so when they do pass it you will be so happy that you will just accept what they give you and say no more. They are trying to ignore the 99er’s, cut medical coverage and also cut the extra $25.00 from unemployment, Don’t fall for their games. keep faxing and calling, and except nothing less, you worked for it and deserve it!

Brandy Wiggins

June 25th, 2010
9:12 am

I totally agree Regina. What pains me is that NONE OF THESE REPUBLICANS were concerned about where trillions of dollars were going to come from when they bailed out corporations “too big to fail”. But I say the U.S. population counts as being too big to fail. If we don’t spend our money – or have money to spend – they don’t get earnings/profits! It’s as simple as that. I truly believe these guys are anti-social to the fullest. They really believe that they are not of this world.


June 25th, 2010
9:24 am

I find it funny that they use the unemployed as their starting point to no longer spend money they don’t have. What a fine time to use the people that are already down for cannon fodder. Isn’t there a natural disaster somewhere in another country that could better well suit the use of this money?

People that are on unemployment aren’t sitting around enjoying the free pay and living on the fat of the land, these are people that live week to week and use that money to buy groceries and keep the power on for their kids. Now you take that away without a warning, and expect somehow for the problem to go away with it.

Just remember pontious pilot is still washing his hands.


June 25th, 2010
9:32 am

Josh – I beg to differ. I have neighbors on unemployment bragging about their $185 cable bill, still golfing and drinking wine. They have decided to “ride it out” instead of finding one or two jobs to make ends meet. I’m sick of watching my tax dollars pay for their vacation!!!!!!!!! Granted not all people are doing this….however I know several!


June 25th, 2010
9:34 am

I agree with what everyone said. My regular unemployment benefits ran out and I am not eligible for extensions. I find that so unfair. I have not been sitting here doing nothing. But as everyone can see, nobody’s hiring! Or if they are, they are the younger ones! I have never missed any payment when i was receiving my unemployment. Now, i don’t know what to do. Congress HAS to extend!!!!! It is so UNFAIR!!!!

The Economy

June 25th, 2010
10:52 am

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The Economy

June 25th, 2010
10:53 am

Watch for the second BIG dip in the economy, foreclosures will uptick big time. Can stop whats coming, Gov cant keep artificially inflate a failinf economy. Let the cards lay where they may, only then can we start the recovery.


June 25th, 2010
11:08 am

Don’t blame this on the Republicans…How in the hell did the healthcare bill pass…..Republicans had nothing to do with it…so if the Dems and NOBAMA really wanted this bill to pass they could do as they did with healthcare…DEMS don’t care about you but they’ll send money to other countries to help them but not there own…


June 25th, 2010
11:14 am

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember these republicans who voted against extending unemployment benefits to AMERICANS who are still unemployed. I have been looking for work since January 2009 without success. Like most Americans I am trying very hard to find a job. I am applying for both full time and part time work – without success. I am searching and networking daily for job opportunities. I am not taking advantage of the system. Unless you walk a mile in the shoes of the unemployed, it is hard to understand how frightening this is and how important unemployment benefits are to day to day survival. Please stand with me and all unemployed AMERICANS who need support to make it through one more day. Please call, write and encourage your senators to pass legislation to extend these benefits. The way things stand right now more than 200,000 AMERICANS per week will lose their benefits and what these benefits support – like food and shelter. As a citizen of this country I have worked consistently for 30+ years. Now I am unemployed by no fault of my own as are millions of Americans. We need unemployment benefits until we can get back on our feet and find employment. Believe me, this is the hardest experience I have had in my life and I hope that things will change for those of us who are struggling every day. Please remember each republican by name who voted as a block to filibuster the passing of this bill and who continue to vote against anything positive for common people. Please consider their negative responses to extending benefits to many AMERICANS who need support and do not vote for them at the mid-term elections. They do not deserve to serve when all they do is vote NO.


June 25th, 2010
11:14 am

We need to clean the entire house, no incumbents (exception Ron Paul)…Government was never meant to control every f*n aspects of our lives. Peter Schiff vote him in…By the way I will agree that both parties have their own agenda and it doesn’t have to do with the people of the United States.


June 25th, 2010
11:20 am

VISIT: NIA National Inflation Association gives great information

Peggy(disabled wife of and Unemployed man)

June 25th, 2010
11:31 am

clark we do blame them i am a 34 year old woman and My Husband has been unemployed for over a year we have no car so he walks too find a job daily.when they cut us … they really cut us good because he was only recivein…255 a week and we were barely makeing it with 4 people then and that was check too check … now for 3 weeks we have been without anything and still no sign of a job or money coming in to this house ….. you pin heads we have children too take care of get off your thrones and stop …. destroying peoples lives!!


June 25th, 2010
12:49 pm

Hey Kelli, kiss my @ss! Your neighbors must have on heck of a savings account if they are still “playing golf and drinking wine”. I go to school part time and have been looking for full time employement. You sound like the Repubs who call the unemployed hobos, lazy, and drug addicts. What the f–k!!! Oh, by the way, unemployement compensasion is taxed also!


June 25th, 2010
12:51 pm

Peggy I truly hope the best for you and your husband. I had my unemployment stopped as well. I’m not at all trying to be pessimistic, my husband lost his job two weeks ago. I WILL refuse to be negative about it, we have a newborn a mortgage and car payments just like most of America. I have stopped using my dryer and bought a $3 clothesline. I now make my own detergent. I haven’t smoked cigs in over a year. My husband has cut his in half since being laid off I have use an old recipe for my baby’s formula which is not only cheap but healthier). We do not eat fast food anymore, we cook at home (SAVES A LOT AND MUCH HEALTHIER) We have stopped buying things that we do not need. We have decided that this is our lesson for being big spenders when we did have money. I truly hope the best for your family and mine and everyone else as well. Remain hopeful email me hondasbybrandy @yahoo to get ideas on how to save money. Best Wishes

Terry Lee

June 25th, 2010
1:24 pm

How sad!! My wife and I are both unemployed. Our benefits have been stopped and the job search continues. The jobs are non-existant in our area. Unemployment is hovering around 25% and growing. Republicans are a strange breed to say the least. Heartless and Souless. It must be hard to live in their world. I’m sure there must be Republicans searching for jobs. Lay-offs are not a political issue. To vote Republican is like the chicken voting for Kentucky Fried Chicken. They must be a trully sorry bunch. (Gun toten, Bigoted, Un-educated, Red-necks)Maybe not all the above but certainly at least one. NO is the scope of their vocabulary. Keep up the fight.


June 25th, 2010
1:34 pm

Is it just me ? Is government starting to be more like Germany in 1932 when Hitler was getting ready to take the world.They are controlling us like puppets,they have forgotten who’s toes they stepped on to get were they are at.they can talk all they want about what they need to do to save money ,well whoopie doo at least they have money and a job ,2 or three houses.while we live on unemployment and now they are taking that away,AMERICA,land of the free land of the brave land of the homeless and starving. If George Washington,and Abraham Lincoln were here today,they would kick your a– for what you are doing.


June 25th, 2010
2:46 pm

The Republicans created the worst financial disaster since the Depression, continue outsourcing our American way of life, and now they will kick the down and out on unemployment. Deficit, what deficit these are payments to people that have no other recourse other than these paltry payments to hold their homes and bill collectors in check. Republican NO MORE, I will vote Democratic rather than support these heartless bXXtards destroying this country under the guise of “Deficit Reduction” while pocketing checks from Wall Street and corporations who kicked millions into the unemployment lines.


June 25th, 2010
2:48 pm

I don’t know what to do. If there’s jobs out there to be had, I can’t find them. I’m trying to pay my way through school at the cheapest place I could find, and just when things get set up my former employer went bankrupt. This was back in the middle of last year and despite applying for any and all work, I have only managed to land one interview. I never heard back from them. I have a clean work history, am young, fit, well-spoken, and friendly–in short, an ideal candidate–but there are simply no jobs to be had. This money is/was literally all I had.

Now the well is dry, and millions of people are in this boat with me. The bills don’t stop coming, my stomach doesn’t stop growling, and my school won’t teach me if I can’t pay. How am I supposed to garner a decent education for myself with no money? I’m starting to think that even with a degree that the odds I’ll land a job are slim to none. Having to watch the entire Republican side of the Senate stop the only money I have coming in has really convinced me that I’ll never vote for them, and I’ll make sure that my friends and family know about what’s happened to me so that hopefully they’ll vote against this kind of misbehavior!

It’s a travesty that for the next three weeks (at the least!) the millions of people depending on this money will have to go without, and on our nation’s birthday as well. It’s shaping up to be the most depressing 4th of July I’ve ever seen.


June 25th, 2010
3:08 pm

I agree with most of these comments. I have been unemployed since Jan 2010 due to my job was outsourced to India. I am 44 and have worked since I was 15. This has been one slap in the face after another by our Government. What makes it even worse is that a lot of people think of the unemployed as scum – and we are not!!!! Be careful, you never know – things can happen that you can’t control.


June 25th, 2010
3:52 pm

I am not one of the unemployed however see the need for Unemployment extensions… The fact that Congress cannot find other cuts is unacceptable; they always go after what is needed the most and save their pet projects and Wall Street friends.
Congress needs to be held accountable for the their failure to create a jobs bill and a jobs market. Extending Unemployment is not the answer however it what is needed now.
The Answer is to create jobs, which will take Congress placing higher taxes on any company that out sources jobs over seas, higher taxes on any funds leaving the US and higher tariffs on imports. Until then we have to pay out unemployment for the failure of our leaders.
Support unemployment here, it is one of Change.org highest all time petitions.

http://www.change.org/petitions/view/the_99ers_need_ a_tier_v_added_ to_unemployment _benefits

Richer than ever

June 25th, 2010
4:33 pm

All republicans care about is keeping themselves and their friends ultra-rich. Regular people don’t stand a chance.

You people are funny

June 25th, 2010
5:56 pm

I’m sorry, but anecdotal evidence isn’t reliable from either side. I care about the numbers and the fact is that Dems already passed a HUGE stimulus bill with TONS of waste (like millions going to border crossings in North Dakota but none in Texas). I would think Dems could EASILY reallocate money from useless and wasteful “Stimulus” and use it on unemployment if they really wanted to. You can’t pay indefinitely for those benefits, though people. We have finite resources, people. Cant make your mortgage payment because you are out of a job? Tough luck, you shouldnt be living in that house. Would you help someone that cant afford a home get into one? nope, so why should you help someone that cant stay in the one that they havent been able to afford for years? Its not heartless, its life. You could argue its heartless that you refuse to give up your luxurious excess and continue arguing that OTHERS should pay for your mistake. If you didnt have a reserve fund, you asked for it.

You people are funny

June 25th, 2010
5:57 pm

Just to clarify, I dont mean help a homeless person find a shelter. I mean help a person that can only afford an apartment get a house.


June 25th, 2010
6:12 pm

Well well well looky what we have hear….we have a GIGANTIC problem don’t we! People you got to start voting for those who have had success and track records of accountability and integrity! These numskulls democrats and republicans have screwed us in a most undeserving way. They dont care about you now and they didnt care about you then. Get the hell up your ASININE ASS and take care of business this November. Quit Blaming Bush. Quit Blaming Obama. You guys vote and you get what you get…If you wanna make a difference and you truly care quit voting the same people who have been there for ten years with no solid track record on anything…..they will continue to go against the will of the people. Oh and by the way if it doesnt stop soon….there aint but two options….WW3 or REVOLUTION!!! I leave the choice to you….

David McLean

June 25th, 2010
7:38 pm

To Kelli.
Unfortunately, there are always those that are indeed lazy and abuse the system. But they are not the majority. Most people on unemployment are just eeking out a living, because most people collect less then minium wage from UI. Extensions are needed. This is not the time to be making families go homeless. Cut other spending, but don’t cut off peoples lifelines.


June 25th, 2010
10:01 pm

You can see the difference between the rich Tea Bagger and poor unemployed people. The Tea Bagger can afford to ride on a jet to Washington DC, stayed in a 5 star hotel and protest as they wish in the whitehouse. While the poor unemployed can’t even make it to the capital in their state to go protest because they are out of basic necessity. The Tea Bagger has squandered the Treasury by using their clown BUSH for tax cuts for the last 8 yrs. Now they are worried that Obama will tax them back. They use the Cato institute and the Heritage foundation by winning the hearts of the gullible american against the unemployed.


June 25th, 2010
10:40 pm

Chedar-Well said.


June 26th, 2010
8:18 am

It drives me a little nutty. When I think about the people that paid in taxes at an almost 40% tax rate. They get their benefits cut off. Meanwhile people who do absolutely nothing but sit around. Watch Morris Diggs with their coffee in the morning. Go out and get some crack in the afternoon. Then watch Oprah at 4. Get liquored up in the evening. Get free food, housing and assistance. Pay nothing in.

Saxby. Dude. Those were working people. You cut off. You must have painted houses as a teenager. You don’t punish people that paid in. Seems to me for a lawyer. You forget half of what is
going on.

We need to put people to work. We need infrastructure, public safety. We need to stop paying out to your buddies. Hire our own people. Your buddies already have enough. They are going to have to peel me off the windshield if they start cutting city and state workers.


June 26th, 2010
4:33 pm


Unemployed Americans have no place to unite and holdouts on extension benefits are divisive. We do not have the gas money to drive to our nation’s capital to protest so it’s time to call on the media, our supporters and our president for help.


Here’s how it works:
Print out your resume. Write something across it in a couple of words that tells more about your situation, but make sure your contact information is still legible.

Some suggestions to use:

Voter, Veteran, Main Street, Teacher, Mother of Unemployed, 99-er. Be creative, but not vulgar. Keep it simple. Fax your resume to the numbers below or wherever you like.

White House
Fax: 202-456-2461

ABC News
Fax: 212-456-6533


Fax: 404-827-1784

Voila! The beauty of the resume is that is has your contact number and gives the press an opportunity to call you for interviews. If you don’t have a fax line, then just copy and paste your resume in to feedback/comment forms on any website you like. You can put your ‘voter’ or situation moniker in the name portion of the form or make it your heading on your email.

Local news outlets usually publish their fax information online so don’t forget them.

Happy faxing and emailing. Spread the word.


June 26th, 2010
6:19 pm

I think faxing in this way is a good idea. It’s always good to be proactive. Those government jobs they are telling us about are a good idea to. How can anything that produces something be socialistic? I don’t understand that. Plain and simple it’s work. You don’t work at just anything but things that are useful to the public. Taxes get paid in. It’s way better than your welfare system. It gets money back into the system. Time to use your noodles.

In addition the Federal Government is not a cyclical entity. Like a corporation. Down the way. If used properly. Managed Correctly. Jobs by the Government for the people will work.


June 27th, 2010
4:21 pm

I understand the POLITICAL argument to be made for not extending unemployment benefits. While I think public opinion is pretty clearly on the side of bolstering jobs even if it comes at the expense of the deficit, people are making arguments of political philosophy that I understand, even if I disagree with them.

What I’m wondering is if there’s an ECONOMICS argument to make. I want someone to explain how the economy benefits from failing to extend these benefits. I’m all ears:



June 30th, 2010
10:19 am

I was unemployed for a year – and found a job that I’m thankful for.
I know that unemployment was a true lifeline. I’ve been working since I was 14 – never looked for a handout.

I also was one of those people that judged when the economy starting tanking…you know, blaming those who “bought more than they could afford” – and then I was laid off. I didn’t buy more than I could afford/fancy cars/european vacations – but at the end of the day, I was still JOBLESS. So, I hope that for people thinking that way – I pray that you never go through that. I sure hope you have a five to six digit savings account!

what I find ironic is that while Saxby et al complain about deficits and want “smaller government” – I don’t see them giving up their lavish perks & salaries or going without healthcare…

scream all you want but at the end of the day all of them (Dems & Repubs) will DENY you and happily give to themselves

Mary Lou

June 30th, 2010
12:44 pm

This is the way our government has always been, Huray for me and screw you. We unemployed have worked our whole life paid taxes, etc.etc. But now that we are down and out too bad for us .I beleive our government has destroyed our world and will continue to until it is totally kaput. I am not a proud american anymore more like ashamed.


July 21st, 2010
2:11 pm

Republicans..Democrats..Liberals who the hell cares they all play the same field. They want things to get better? Right-you got a job you probably won’t before long. You don’t have a job well you are sol. Hate to say it…this has been a long time coming and it just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Good luck in that rat race of life; if you are looking for a job you get buried to the bottom. If you are employed, enjoy it while you can. I have chosen not to vote. Why should I? I live in a state where it doesn’t matter anyway. So f… em. They obviously don’t care about the people…and it’s all lies anyway. How many more people have to loose their jobs, their security, their homes, their families, theirselves?