Metro Atlanta foreclosures set new monthly record

Metro Atlanta’s foreclosure problem keeps getting worse.

The number of foreclosure notices this month — 12,568 — set a new record for metro Atlanta, according to data just released by Equity Depot.

Foreclosure notices in the 13-county metro area jumped 22 percent when compared with February and 24 percent compared with March of last year, Alpharetta-based Equity Depot said.

This month’s number also is greater than the previous monthly record of 12,318 notices, set in September of last year.

Barry Bramlett, president of Equity Depot, said in an e-mail that the number of foreclosures is “obviously impacted by both the lingering sub-prime [mortgage] mess and [the] economy.” He said there are “increasing commercial [real estate] foreclosures of every business nature.”

The foreclosure notices published this month are for public auctions scheduled on April 6. Bramlett explained that he expected a “bump” this month, partly because the foreclosure auctions on the county steps occur nearly a full week into next month. That extends the cutoff time to place foreclosure ads.

Still, the situation so far looks worse than last year, when an annual record was set of 117,107 notices.

“I like to look at quarter to quarter, and it is still slightly trending upward,” Bramlett said. For this year’s first quarter, there were 31,067 notices. That compared with 29,317 for the fourth quarter of 2009, he said.

This month, Gwinnett led the pack with 2,648 foreclosure notices, followed by Fulton with 2,455. DeKalb was third (2,046), followed by Cobb (1,430) and Clayton (1,012).

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March 15th, 2010
6:11 am

It’s NOT OVER either. Any slow down will be simply because the number available for forclosure is shrinking. Buckle down to the bare minimum!

Obama's Momma

March 15th, 2010
6:36 am

The economy is not getting better only worse and the only thing Obama can do is keep spending money we don’t have! It’s time to fire 528 people including House, Senate and President! Go ahead and bash me know but please don’t say that it’s all Bush’s fault. Obama has had enough time to lower spending and stimulate the economy by attracting global companies by making our country a tax haven. Obama SUCKS!!!


March 15th, 2010
6:41 am

Well, gee….I wonder why ? As a driver for one of the biggest delivery companies, it’s no wonder to me. I remember driving into these high dollar neighborhoods and seeing low dollar people with their high dollar cars and homes and knowing full well something wasn’t right.
Being PC will destroy this country eventually. You can blame it all on that. NOT EVERYONE CAN HANDLE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. THAT’S WHY THERE’S APARTMENTS AND TRAILER PARKS !!!!!


March 15th, 2010
6:48 am

Boy, I’m going to start blaming the messenger! A moratorium on foreclosures should have been delared two years ago. Most of these folks couldn’t live any cheaper anywhere else. The loans should have been revised to whatever they could afford to pay. The lawyers are just getting richer.


March 15th, 2010
7:07 am

This is such a travesty for our country, but from firsthand experience I can honestly see how this happens and people just walk away from their homes.

It took me seven months to get a modification and two days after the modificaiton was completed, I received an intent to foreclose letter which would have given me approximately 20 days to come up with the past due amount, so I see how many just walk away.

I also feel that a lot of banks drag their feet on these modifications for various reasons, manpower being number one, so that’s when you become creative and create shifts to handle the barage of paperwork that needs to be handled. I think the banks should be more accountable, and the sad part for me the only way I got my modification, I had to drive over 500 miles alone to attend the NACA Dream event, when it seems that it should have been so simple to handle over the phone, and via email.

For those who haven’t experienced life, keep living trust me all days are not good days and unfortunately we never know how close we are to a life changing situation.

Jim Jr

March 15th, 2010
7:15 am

Trying to live beyond your means is not the fault of the Government. True 8 years of Bush were a disaster which will take a long time to correct but the major part of the problem is people spending money they do not have.


March 15th, 2010
7:16 am

Nothing will change until housing on average gets back to less than 50% of household income. These people had and have monthly mortgages at 75% of their income. Now their income is fluctuating lengthening the time to balance. People have to have available discretionary income to start spending again and they are still tapped out. It’ll be a looong road ahead. Real estate is back to a long term investment of 20-30 years in order to make money on it.


March 15th, 2010
7:19 am

I STILL talk to people that think, hope and plan that they will make 20k, 50k or more on their house in 1 to 3 years.. the average person has to get their head out of the real estate business where they were not meant to be in the first place


March 15th, 2010
7:30 am

We have been in our house for 12 years. My husband lost his job and we are trying to work with the mortgage company BEFORE it gets to the point that we loose our home. They will not even talk to us until we are 4 months behind. We are trying to prepare for the day when we can’t make that payment anymore because after 4 months of no job we know it is coming. I can understand why people just walk away. Getting them to work with us now is the problem when we don’t even know if they will or not. Do we get behind on purpose and use that money to find another place to live? Each month we get more and more behind. I work for the school system and I can’t be sure that I will even have a job next year with all the cut backs. The morgage company does not want to talk to responsible people who try to prepare!


March 15th, 2010
7:31 am

Troothsayer, Jim Jr and GK you are correct. Then add on top of the mortgage they can’t afford credit card debt, school loans, car payments, eating out weekly if not daily, vacations and on and on. This is the real problem. No politician will ever say this because they will be afraid they will loose their job. Instead of living above your means try living below it!

Paid in Full

March 15th, 2010
7:34 am

Wait a minute , Obama, the Media -( ie CNBC MSCNBC CNN ), and Wall Street says everything is wonderful.

So this is the new world. Outside of Washington and Wall Street – we are now considered a third world country.

Imagine a US Citizen being treated as a Third World country person – it is now happening.


March 15th, 2010
7:48 am

And illegal aliens have taken over public housing so what will US citizens do?

Dan Deacon

March 15th, 2010
7:51 am

Obama and his cronies could care less whether the economy is improving, as demonstrated by his irresponsible spending…..the same spending of mostly minorities when homes were bought they could not afford because Democrats (beginning with Jimmy Carter and the likes of the rogue, gangster group ACORN) pushed laws requiring banks to lend to poor people that couldn’t afford homes and showed no responsibility with their credit or willingness to repay anyone.

Obama’s promises are nothing but lies….all you have to do is rewind the tape, listen to all the lies during the campaign. Of course, liers continue to lie to cover lies so he just flat out lies after being elected. With no trust within our own country, how could any other country trust him?

He’s destroying trust with, not only the U.S. citizens, but other nations. It’s time to impeach him. get rid of any socialism and dictatorship attitudes in Washington and let’s find a real man that has the ability to lead.


March 15th, 2010
7:58 am

The media says that things are getting beter but foreclosures hit a record. Unemployment is still near 10%. The stimulus was an expensive and wasteful failure. Businesses are discouraged and concerned about the future.
Obama does not have a clue. He is spending all his time trying to buy off the last vote for his healthcare takeover.
It’s time for a change.


March 15th, 2010
7:59 am

Rick you are right about that! But it is more then illegal aliens that are taking over the housing market, it has spread to people who know how to work the system. It is amazing how much if “free” for those who do not try but for those who are working and trying you get NOTHING. The government has set it up so you are rewarded for sitting on your behind and doing nothing. Try to work and pay your own bills, health insurance, food etc. and you get nothing. I would be better off to live off the government then to go to work everyday and watch my spending. My daughter does not understand that we can’t eat out everyday, have a cell phone, get our nails done, buy the cute prepackaged food for her lunch that cost way to much etc. Her friends at school all have those items and their parents do not work and get money for government housing, food stamps (which they sell), disability checks, unemployment checks etc. They make more then I do each money and have never had a 40 hour week job that they could keep for more then 6 months.


March 15th, 2010
8:09 am

THAT is another thing that irks the uknowwhat out of me.. Do you realize people walk away from their homes before they will give up that cellphone?? Are they NUTS?

deeply concerned

March 15th, 2010
8:10 am

Great posts folks!

Politicians, Bankers & Lawyers…have been exploiting the people for too long.

The time of reckoning is HERE!


March 15th, 2010
8:25 am

@KC: I feel your pain. I lost my job Feb of last year and did not find another until June. One week after that, my wife got laid off and has been out of work since. We are at 42% of take home of what we were 2 years ago. We were not living above our means by the way. We were actually saving and paying down our debt back then. Now our home is 27k underwater, no health insurance, wife can’t find a job, filing chpt 7, and losing the house. I am making 20% less than what I was making before. Good luck KC. Our bank wanted us to be caught up on our payments before they would discuss modification.


March 15th, 2010
8:28 am

And they just upped the value of 66% of properties in Hart Co. by an average of more than 25%.


March 15th, 2010
8:32 am

All you guys are stupid


March 15th, 2010
8:33 am

Get back to WORK!


March 15th, 2010
8:36 am

These problems did not occur overnight. Under the best circumstances, why would anyone expect them to disappear overnight? With so many jobs being sent overseas and Wall Street putting pressure on companies’ bottom lines, I am surprised things are not much worse. People need to re-evaluate the business model and stop applying old solutions to today’s problems. The word “tradition” is just an excuse for not wanting to change.


March 15th, 2010
8:36 am

You are 100% right KC.There is section 8 housing in my neighborhood.The folks next door have the same house as I and they pay nothing,the government pays it.Local churches pick up the utilities.I have to work to have the same thing while 2 healthy people next door with 4 kids don’t have to work.The welfare system has been abused since its inception.Now its moved to my neighborhood so I see it first hand,


March 15th, 2010
8:36 am

I always said that the solution is to sell the soon to be foreclosed home to an investor as a “short sale”, the investor having bought the house at a so called bargain price, give the option to the previous owners to rent so they can handle the rent with the option of repurchasing the house when the economy improves. There are investors out there that would invest this way as they can only get 1percent on their money at a bank.


March 15th, 2010
8:43 am

This is amazing to me. Everybody’s blaming Obama for everything that is going on. Where were you people when Bush was spending record amounts of money for eight years and not coming up with anyway to repay that money to the government. I know everyone is struggling right now, but Obama is not the blame here. Everyone is to blame. Alot of the reason is that Bush tax cuts for the rich for eight years didnt generate any income, he only taxed the people who live check to check every month. Thats why there is a shortage of tax dollars. They spent all the money and left the Obama administration pennyless. You all make it seem like spending and paying taxes is bad because Fox news tells you it is. Well guess what people, you all want better security from terrorist, it cost money to train and hire people. You all want better infastructure, guess what, it cost money for supplies and hiring workers. You all want better schools, guess what, it cost money to fund those schools, thats why so many schools are facing crisis now. And the primary way for you to get dollars to operate is through taxes. There is no secret way of generating cash to fund our nation and improve it, its primarily taxes people. Rich people kept alot of their money for eight years thats why they and poor people have to pay more now, its like not paying a credit card bill whose late fees add up. I had no problem with Bush spending money to improve the country, he just didnt come up with a way to make it back. You cant spend and not tax people like he did, thats what happen. That, totaled with the subprime mortgage mess, is why we are where we are. Its not Obama people, yes hes spending a lot of time on health care, but you all were upset about health care a year ago. How soon do we forget. Hes only been in office a year, it took 8 years to cause this mess, it will take longer than a year to clean it up.

Devil Dog

March 15th, 2010
8:48 am

The housing market has had a great effect on the economy, first we must look at how it all got started when people at Wall Street was making money and I mean plenty of money from these bad loans that was pass out to anybody who had a social security number, wasn’t most of the people who use to run these companies Goldman, Sachs and etc weren’t they in the Bush Administration and wasn’t they the people who said AIG was too big to fail. Lets pass out these loans and get them insured through AIG. I will go back to the movie Wall Street, greed is good, well greed wasn’t good it was greed that got us in this mess we are in now, this has had a domino effect on the economy Homes are sitting empty unable to collect tax revenue off them for schools and public safety, the school having to cut personnel and teachers, cities are cutting staff, pension plans are being put on the table, I have always had a philosophy that after you pay all of your bills in your household and you don’t have what you paid for your mortgage left over you are over your head


March 15th, 2010
8:54 am

If they cut out so much wasteful spending in government and quit letting people live off the system (generations of families) then it would not be so upsetting. The working person who tries is who looses in the USA now. I know that some people “need” a boost and I am not against that but when you go into the welfare system and then go on to have 3 more kids while you already can’t take care of the ones you have that is what upsets me. If people who stop having kids they can’t afford so the tax payers can support them, that would solve 1/2 the problem.


March 15th, 2010
8:57 am

Morning All,

Hey WOW, Why don’t you give the anti personal freedom party Talking points a Break. Your President is a complete failure. This Healthcare bill is a disaster waiting to happen. Unconstitutional too! Wake up America. Time to takeour country back. Both Parties have sold us all out. If you don’t like it, Move to Cuba. They have universal Healthcare. Wait til novemeber.


March 15th, 2010
8:58 am

Can’t pay your mortgage? Why did you buy a house? Oh, I get it. It’s the bank’s fault, the government’s fault, Wall Street’s fault, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad absurdem, ad nauseam. Take some resposibility. I hear Burger King is hiring.


March 15th, 2010
9:00 am

I didn’t cause this mess. I am Abraham Lincoln v2. I will go down in history as the first black president with just 3 years of experience, but none the less, I am black and that is what matters, right.

The Economy

March 15th, 2010
9:01 am

That’s right, keep complaining. What are you doing about it? sitting around watching TV, boohoo, Im loosing my house, lazy Americans. You have a chance to change things, VOTE EVERYONE OUT! Plain n simple, get rid of every politician, start new. They are all corrupt, lobbiest own them, who are owned by Wall St. Time to riot, burn the banks down, lynch the corrupt politicians, excicute the Wall St, crooks who have robbed the futures of our children. This country will start over, no more special programs because you are a different color, speak a different language. One America, nothing more, nothing less. A few lost lives (politicians) and you will see change. Otherwise, keep cryin you fat lazy Americans.

Thank you, Wow!

March 15th, 2010
9:04 am

Amen to that, Wow!

More Clear Thinking . . .

March 15th, 2010
9:04 am

Hey WOW, wake up! IF Oblunder would stop shoving healthcare down everyone’s throat and actually pay attention to a devastating economy maybe he would get some support. BUT since he knows he is so inept at trying to turn the economy around he simply keeps pushing healthcare and “stimulus” spending. He is doing everything wrong and is focusing on the wrong areas . . . let healthcare go for now and focus on economic growth by any means necessary and not simply throwing money at wasteful things!


March 15th, 2010
9:05 am

Just like most blacks came to Vick’s defense after a mountain of evidence, they too will come to Obama’s defense. He will never be blamed for anything that happens.

Their ignorance is scary.

Africa, the great experiment. A continent of mostly muck.

Sicred (Sick & Tired)

March 15th, 2010
9:08 am

There’s enough blame to go around. We can’t expect Washington to make us personally fiscally responsible. We can’t expect our President to make any progress when the Senate and H of Reps are fighting amongst themselves so nothing gets done. We can blame these banks that received “bail out” money and won’t help any of their customers. We can blame these “work out” programs that aren’t helping anyone. We can blame the Wall Street fat cats that make the big bonuses and their companies are laying people off. We can blame these major corporations for taking jobs overseas and getting tax breaks, we can blame our state level politicians for not going to Washington and fighting for more help, we can blame the lobbyist that lobby for the big corporations and we can blame ourselves for sitting around talking about it and not doing anything about it. Government should be afraid of us – the voting public, but instead we are afraid of the government … we are too busy worrying about the personal lives of people we will never come in contact with instead of holding these same people responsible for what they are doing in Washington. see there is enough blame to go around.


March 15th, 2010
9:13 am

All the self-righteous people who insist it’s people who overspent need to look at some facts instead of making judgments based on what they think they know. Most of those people lost those McMansions at the start of the sub-prime crisis. The people losing their homes now are people who lost their jobs in this recession and were not able to make ends meet. Obama made it possible for people who had good credit and long-time homeowners to save their homes IF the mortgage company would modify. The larger banks like BofA (newly flush with cash because of a bailout) aren’t modifying mortgages; smaller companies are.


March 15th, 2010
9:13 am

I would like to say that people expect Obama to change this bad economy within months, but keep forgetting when the economy was being torn down it took 8 years for that to happen. Why didn’t you speak up then when the country was being screwed up? So don’t look for this mess to be fixed over the next 4 years. Just because you did not start feeling the effects of this mess from the last 8 years until just recently be realistic about how long it will take to correct!

bad mortgages

March 15th, 2010
9:15 am


Keep it Real

March 15th, 2010
9:17 am

I feel sorry for the people who have lost or are in the process of losing their homes. I can admit that I was one who spent money I didn’t have and just like an Avalanche it will catch up to you. After 5 years I’m finally getting to the point where I’m getting my head back above water. I blame no one, not Bush or Obama but myself. People the government doesn’t put a gun to your head to go out and buy things. This country will not improve until people begin to take responsibility for their own actions, like I did. They built way too many homes, too fast and the problem with new construction is you have so many foreclosures now which are usually cheaper than new homes. Most of the things we buy except gas and food are things that last a long time. There’s no need to spend money every weekend at the mall. We have to learn to live within our means. Why don’t they look at the people in foreclosure, cut their payment in half or to a point they can afford. For the next 2-3 years they will be renters and not owners. Let the bank or an investor take over the property. This way they can still pay the bank or investor every month. They will be held responsible in maintaining the property (inside and out). This way the can’t file taxes and write off the mortgage interest. Money the gov’t saves. Put a case manager with them to check on them each month to track their spending. After 2-3 years if they are doing good and have stuck to their agreement then they can apply to become owners of the home. This would be a win win for everyone. I do blame the government for not removing illegal immigrants. How can you want to put americans back to work but allow illegal immigrants to get jobs when first of all they are not american and second their criminals. I don’t have a problem with anyone coming here and bettering themselves (LEGALLY). We should all want to do better. I do have a problem with not enforcing rules to keep out those who steal money from this economy, don’t pay taxes and then ship the money back to Mexico or wherever. I wish someone would do a study and see how much all these counties have lost due to illegal immigrants. All that tax revenue down the drain.


March 15th, 2010
9:18 am

Scary, lets not make this a black and white thing. Whites come to each others defense all of the time, you all defended Bush. You all get lesser prison sentences than minorities. Im not ignorant at all, yes our president is black, but this country still belongs to whites. And Im not defending Obama, Im simply saying he is not the blame for something that had already happened befor he came in. Reforming health care is very important. If premiums keep rising, then less people will be on health care. If less people is on health care, than more people will be sick. If more people is sick, then sickness and disease will spread. If sickness and disease spread, than we have a country full of sick people, WHITE and BLACK. There are alot of things that need to be done, and I would have sympathy for any president who had to take over now, democrat or republican, because BUSH ran the country into the ground, and someone, regardless of race and party, is gonna have to clean up their mess from eight years ago. Please stop talking the I dont have patriotism and move to Africa and Cuba mess. Have a understanding of the gisp of a conversation before speaking on emotion. Im as upset as the rest of you are, but I am reasonable and live by reason, not by what party I am a part of.

8 years....what

March 15th, 2010
9:19 am

I keep reading that it took 8 years for Bush to bring the economy down. Please go back and check the numbers, the economy was trending down before Clinton left office and then 8 months into Bush’s presidency 911 happened which deeply impacted the psyche of the country and economy.


March 15th, 2010
9:25 am

“Have a understanding of the gisp of a conversation before speaking on emotion.”

That really says it all. Doesn’t it?

Are You Kidding Me?

March 15th, 2010
9:25 am

I’ve read the majority of comments being made, and I must say I’m upset with those individuals who claim “foreclosure” is because people are living “above their means”. Because I’m involved with politics, let me set the record straight. In 2007 (under Bush) the housing market starting falling with Adjustiable Rate Mortgages. People couldn’t afford their mortgages when the rate jumped tremendously. Bush handed out “Billions” to the mortgage companies in an attempt to slow down this rolling ball. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. In 2008 and 2009, the ball kept rolling down hill fast, then some of the employed became unemployed. Now the unemployed consist of people who “were not living above their means”. Some of the unemployed had good credit and purchased their homes with a “fixed” low mortgage rate, but because they have become unemployed, now their homes are being foreclosed. There are so many people who had $45K (and up) salaries (bringing home $2300 monthly) with a $800 mortgage. But because they lost their job and is now receiving $950 in unemployment benefits, they can’t afford to continue to maintain. In 2009 Obama handed the banks “Trillions” of dollars without any stipulations. He saw that the “Billions” that Bush handed out didn’t work, I don’t know why he would waste “Trillions” by giving it to the banks. The banks took this money and didn’t utilize it to help the American people. Obama should have given this money to the unemployed and they would have stimulated the banks (economy). Foreclosures would not be at an all high. Now because of this bad economy, there are individuals who were making $18 hour (full-time), only making $10 hour (part-time).

Until you are unemployed (for an extended lenght of time) and about to loose everything (due to no fault of your own) you can’t relate. People who still feel secure with their jobs don’t understand because it hasn’t hit them. I personally feel, Obama need to put in place a system where every mortgage/rent is revised based on the individual(s) “current” income. This would prevent people being displaced (whether it’s a home or apartment). Something has to change soon!!!!!!!!!!


March 15th, 2010
9:28 am

I have not seen this much hate and disdain for people in my life. Please get a clue, republicans. Greedy rich republicans caused this problem. Not only did they design the problem with the bad mortgages, they are the only ones that profited from them too. Now the whole country and most of the world has to pay. The problem will not be fixed over night and Obama did not cause the problem. Grow up and stop sending racially charged messages, there are more English speaking caucasions on welfare than any other group of people. If people of all ethnic groups would go back to doing things the hard way…saving, sacrificing and using cash…we will eventually get back to where we used to be. There will always be poor and rich…but get rich working hard and saving…not stealing from the poor and then blaming them for the heart aches of the country. If you are going to be poor, its your choice..but act poor because poor people can’t buy 400k homes.


March 15th, 2010
9:29 am

Some of you have some good points. I think it is time to do something about the illegals in the country. If you cut out free food stamps, healthcare, and education, then the state and nation would not have to fund all of these problems. I wish Bush had taken care of the illegals, but since he didn’t, when will Obama?


March 15th, 2010
9:36 am

Connie, Jim Jr and ALL others that keep insisting that this was “the last 8 years” have got to STOP with the “blame Bush” crap. It is making you sound oblivious and ignorant!!!! The problem started with CLINTON’s COOMUNITY REINVESTMENT ACT, when anyone with a pulse could buy almost any home they wanted!!! Sure Bush could have stopped it, and he didn’t. So stop blaming Bush for starting this, it was started by Clinton!

All that being said, Clinton and Bush did not put a gun to America’s head and tell them they had to buy a house they couldn’t afford. People went en MASS to get these exotic loans, they loan shopped. Our government gave the banks permission to screw people, people who were to dumb or ignorant to realize what they were getting into. Everyone was happy.

Obama could slow the bleeding more if he wanted to. However, he is too busy campaigning for a healthcare bill that practically no one wants. Healthcare is his priority, but his focus should be on jobs and the economy right NOW. The economy HAS showed signs of recovery, look at the stock market. Obama could do more if he wanted to, but it is too easy for him and other nimrods to blame the “previous administration” and what it “inherited”!

Forget healthcare — it’s the ECOMOMY stupid!


March 15th, 2010
9:41 am

PHF — what you said made absolutely NO sense. Also, “not stealing from the poor and then blaming them for the heart aches of the country” — you CANNOT steal from the poor. The “poor” in this country steal from the tax paying citizens — it called welfare!

I cannot believe some of the totally baseless and ignorant comments some of you are making!


March 15th, 2010
9:45 am

Good points Jack. Illegal immigrants are continue to STEAL from tax paying citizens. They are a huge part of the reason our healthcare system has deteriorated. Illegal immigrants get education, healthcare and other socila services for FREE. There is documentation that even illegal immigrants bought homes fraudently, no one has addressed that part of the housing crisis as well!


March 15th, 2010
9:48 am

Here’s a good website for EVERYONE. Go on the website go under members then workshop, make sure the drop down is for HOME SAVE.

Everybody needs to be marching on the BIG BANKS doorsteps like Bruce Marks does and has been doing.

I am working never been late.. and naca reduced my mortgage from $1500 to $430. And guess what? It’s FREE………

How bout that! No strings attached, IT’S TRUE! Come to the next workshop and see for yourself…. Come early!


March 15th, 2010
9:50 am

Thank you wow. White people make me sick. They don’t care about issues until the issues are in their back yards or affecting them. As long as old stupid a** dbubba was in office and they were living the good life none of them complained. Now, the economy and everything is an issue because THEY has lost their jobs, and homes. Get a grip WHITE people and welcome to our world.