Power Breakfast: Homeowners overpaying on property taxes, DeKalb deficit, Kia, CCE, TSA, pension gap

If you’re a homeowner in metro Atlanta, you’re likely to be paying too much on your property taxes.

A report to be released today concludes that property owners in the five core metro counties overpaid their property taxes by an average of $244 in 2009, AJC staffer Michelle Shaw reports.

What’s more, people who live in areas hard hit by foreclosures overpaid by even more, says an analysis commissioned by the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Shaw writes.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in December reported that tens of thousands of homes across metro Atlanta were overvalued last year by county tax assessors, who didn’t adjust values sufficiently after the historic real estate collapse. Homeowners, the newspaper reported, were being taxed on values their property no longer held.

The report today tends to confirm the AJC’s findings and also, for the first time, calculates an average overpayment.

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