Power Breakfast: Jobs Summit, Haiti, JAL bankruptcy, Kraft-Cadbury deal, banks

Education is key if many of the unemployed are going to get new jobs.

In this “Darwinian job market,” as the state’s labor commissioner labeled it on Monday, survival is a challenge even for the fittest.

But there is help out there — help that many workers haven’t been using and may not even know about, writes AJC reporter Michael Kanell.

Programs like subsidies for school, training for new skills and income tax credits are all under-used – but they could soften the economic blow of being laid off, panelists and attendees said at Monday’s “jobs summit” in Midtown.

Moreover, speakers argued, the flexibility to learn prepares the worker for the future and the economy for growth.

The all-day event, which drew about 160 to the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, was hosted by Labor Commissioner Michael L. Thurmond, who called it “a first step.”

“This is a Darwinian job market,” he said. “We can respond to this man-made tragedy in a way that will limit the severity and duration of the recession.”

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