Power Breakfast: Fulton proposes service cuts and furloughs, jobless rate, airport glitch, Georgia Power, health reform

The private economy went into the tank first. Now, the public economy is dealing with the fallout.

The latest victim is Fulton County. It will move forward with a 2010 budget that includes $86 million in direct service cuts and could result in layoffs for hundreds of county employees and tax increases, AJC reporter D.L. Bennett writes.

Any employee who survives the layoffs, which will be determined over the next 10 weeks, would be forced to take 10 furlough days under an option approved Thursday. Fulton would convert all of its holidays to unpaid time off.

Commissioners were quick to point out the series of votes Thursday approving that option doesn’t set anything in stone, Bennett writes. It merely sets direction for staff who must now recommend specific cuts.

Next month, commissioners would decide on those recommendations. A final budget adoption won’t happen until late January.

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November 20th, 2009
5:37 am

I read in another related article here that there it costs “$70,000 in salary and benefits for the average court employee” Is this the full cost of employing a person including social security taxes, etc? If not I suggest cutting salaries and saving some of the jobs. But I say “Heck No!” to a tax increase, and I think as a rule of thumb that every govt could take a 20% cut and still operate. Whack the waste and marginal programs and force the govt to be more efficient! We need to cut govt salaries and numbers drastically at every level, especially Federal, so we can work our way through the depression faster and lower taxes so small businesses can lead us out.