Power Breakfast: Water war, Aflac, clunkers, GDP, health care

This is not good news in what arguably is the most important long-term issue facing our region — water.

Gov. Sonny Perdue and members of Congress are pointing their fingers at one another.

Perdue called on Congress on Thursday to help settle Georgia’s water rights dispute with Alabama and Florida — a day after congressmen from all three states said Perdue and the other two governors needed to take action, AJC reporters Jeremy Redmon and Bob Keefe write.

Perdue repeated his call on Congress to create a national water policy that could resolve the long-standing legal case concerning the Atlanta region’s reliance on Lake Lanier for drinking water, the reporters write.

Perdue and others have pointed out that there are dozens of federally managed lakes in other states that, like Lanier, are used for municipal water supplies even though they aren’t specifically authorized for that purpose.

The governor’s renewed request came after federal lawmakers from Georgia, Alabama and Florida emerged from a closed-door meeting Wednesday and expressed frustration that the governors from their three states aren’t working quickly enough toward a local settlement, according to the story. The congressmen agreed to draft a joint letter to the governors urging them to meet as soon as possible to begin negotiating an agreement.

At some point, all this posturing needs to end and talk of real solutions needs to begin.

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