Coke Chairman describes ‘the new normal’

Coke Chairman Muhtar Kent looked into his crystal ball today and told Atlanta business leaders about several important trends his company sees over the next decade.

In a speech to the Rotary Club of Atlanta, Kent predicted that by 2020 “the new normal” will mean:

– One billion new people around the globe will enter the middle-class.

– Many nations, including Indonesia, Thailand, Chile and Poland, will become major economic powers, joining the U.S., Russia, China, Brazil, India and others.

– There will be greater government intervention throughout the world in economic and social affairs.

– The world’s beverage industry, now $650 billion, will grow by over $1 trillion by 2020.

– People will live an average of 5 years longer by 2020.

– A major move to the cities is taking place around the world. An estimated 65 million people per year are moving to urban areas.

That means, the “great cities of the world,” Kent said, need to step up to the challenge to deal with such growth.

Atlanta, he said, had an opportunity to be “world class” if it developled smart-growth strategies, quality transportation and education, became an innovation hub and protected water and other natural resources.

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