Power Breakfast: Tap vs. bottled, trash, Social Security, clunkers

We try to look for different ways this recession is playing out — both big and small.

For example, as the recession was just beginning, AJC reporter Tammy Joyner wrote that dry cleaners were noticing smellier clothes as financially-pressed consumers wore their shirts and pants longer before bringing them in for service.

Now, AJC reporter Joe Guy Collier writes that tap water is eating into bottled water sales as consumers look to save money.

Once a fast-growing segment for beverage firms, bottled water sales have slowed as the recession has deepened and environmental issues gained momentum, Collier writes.

The shift in the market has hit home at Atlanta-based Coca-Cola Co., which sells the Dasani, Smartwater and Aquarius Spring! water brands.

It’s another lesson that a major event causes all sorts of intended — and unintended — consequences.

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Shadow 7071

August 24th, 2009
8:07 am

As I have blogged several times since the beginning of this economic downturn – understanding this recession/depression is fundamental high school economics. That is to say – jobs create wages, wages create demand for goods and services, goods and services create the demand for more business and more business creates the demand for more workers a.k.a jobs. People that don’t have jobs don’t buy Dasani. People who are fearful of losing their job don’t buy Dasani. And, probably, there are a lot more things people aren’t buying. Yes, a major event (like unemployment) causes all sorts of unintended consequences. Which brings me to this – how will we have a jobless recovery?


August 24th, 2009
8:20 am

You can’t blame the slowed bottle water sales solely on the recession. The “green” movement has really pushed how wasteful plastic water bottles are. That’s the reason I stopped purchasing bottled water.