Poll: Try again with paid airport security lines?

Should Hartsfield-Jackson try again with paid security lines?

AJC reporter Kelly Yamanouchi writes that a rival to the failed Clear paid security line operation, FLO Corp., says it wants to relaunch the service around the country.

Should Hartsfield-Jackson try again with paid security lines?

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But Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is hesitant. With revamped federal security checkpoints at Hartsfield-Jackson, general manager Ben DeCosta said, “We’re in great shape. I don’t know whether there’s a business case for this.”

What do you think?

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Claire Miller

July 21st, 2009
10:05 pm

Aren’t most of the people who travel enough to pay for this service already using the Premier lanes?


July 21st, 2009
10:59 pm

FYI, I stood in the so called premier line for over 40 minutes last week. It’s no bargain. Let’s find a more efficient and cost effective way to dignify travel and yet provide the necessary safety precautions. I am all for offering a fee approach for those that want to pay for it.. less hassle and to preserve a little time. Obviously, the bureaucrats…Larry, Curley and Moe.. can’t figure out how to handle or improve this situation.

Who do they think they work for? US..YOU and ME.

So let’s demote these bureaucrats to something that is already screwed up and losing several billion dollars per year..USPS. There, they can’t cause any noticable harm there.


July 21st, 2009
11:07 pm

The premier lines offer little relief..40 minutes in line last week.

Let’s face it, we have Larry, Curley and Moe running things at the airport. Look at how we are rated by frequent travellers.we are herding human beings without dignity to preserve a system that we know fails to provide the promised safety.

Stop the bungling bureaucrafts. If they can’t figure out alternatives for speed with safety and dignity, demote these “civil servants”.. a true oxymoron, to a place where they could do no harm..the USPS which is already screwed up and losing several billion dollars a year.