Which businesses are changing to cope with economy?

With consumers pinching dollars — and sometimes pennies — high-end restaurants are changing their menus to offer cheaper options.

One of them, Neo at the Mansion on Peachtree, has traded in pricey Italian food for cheaper farm fare, writes AJC reporter Jennifer Brett. “Arrivederci, gnocchi di fontina. Howdy, succotash,” Brett says.

Other fine dining establishments also are offering deals. For example, Brett writes, Park 75 at the Four Seasons hotel is offering $25 to-go-meals on Friday nights and Dogwood is serving a $25 three-course meal.

UGA economist Jeff Humphreys predicts the bargains are here to stay for awhile, given the economy.

Do you know examples of other businesses — besides restaurants — that are changing what they offer in these tough times?

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June 26th, 2009
12:03 pm

Well any business in Buckhead is having a hard time, that’s for sure. Of course thanks to the thugs constantly breaking in and stealing. They are so good at ruining everything! Why can’t they just got a job, earn money, and then buy instead of stealing from people who do the right thing and work hard?


June 26th, 2009
1:02 pm

We sell insurance and have spent the last year re-quoting customers we already had. On the flip side a lot of people are shopping and we’ve gained some clients.


June 26th, 2009
1:05 pm

I think that businesses that avoid sales with the names, “stimulus package” and “bailout” are smart. Those that use these terms have not had positive results, as expected. We do not like to be reminded of how our current administration is awarding bad behavior. Look what happened to Domino’s when the special free pizza promotion using the keyword, bailout, which was never formally approved, yet caused them to award 11 million free medium pizzas when the word leaked out. Sounds like an inside job to me. Many companies are reviewing how they spend their money, which eventually is reflected in what they charge their customers. I know several companies that have switched to providers like XO Communications to cut down on what they spend for telecom access and usage.


June 26th, 2009
1:07 pm

Alan, you have to remember that for many, it is easier to steal than earn. We talk a lot about crime and punishment, but do little about it

David Duncan

June 26th, 2009
1:16 pm

My business, Paddywax, a wholesale candle manufacturer is reducing order minimums and launching new product lines that have lower retail pricing yet above average perceived value.

tired of it all

June 26th, 2009
1:18 pm

Crime and punishment. Cut off their freakin hands. Then let’s see how much those thugs get away with. No fingers to pull the triggers of their trade.