Police Raid Raw Milk Producers

The food police are at it again – this time shifting their sights from school kids trying to sell lemonade from neighborhood stands, to grown-ups offering to provide raw or unpasteurized milk to willing consumers.  Raw milk is preferred by some consumers because of its richer and more natural flavor – but if you want to try it, you’d best be prepared to be the target of an armed police raid.  

In the latest example of raw police power, Rawesome Foods, a members-only health food store in Venice, California that specializes in raw milk and organic foods, recently was the target of just such a SWAT-style raid; this followed a year-long investigation by federal, state, and local authorities. 

According to a video about the raid from Reason.tv (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MVwdv5HBVQ), the agents destroyed all the raw milk in stock at the store and carted off thousands of dollars in produce. 

James Stewart, the owner of the store, was arrested during the raid and …

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Child Porn Bill Cloaks Fed Data Grab

While the world’s attention was focused for weeks on whether the Congress would extend the debt ceiling, some in that body were busy finding new ways to control the internet. The vehicle they chose for this latest attack on internet privacy is cloaked in the camouflage often favored by congressional nannies – protecting the children.

The legislation is the “Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act,” and is being led by House Judiciary Chair Lamar Smith (R-TX) and Florida’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee.

The bill passed the Judiciary Committee July 28th on a 19 to 10 vote. Whether opposition to this privacy-invasive legislation, led by Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), will be sufficient to prevent its being fast-tracked for a vote of the full House this month, is uncertain. Its mere title, of course, makes it difficult for members to oppose it.

The problem with the legislation is that it sweeps far more broadly than …

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Sagging Pants Turn Georgia Towns Into Fashion Police

Fashion fads have come and gone, causing dismay in each generation of parents. In the past, students had the hem of skirts measured from their knee, later students were sent home for short-shorts or inappropriate t-shirt slogans, yet none were ever considered “criminals.”

In the last few years, cities around the country have been dealing with the perceived “epidemic” of teens and young adults that wear their pants below the hips, low enough to show their underwear.

The trend has its roots in the prison system, but has spread into the so-called “hip-hop” culture and, as usual, impressionable kids have picked up on what their favorite artists are doing and are imitating it. Unfortunately, the reaction to this perceived problem is elected officials turning themselves into the fashion police by criminalizing dress.

The City of Hampton, a small town in South Metro Atlanta, recently received attention after passing a ban on “sagging pants.” The reason is behind …

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Debt-Ceiling Deal is Rotten Deal for Taxpayers

During a caucus meeting with his fellow Republicans on the proposed TARP bailout in September 2008, then-House Minority John Boehner explained the huge expenditure was a “crap sandwich”; but explained he was going to vote for it anyway.

The sort of panic and pressure that came with the vote on TARP often causes members of Congress to make votes they ultimately regret. And earlier this very week, the White House and congressional leaders from both parties cooked up another dish worthy of the label with which Boehner branded TARP.

This bipartisan debt deal is being hailed by supporters as bringing significant spending “cuts” to Washington’s massively bloated budget. Unfortunately for taxpayers, it does not do so. What congressional leaders have given the country is a budgetary sleight-of-hand that might very well land them behind bars if they were in the private sector; however, in Congress this is what passes for serious public policy.

The deal places caps on …

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Botched ATF Gun Operation Turned Tragic

The 2009 undercover operation, dubbed “Fast and Furious” conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), was so badly botched that both Congress and the Administration must take serious steps to insure such a tragedy never again occurs. Thus far, no one seems prepared to seriously address the problem.

The operation was not unlike other investigations conducted by ATF with the cooperation of FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) retailers, designed to stem the flow of weapons into Mexico. However, instead of immediately arresting suspected straw purchasers, ATF allowed them to walk across the border hoping they would lead agents to cartel kingpins.

This strategy so concerned a number of ATF agents, that they took the unusual step of raising objections within the agency. They were assured the firearms were being properly tracked; in fact, they weren’t. ATF allowed some 2,000 weapons to be sold during the operation, including more than 360 guns to …

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Everyone’s a criminal in Uncle Sam’s eyes

The current Congress appears capable of handling only a single major issue at a time — this month it’s been the national debt ceiling. As a result, other important matters fester without resolution. Unfortunately, one of these topics — overcriminalization — may not be one either the Congress or the administration has any interest in tackling. They should; failure to address the overcriminalization of America is turning us into a society in which the average citizen is at the mercy of the federal government for fear of running afoul of some criminal law or regulation on any given day, despite having no intention whatsover of doing so.

The explosive growth in the number of federal crimes in recent decades has been nothing short of phenomenal. Three crimes — three — were considered of sufficient importance and of a unique federal nature, to be included specifically in the Constitution. Those three uniquely federal crimes are treason, piracy and counterfeiting. Over the …

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Chicago thumbs nose at courts with anti-gun ordinances

Chicago, long a city in the grip of anti-firearms politicians like former Mayor William Daley, has again had its hands slapped by a federal court. Still, the Windy City, now headed by former Clintonista, Rahm Emanuel, is unlikely to change its ways without further challenges by firearms-rights groups and citizens who desire only to be able to defend themselves with a firearm if they so choose.

The first legal blow dealt Chicago was just last year ago, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional the city’s long-standing ban on private ownership of firearms. Since that decision (known as McDonald v. City of Chicago) was handed down, anti-firearms politicians have openly thwarted the decision and tried every trick in the book to avoid complying with the High Court; including a ban on gun ranges within city limits. Earlier this month, a three-judge panel of the federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower court ruling, and enjoined the city from …

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Debt-ceiling circus in Washington

Step right this way, folks! Under the Big Dome! See fire-breathing members of Congress and back-stabbing aides battle the most horrific and humongous monster since Godzilla hit the big screen – the Great National Debt! Watch in awe as Ringmaster Barack Obama uses his whip of fear to draw the masses to frenzy.

The deadline by which Congress must decide to increase the nation’s debt limit or find ways other than borrowing to pay the interest on the huge national debt, is only days away. The finger-pointing, demagoguery, and trickery are reaching a fever pitch unseen since South Carolina Rep. Preston Brooks took a cane to Sen. Charles Sumner on the Senate floor in 1856.

While no canings have yet occurred in the context of the current debt-limit debate (at least none have been reported), the sophistry and gimmickry has been just as excruciating to watch. And the nimbleness with which both Democrats and Republicans contort themselves to avoid touching the critical issue of …

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Anti-gun doctors sue in Florida

Doctors in Florida who are more concerned with pushing a radical anti-gun agenda than they are with practicing pediatric medicine, have filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to overturn that state’s recently-passed law prohibiting them from probing into a patient’s personal ownership of firearms. The legal action is – of course – being coordinated by the country’s most notorious anti-firearm organization, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

The Florida legislature passed the law this past April, after repeated stories surfaced of doctors dropping patients simply because they refused to be interrogated about whether they owned any firearms in their homes.

The law protects firearms owners in other ways. For example, it also prohibits health insurance companies from denying coverage for or dropping policies on policy holders who own firearms.

If a doctor violates the law, they would be subject to discipline by the Florida Board of Medicine, including …

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Police state comes to small-town Georgia

Big Brother’s Lemonade Squad strikes a blow for Big Government in small town Georgia. 

While most Americans are accustomed to police and government regulators employing heavy-handed tactics to limit and control virtually every facet of our business and personal lives in major cities (especially in California and the northeastern U.S.),  the police state is now reaching its tentacles into small towns and communities everywhere.  A police operation shutting down a young girl’s lemonade stand in the small Georgia coastal town of Midway, confirms there is no place in the country safe from overbearing police tactics lacking common sense.  

Just last week, Midway police shut down a lemonade stand operated by three girls because the youngsters did not have a business license, which would have cost $130 per year plus $50 a day. The girls simply had wanted to raise money so they could go to a local water park.  To accomplish this simple task, they turned to what was – in …

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