Circumcision May Be Outlawed in San Francisco

San Francisco, a city that has long been a safe-haven for the liberal elite, has been on a ban-happy kick of late. But the City by the Bay may have gone a bridge too far with its latest proposed ban . . . on circumcisions!

Last year, so-called “Happy Meals” – children’s meals accompanied by a free gift for the toddlers – found themselves in the city’s gun sights (a bad turn of phrase, I know, for a city that shudders when even a picture of a gun appears in an advertisement). That particular ban would permit such inducements to be given away only if the meal met the city’s stringent “nutritional criteria” (probably broccoli, spinach and carrots). The city manager explained, apparently with a straight face, that San Francisco was “part of a movement that is moving forward an agenda of food justice.”

Now the city may be moving toward an agenda of “genital justice.”

Regardless of whether the city’s Grand Pooh Bahs can defend with a straight face the proposed ban on clipping a baby boy’s foreskin, San Franciscans do appear to be serious about the matter.

The Associated Press reports that local activists have gathered enough valid signatures to place an anti-circumcision referendum on the November ballot. What these activists call “genital mutilation,” would be banned for male children, absent meeting the almost-impossible, “medical necessity” exemption provided for in the referendum. There is no religious exemption. Anyone violating the ban would be charged with a “misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or up to one year in jail.”

San Francisco clearly has jumped the shark with this proposal. Even some residents who normally would likely shrug off extreme left-wing campaigns mounted by various activist groups, probably are wondering if things are going a bit too far with this one. They are right to question this proposal. It is about as far off the “Bizarro Scale” as you can get; at least, that is, until we see what San Franciscans come up with next year.

By Bob Barr – The Barr Code

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May 29th, 2011
8:08 am

SF like all liberals when they are in power are eager to impose speech codes and to regulate matters that have been religious and family concerns for thousands of years. Their ideology of the moment is all that matters to them and they are excieted to use the power of the state to enforce it. When we see liberals with the most power ie San Francisco we see the least freedom.
As for the religious aspect of circumcision, the liberals see the opportunity to stick their finger in the eye of relgious people as a bonus.
Next time you get all wee-weed up about someone telling you that your perspectives are un american or unwelcome, enjoy your hot steaming bucket of hypocricy. The liberals in SF are telling people who want to circumcise their children excactly that. Typical.

Very Very

May 29th, 2011
1:42 pm

There does seem to be some connection between circumcision and fewer infections and thus less inflamed skin and thus less cancer.

However, there also are bacterial salves that can accomplish the same thing.

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