Shoot an Armed Robber, Face Prosecution

Hypothetical fact pattern: You’re in a retail business minding your own business, when suddenly several armed robbers burst in and order you and the other people present, to lie face down on the floor.  In searching one of the other customers, the robbers discover he is an off-duty police officer who has a handgun in a belt holster.  The criminals begin to pistol whip and grapple with the off-duty officer; who is able to fire a round or two before being wounded himself and dropping his pistol.  You are able to pick up that firearm and fire at the then-fleeing robbers, wounding one or two of them.

Question: Are you hailed as a hero?

Answer: If this occurred in New York City, not only are you not hailed as a hero, but you face potential prosecution because you fired a gun belonging to someone else.

Note: This is not a hypothetical.  It is a real incident that took place in New York just last week.  The man who picked up the police officer’s handgun and used it to try and stop the armed robbers, was an off-duty school safety officer not authorized to carry firearms in the course of his duties.  However, his real “crime” here is the fact that he picked up the wounded officer’s handgun and tried to stop the robbers.  This is a criminal offense in New York, and initially he was threatened with prosecution.

The Lesson: This is life in the Bizarro World of an American city which government believes that the best way to enable citizens to avoid becoming victims of armed criminal is to disarm the citizens and then prosecute them if they have the backbone and sense to pick up a wounded police officer’s gun and try and disable the attackers.  At least in this instance the Big Apple did not actually prosecute the local hero.  However, the mere fact such a law is on the books, and that the city even considered prosecuting him, should cause outrage in all Americans who understand and believe in liberty and our Bill of Rights.

by Bob Barr – The Barr Code

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the watch dog

April 20th, 2011
4:12 pm

We cannot take security or liberty for granted. The essence of liberty is the rule of law. The more guns, the less liberty and less law. Concrete remedies are needed and the tough NYC laws will insure liberty for the community. People who live differently think differently, Peaceful members of the community do not carry guns. People who are not peaceful carry weapons, it as simple as that.
All of the most peaceful countries have very little weaponry.
Take the middle east, they are all running around shooting their guns, it is absolute chaos, who would want that. You know I am right.


April 20th, 2011
4:24 pm

@rydaddy lets hope your scenario doesn’t happen, but lets also hope if it does the blame lands on the robber not the good samaritan

The Snark

April 20th, 2011
4:47 pm

Ah yes, the gun lobbyists’ wet dream … gunning down that criminal as he creeps toward your bedroom … too bad that for every burglar that gets drilled, about two or three thousand innocent people take a bullet.


April 20th, 2011
6:14 pm

Bob: lucky your wife didnt shoot your mistress.


April 20th, 2011
7:44 pm

I’m cool with being in agreement on the points we have, which is the most important thing. The rest is simply a matter of perspective. The truth is, reasonable rational people on all sides are not very far apart on such matters. We are only led to believe we are.

Good Clean Killin'

April 21st, 2011
7:38 am

Statics show that people with firearms shoot their loved ones, or themselves by accident. Every. Single. Time.

The wagon trains in the old west would leave a trail of graves from missouri to oregon. Why? Because these people were so afraid of indians that if someone thought they saw an injun, they’d all run to the back of their wagons, where they kept their rifles which were pointing outward. They’d grab the rifles and pull. The gun’s trigger would hook onto some junk that had bounced around and landed on the trigger. The gun would go off, and shoot the poor sot clean. through. the gizzard.

Every time. No injuns were hurt in the writing of this piece, or in the settling of oregon.

Blog Soup

April 21st, 2011
8:23 am

Over at Tucker’s, she makes an impassioned plea for reason about……..who cares. She spoiled by her celebrity and with so many observers worshipping her from afar, she quit trying. Einstein proved that you can’t simultaneously know who you are AND who you are becoming. We all know that Tucker is becoming a great american lady for the ages, but right now, Tucker thinks she’s a populist..

At Wooten’s, he scrupulously applies pressure on the left, profusely illustrated with southern idioms (for southern idiots). Just like last week. last year. last decade.

At Bookman, who belongs behind bars, he clumsily approaches a rationale for death panels. Oh, if only there were death panels for journalists. (camera to old hag knitting and yelling, “Guillotine”!)

Get a load of this Bookman gem: “In other words, the panel couldn’t be lobbied as effectively as Congress, which is exactly the point in creating it.” — (Bookman talks in reverse logic, which is very difficult to read. Why not, “Lobbyists couldn’t shake a stick to teflon death panels.” ?)

“Again, somebody has to be the gatekeeper”. —(Again someone has to point out the idiots blogging 4 the AJC).

” Patients lack the knowledge to do so and confronted by death or illness are not capable of self-rationing”. —(Self rationing? I’ll bet the Book thought of that one all by himself. Who would dismiss the entire motivation of every human that has ever lived as self rationing? the oblivious brutality of Bookman is as aphyxiating as a death panel panacea.) bwa

“The medical industry won’t do it; it has a considerable economic incentive to keep throwing treatment at a patient as long as the bills are being paid.” — (Look how he phrases the thought here backwards. He could have written, ” The hospitals have incentives to prolong the terminally ill”.)

“Private industry will do it, but only if we are willing to submit ourselves and our loved ones to its not-so-tender and arbitrary mercies. And Congress? Please no.” — (private industry? and I thought wallmart was the devil. You could write a thousand pages on this private industry death panels alone. But Bookman always misses the real issue. his yesman trolls steer him the wrong way. He’s useless as an editor now).

“In the end, while a panel of experts has problems and drawbacks of its own, it is also the approach most likely to find that difficult balance between efficiency and humanity.” —–(This is the best example of why Bookman belongs behind bars).

“In the end”. —- (Consider the context here. A cliche to cover a cliche? then he uses a redundant “problems and drawbacks” further aggravating what’s left of the poor reader…..then he tries to tie it all up in a nice pretty bow as he suggests that the death panels could find that balance measuring morality with accountancy).

Very thoughtful.



April 21st, 2011
9:10 am

Blog Soup

Jay Bookman is a third rate hack op-ed writer at failing newspaper. The guy spends most of his time acting like a two year old and throwing temper tantrums at anyone who calls him out on his stupidity.

The guy once wrote about education and how important it is for our tax dollars to be spent on more education and his daughter goes to UNC to get her masters in poetry. WTH????? Who goes to college to get a freaking degree in poetry writing.

Bottom line: That whole family is full of stupid people.


April 21st, 2011
9:57 am

When I have to venture north to The City, I have my PPD with me. I don’t care about NYC’s gun laws. I owe it to my wife to come home. I’ll take my chances.

Blog Soup

April 21st, 2011
4:46 pm

I know. and after spending all that dough, her poetry’s phrasing is ripped from the wit and wisdom of Yoda, the character from the Star Wars movie franchise.


April 21st, 2011
5:01 pm

“her poetry’s phrasing is ripped from the wit and wisdom of Yoda, the character from the Star Wars movie franchise.”

Wonder what Bookman will do once his daughter asks to move back home after realizing her degree in poetry will only land her a job at the drive thru window at McDonalds?

Armed Vic

April 21st, 2011
5:43 pm

A fwe years ago I owned a retail business in an Atlanta Burb. One evening a perp grabbed one of my registers and ran out the door. I kept a Glock 9 under the counter which I quickly took out the door looking for the S.O.B. He had just jumped into a pick up truck with my register. I could have killed him easily. I am a good shot and he was only about 20′ away. I knew if I sot the bast–d it would have cost me a lot more money than I wanted to pay for a register and a few hundred dollars. I had him in my sights. I moved the barrel to one side and fired three shots throught the rear window on the truck as it was pulling away. Those shots went through the cab and the windshield. I fired six more through the tailgate, fenders, tail lights and tire. I called the Police. Uniformed officers said they wished I had shot him. They and a detective who arrived a short while later counted 9 empty casings on the sidewalk which is how I know how many I fired. The good news is they caught the guy because of the bullet holes in the truck. Turns out, the truck was new, only had few miles on it and belonged to the thiefs brother. So, they caught hime because of the bullet holes. That’s the good news. The bad news, I never got my register back, never got my money, and the police kept my Glock for evidence. The as-h-ole went to jail and I was not charged with anything. All in all I think justice was served.


April 21st, 2011
6:34 pm

Armed Vic

Good for you! We, as taxpayers, would be saved a lot of money if more people would shoot these criminals instead of them living off of our money in prison. It would also put some ambulance chasers out of business as well.

Armed Vic

April 21st, 2011
6:43 pm

Communist AJC

You are right. I don’t have a problem with taxpayor funded defense counselors, but I am opposed to paying for appeals. The perp should either pay for the service or the bleeding heart attorneys should do it pro bono.


April 21st, 2011
11:22 pm

Armed Vic, as they all know at MADD what MIGHT HAPPEN is more important than what does happen, so what if your stray shots had killed a child nearby? Same type of situation as having a couple of beers with supper, eh? So because something might happen, no more bullets for you.

Armed Vic

April 23rd, 2011
9:20 am

Any informed person knows as I did, that there has to be a sake background to stop the bullets. In my case, the area behind the worthless s.o.b. target was and is a dirt bank and I was shooting down at a slight angle down. You can view the area yourself at the corner of Paces Ferry and Atlanta Road, just north there is a strip center. Note the houses across the street were not there at the time. I knew what I was doing.


April 27th, 2011
1:40 am

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