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Ohio court slaps gun control advocates

A recent decision by the Ohio Supreme Court, slapping the hands of local governments trying to enforce restrictive anti-firearms ordinances, is the latest in a string of judicial decisions protecting our rights secured by the Second Amendment. 

Over the last few years at the national level, we have witnessed court rulings that have begun to restore the Second Amendment to the original intent of the Founding Fathers. In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller that the Second Amendment did in fact protect the individual right to keep and bear arms; as opposed to the so-called “collective right” preferred by gun control advocates. And just last year in McDonald v. Chicago, the Court incorporated that right to the states. 

Now, the top court in Ohio has placed another roadblock in the path of gun control advocates; striking down local gun laws enacted by municipalities that are more restrictive than those enacted by the state legislature. The state …

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The Nanny State comes to Iraq

After almost eight years of U.S. occupation and nation-building in Iraq, elements of contemporary Western civilization finally are taking root in this Middle Eastern nation.  The Nanny State has finally arrived in Baghdad.  As noted in a recent story in The New York Times, Iraq’s Ministry of Health is pushing for a ban on the sale of toy guns.  

In a move reminiscent of the popular holiday movie, A Christmas Story, in which Ralphie’s mother repeatedly voices every mother’s fear that their child will “shoot their eye out” if allowed to possess a BB gun, Iraqi officials are focusing their anti-toy gun effort on air guns that shoot rubber pellets. Such toy guns are among the most popular for Iraqi boys. 

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has raised the practice of mandated gun control to new levels in the Big Apple, must be proud of this latest news out of Baghdad.  Indeed, Baghdad’s mayor soon may join Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization, “Mayors Against …

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Strange bedfellows for the new Congress?

The 112th Congress, which takes over from its predecessor 111th in two days, inherits the most miserable approval ratings ever “enjoyed” by any Congress – being viewed favorably by a paltry 13% of the American people.  Things are so bad that many observers already are asking whether the House — under GOP control for the first time in four years — will end 2011with an even lower approval rating. 

While few, if any Republican political leaders publicly would admit it, it is perhaps two Democrats who may offer the best chance for the Republicans to avoid ending their first year worse off than they began.  The names of those two men who just might provide a lifeline for the GOP?  Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. 

Notwithstanding the serious problems I and many other conservatives and libertarians have with the massive spending measures appended to the Bush tax-cut extension President Barack Obama recently signed, the fact that Obama signed the measure reflects a …

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