Quran-burning preacher defines “idiot”

A few years back, I hosted a weekly radio program, “Bob Barr’s Laws of the Universe.”  In recognition of the fact that the first Law of the Universe is, ”The World is Full of Idiots,” each week we would identify one or more members of that large class of persons as rising above the rest, as “Idiot of the Week.”  At the final show each year, we would announce the idiots par excellence as “Idiots of the Year” awardees.  Given the plethora of idiots from which to choose over the course of the year, identifying those truly outstanding idiots worthy of annual recognition was a difficult task; but one we somehow managed to accomplish.

Were I still hosting the show, I have no doubt that for the final show of 2010, one of the finalists for “Idiot of the Year” would be the Rev. Terry Jones of Gainesville, Florida.  Jones is the so-called preacher who is hosting and calling for a Quran-burning party this coming Saturday, September 11th.  Unlike pastors of bona fide churches, Jones’ “Dove World Outreach Center” spends its time and resources preaching hatred of Islam; something its webpage refers to as, ”getting up.” 

While the primary focus of “DWOC” (an acronym the Center itself uses for short-hand references to itself) is Islam, it might just as well be Judaism, since the Center identifies the cardinal sin of Islam to be its belief that “any religion .  .  .  which teaches that Jesus is not the Son of God” is “of the devil.”

Apparently oblivious to much of reality, Rev. Jones appears to care not that staging a highly-publicized book-burning event concentrating on the Quran may — as Gen. David Petraeus has noted from his perspective as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan — place American troops in danger.  Jones certainly cares even less that Attorney General Eric Holder accurately describes the planned pyrotechnic pic nic as “idiotic.”  In this assessment, however, both Holder and Petraeus are describing the Gainesville preacher in overly generous terms.

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September 11th, 2010
12:16 am

There is no hadith that says that, sorry, your sources are incorrect. Maybe you should check from the right sources. Hadith is a proper interpretation of the Quran, and no where in Quran does it state such a thing. Stop B***sh**ing about things you don’t know SPQR.

Muslims worship the same God as Christians. Only difference in belief is Muslims consider Jesus to be a great prophet, whereas Christians call him the son of God. The idiocy of some of the people here amazes me.

sick of it!

September 11th, 2010
6:26 am

you may never have heard of Muslims burning Bibles but that means you’ve had your head in the sand! here you go this is only one of many http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/285123/christians_in_gaza_fear_for_their_lives.html?cat=9 Have you heard of them going in and destroying whole villages of Christians….cause that happens too yet they are all up in arms if someone makes fun of Mohamed in a cartoon come on people!
The truth is Muslims feel they can attack Christians and Jews violently because the Koran tells them to “kill the people of the book.where ever you find them” don’t believe it go here…. http://www.wvinter.net/~haught/Koran.html
It’s time we wake up people we are talking about violent people willing to kill people for something someone a world away has done (or in this case might do) who is the real problem here? Freedom of religion, and expression ends when there is a sufficient Muslim population to take power….every time. Think it won’t happen in America? Check out what is happening in dearborn Michigan right now just google it I dare you just type Dearborn Islam and read if you dare or for the really stout of heart type “dearborn sharia”
Wake up people burning the Quran is a pointless action but at least hes trying to call attention to what is going on. If we don’t wake up soon we will all be hearing the Muslium call to pray over public loud speakers think that’s ridicules google “dearborn call to prayer” I DARE YOU!


September 11th, 2010
5:41 pm

Morons come different shapes, sizes, colors – and with funny mustaches too! Remember the guy from Germany during the second world war – the one with the toothbrush mustache? Wasn’t this moron in Germany as well some time ago? mmmm mmmm mmmm


September 12th, 2010
2:19 pm

As if murdering Islamists need someone to burn a Quran to kill a non-Muslim. Pfft.


September 12th, 2010
2:38 pm

Not a “bona fide church” for some undefined reason? Are only churches Mr. Barr approves of “bona fide”?

Politicians taking it upon themselves to decide what is or is not a “real” church scares me more than some words from a nitwit preacher.

Will, member of a “strange church” that “doesn’t believe in normal things”, according to Missouri Democraps.


September 13th, 2010
1:46 pm


Cannae scared the dickens out of the Romans. If Hanibal receives the support of the Carthaginian elite, in the form of siege engine purchasing power – think kind of ancient VISA card – Carthage conquers Rome, instead of their sudden death overtime win over Hanibal.
What was fun about that epic battle, which is still taught today as being brilliant and unprecedented, was the visual of Carthaginians cutting all of the gold Centurian rings. That was some of the booty that Hanibal presented to the elite, buckets full of rings, yet they still sat on their hands, like George Bush in 2002, when they had Osama cornered and conveniently let him slip away. Little Bush was already thinking about Iraq, distracted from the real mission.

Back to the Romans, I’ll bet you Ghengis Khan and his Mongols would have beat the tar out of the Romans, republic or empire. Ghengis knew how to conquer. His tumens would have “put the whupa$$ back in the can” on the legions.

What say you, plebian ?


September 15th, 2010
4:16 pm

it was a very bad and unmanly event.Jones is not a real vicare and even he doent believe in Jesus because some one that bilieves God,respect to all the religions.Qoraan is also a holy book that has peaceful massages.if some one is against to Quraan,if he reads it he will see that he was wrong.every day we see that a part of sientcefull points is found in this holy book.Cristians & Muslems shouldn’t be enemy to eachother.all of us believe in God & burning the holy books such as Bible and Quraan is really shaelessly and a great sin…they insult to GOD.shame on them…let,s think why they burnt Quran…its clear…they are frighten of Quran,s logical massages…ofcourse the greatness of Quran will never be under question by these foolish doings…


September 17th, 2010
7:09 am

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