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Deceptive national ID plan pushed by Sens. Schumer and Graham

In Washington, DC some advocates of government power are hopelessly naive about the dangers of enhanced government power, while others are basically deceptive about it.  Sometimes, it’s simply difficult to tell the difference.  A recent article jointly penned by Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY), extolling the virtues of a national identification card, illustrates the problem.

In an opinion piece that appeared recently in the Washington Post, ostensibly dealing with a subject almost everyone seems to agree on – immigration reform — Graham and Schumer joined forces to advocate for a “tamper-proof” ID card with biometric identifiers embedded in it, that would be required to be carried by every person in the country seeking work.  Potential employers would be required to swipe each individual’s card through a machine in order to verify their identity and “immigration status” as a prerequisite to hiring them.  In order to meet the objections that many …

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District of Columbia continues anti-gun agenda

During his presidency in the early part of the 19th Century, Andrew Jackson famously challenged the United States Supreme Court to try and enforce a ruling with which he disagreed.  The high Court, absent any physical means to force a commander in chief to obey its order, could do little in the face of Jackson’s defiance.  The government of the District of Columbia in 2010 is emulating Jackson’s defiant attitude.  The issue involves the extent to which law-abiding citizens in the nation’s capitol – which has long been a city that believes the safest citizenry is a disarmed citizenry – may possess a firearm in their own home.

Two years ago, in a case involving a direct challenge to the three-decades old D.C. gun ban, the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment did indeed protect a pre-existing individual right to “keep and bear arms”; and that the local government’s complete ban on keeping a firearm in one’s home (or anywhere else) was an …

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Call to impeach Georgia AG is way off base

In the latest fallout from last month’s passage of the massive federal health care legislation, a number of Republican Georgia state legislators have called officially for the impeachment of the state’s Democratic attorney general, Thurbert Baker.  The reason for this extreme measure?  The attorney general disagrees with Republican state officials calling for the Peach State to join in filing a legal challenge to the new law.

Georgia’s lame-duck Republican Governor Sonny Perdue has indicated he will join with some 14 other governors in suing the feds over the mandates contained in the trillion-dollar, multi-thousand page legislation.  Last week, shortly after the president signed the legislation into law, Perdue formally requested that Baker initiate steps to follow the lead of Florida’s attorney general and a dozen others already suing Washington.  But, after concluding that the law passes constitutional muster and that a legal challenge likely would fail, Baker …

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