American Medical Association Commits Malpractice

Georgia’s many doctors, through their professional organization, the Medical Association of Georgia, have gone on record opposing the horrendous health care “reform” legislation now before the House of Representatives, which is being pushed heavily by President Obama.  The MAG is opposing this legislation because it would, if implemented, destroy medicine as we know it in America.  Georgia’s doctors understand that, with all its flaws, our health care is of the highest quality and is the most technologically advanced of any country in the world; which is why far more people come to the United States for medical care than leave America to seek such help in other countries.

Unfortunately, MAG’s national counterpart, the American Medical Association, doesn’t understand this.  The AMA has actually endorsed what has become known as “Obamacare.”  Sixteen years ago, the AMA lobbied against the earlier version of government-dictated health care; known then as “Hillarycare.”  What accounts for the difference?  Clearly not the substance of the two versions of federally-run health care; in fact, the newer version is in many respects even more unfriendly to doctors than was the version authored by former First Lady Hillary Clinton back in 1993.

The AMA’s endorsement seems to have been purchased not with principle, but with money — a promise by Democrat supporters of HR 3200 (”America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009″) to make the formula according to which doctors are reimbursed for performing procedures for Medicare patients, more favorable to the doctors.  Rather than fight on the merits to improve the Medicare reimbursement system, even as they should be opposing the many other provisions of this legislation that injects massive doses of government control into the practice of medicine in the U.S., AMA’s leaders decided to sell out their members, and take the promise of a little money and run.

Doctors across America ought to repay the AMA leaders who have sold them out, by removing those same people from their elected positions; especially its president, Dr. James Rohack.

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Rick in Grayson

July 27th, 2009
5:39 am

From Roy Beck regarding complete medical coverage for illegals and their children. Nancy Pelosi is apparently sponsoring this enormous expense:

So, what does CHC, (Congressional Hispanic Caucus), want Pelosi to add to the House Health Bill to make sure 12-20 million illegal aliens get full taxpayer-paid health coverage?


That is because CHC apparently feels that the House Bill as written pretty well guarantees the coverage. Look:

Asked if CHC leaders will ask Pelosi to specifically spell something out in the bill to address illegal immigrants, the Member said no. Rather, the Member said the CHC simply wants to make sure the bill � as drafted � doesn’t prohibit illegal immigrants from accessing care.
– Roll Call

Our allies on the Hill have been making just this point. Speaker Pelosi and others have been trying to say that the House plan doesn’t cover illegal aliens because it doesn’t specifically say that it does. Our allies, however, point out that unless legislation specifically bars illegal aliens from anything — and requires verification — illegal aliens always end up getting the benefit.

The fact that the Hispanic Caucus appears to be satisfied with the language the way it is suggests that our allies are right.

This bears repeating! Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats and the Hispanic Caucus intend to pass a HEALTHCARE BILL that gives BENEFITS TO ILLEGAL ALIENS!

We will have enough trouble providing healthcare benefits to US citizens! US citizens are not OBLIGATED to support ILLEGAL ALIENS!

The cost will be 20 million (including their children including ANCHOR BABIES) X $7,000 = $140 BILLION EACH YEAR to provide healthcare for illegal aliens. At the same time, they take jobs from US citizens and legal residents, have a high birth rate, and will bring in their extended families via further immigration to balloon this cost to over $250 BILLION EACH YEAR over the next 15 years (not adjusted for inflation).

JOIN NUMBERSUSA at! It is free and they provide excellent programs to fax your discontent to President Obama and members of Congress!

Join NUMBERSUSA to help stop this healthcare bill granting benefits to illegal aliens at a HIGH COST TO US CITIZENS!

Dr. Syrin

July 28th, 2009
12:23 am

This will literally be the ruin of the US if this thing passes. I am a physician and I can tell you that if this passes, you won’t have quality MD’s in the US any more. Those in their 50’s will flat out retire. Younger MD’s will no longer work the long break neck hours taking ER call, late night surgery, OB call etc. The biggest cardiology group in my hospital is already talking about not doing consults in the hospital because Medicare rates are so low they can’t justify it. There is already a coming physician shortage, and this bill will accelerate it without any hope of quality replacements. You will have effectively ruined the quality of US healthcare while literally killing people in the process. Who will take care of these hundreds of millions of citizens and illegal aliens? The current crop of MD’s won’t, and don’t be fooled by the AMA which represents a mere 2% of physicians which receives 85% of its funds from non-member sources. The US is geographically enormous with a very diverse patient population. Rural america will have no access to MD’s. Even major urban areas may have tough times getting a physician, and waiting lines will be larger than forecasted by the biggest nay sayers.

The US economy is already on the precipice. The energy tax will kill jobs and businesses, but can be removed. This will literally kill the US economy. All our biggest corporations will move over seas. We are already losing the best and brightest during this economic melt down. This health care bill will never get repealed, will become massively bloated, deliver the worst medical care this nation will have ever seen, and lead to mass unemployment and bankruptcies. There is NOTHING good about this bill! Don’t cave. This will be political suicide for whoever votes for this, especially if it passes.

Dr. Syrin

July 28th, 2009
12:26 am

Greedy doc is an example of what happens when people with extra chromosomal material find access to the internet.

Defensive medicine by the CHEAPEST estimations costs $100 BILLION annually. Yeah, tort reform would not affect costs in any way.

Please, go back to your village. Some may actually miss you.

Dr. Syrin

July 28th, 2009
12:31 am

You all actually attack the Lewin group but can’t actually refute the numbers. Typical libs, can’t fight the fact so attck the speaker. Intimidate the CBO. MAKE them give numbers you like. You all love tyranny.

The CBO numbers are LOW, AND when the elderly learn that “savings” are coming from cutting off mass Medicare funding, good luck ever getting elected assuming Obeyme allows elections.

J. H.

July 30th, 2009
5:08 pm

I am a doctor in private practice. I do not know what the answer is. But there is no question that providing a Medicaid like program for the uninsured is not going to be much of an answer. It will undoubtedly lead to some folks getting their cholesterol checked and perhaps some earlier detections of cancers by pap testing and mammograms. Then the radioning is going to start. You see, good doctors are not getting involved in medicaid on PURPOSE. It does not pay anything. So, YES, some reasonably good doctors will be part of the plan, but a lot will not. There is already a doctor shortage for the Medicaid population in my area…simply because no one will see them. If you are not going to get paid anything and I mean NOTHING for seeing a patient, then you simply will not see them. If, EVERY time you want to send a Medicaid patient to a specialist, you have to CALL and wait on hold to get approval for the referral, you are NOT going to send the patient to the specialst, but then, that would be bad medicine so instead of practicing bad medicine, doctors simply do not participate in Medicaid. When I did participate it was maddening. I quit all but the still state run program for Mediaid. The so called Managed Medicaid was simply impossible to do ANYTHING. EVEN with the State Run Medicaid in Texas, I can’t electively admit a Medicaid patient to the hospital. Seriously folks, I can have a Medicaid patient in my office with bloody sputum, a temperature of 103 and not be able to electively admit them to the hospital for treatment of pneumonia. I can have a Medicaid patient in my office with severe abdominal pain, a temperature of 103 and blood in the stool and I cannot electively admit them to the hospital…in all cases such patients HAVE to be sent to the Emergency Room for evaluation.

Bottom LINE: I guarantee YOU, each and every one of YOU that the government DOES NOT KNOW how to manage a healthcare system.

It sounds really cool. I mean, healthcare for all, but it is not going to work if the government runs it.

Finally to all you liberals. Think about this. If the government gets to run my business, I’m going to push that they get to run yours. Are you in the oil industry? Surely the government can do better than Exxon, Texaco and Chevron…but NO, that is not going to be taken over in part because the government does not want a civil war on their hands.

If the government wanst to make money, why there’s a ton to be made in Hollywood. Why doesn’t the government take over the movie industry? Well, because you all have much greater LOVE for Tom Cruise than for your own Mommas and Pappas.

They should take over professional sports also and tax every seat in every stadium, run the concessions, the tshirt sales and the ticket sales. Shoot, not just tax them, RUN them then they can take 1/2 or more of all the money taken, profit or not.

Is that what you all want? Because I am pretty sure that is where it is all going.


July 30th, 2009
5:28 pm

The AMA thinks physicians are going to get a pay raise.
The elderly think they’re going to get the same or better care, especially prescription drug coverage, for less money.
The poor think they’re going to get better access to (and therefore more) health care, without cost.
The hospitals think now all their uncompensated care will be paid for, so they’ll be better off.
The government promises that it will cost less.

Sounds to me like a whole lot of people are in love with some things in their heads that are mutually incompatible.

Doctors will get a whole lot less for what they do. So will nurses, MAs, and everyone else.
The hospitals will get paid for everyone they see, but fees will drop so they don’t really get any more money. Probably less.
The elderly and disabled will get mandatory periodic counseling about whether they need help dying. As our president said, he hopes that they will decide to “do the right thing”. When that doesn’t balance the books, the review boards in charge of “cost-benefit analysis” will refuse to pay for their medical care.
And the poor, the disabled and people of color–yes, they’ll get some medical care. And their tubes tied, and abortions. Because that’s the way to solve the problem of their existence.
Abort the babies, let the disabled die, euthanize the elderly–what a way to balance the health care budget (and Social Security while we’re at it!)

Although we need health care reform, the people in charge now are so defective morally that we can’t trust them to set up a system better than what we have. And don’t tell me that we’ll have “experts” making the decisions based on “quality of life-adjusted-years”. “Experts” have prejudices and blind spots. Academia can be at least as insulated from the real world and condescending as “inside the beltway”.

Anthony Palmer

July 30th, 2009
11:25 pm

It is time the federal government starts paying its fair share for health care, especially since about 50% of health insurance is government controlled already: Medicare, Medicaid, SCHP, Tricare, etc. Thanks to the government’s price-controlled low payments, private insurance and its customers have been cost-shifted into paying more than their fair share of costs. Physicians are doubly hit ,we pay taxes to pay for government health care like everyone else who pays taxes, and then we subsidize the government further by being paid well below the average commercial rate as well. How many other professions and businesses pay double? It is time for doctors to stop being enablers for government’s lack of responsibility. Let’s fix the government’s existing plans before expanding government schemes.

Anthony Palmer

July 30th, 2009
11:34 pm

Very good and thanks for allowing comments without going through registration ID’s and passwords.

Transplanted Buckeye

August 5th, 2009
12:19 pm

Just a few thoughts…

We don’t need healthcare reform, we currently need a fix for the financing of healthcare. If you feel the U.S. healthcare system is sub-standard, please examine our current Federally run healthcare program — the VA Hospital system. I think everyone will agree the VA system is far inferior to private healthcare and is an insult to those soldiers and veterans who have to utilize it.

Every party at the table should be required to make concessions — currently there is no concession by the trial attorneys and some physicians pay up to 50% of their income out for malpractice insurance coverage. And, for those who do not believe Tort Reform is important — why doesn’t the Federal Government offer a national liability insurance program? That would be a potentially worthwhile program and would certainly lead to the introduction of limits on frivolous lawsuits.

Hospitals are given tax-exempt status under the condition they provide healthcare to the uninsured. Clearly all of the uninsured’s needs are not being met — why not incentivize private practitioners to treat uninsured patients with some form of tax credit?

PhRMA needs to spread the development costs of new drug therapies across a broader spectrum so Americans aren’t bearing the brunt of the costs.

Hospitals should be held to stricter standards of serving uninsured patients in order to maintain their tax advantaged status — patients should not be dumped into lower quality facilities to maintain profit margins. This is an issue in many areas including the University of Chicago, where the Obamas both had ties. If you are going to enjoy the tax exempt status, fulfill your social contract!

Health insurance is a benefit — not a right. Mandating coverage for everyone is noble, but impossible to achieve. Some citizens will refuse to carry coverage. And, that should be their right. Choices have consequences. If you make the wrong choice, it may be sad, but you had the freedom to choose. Government cannot regulate stupidity.

The simply fact here is this is a vary complicated issue. America cannot afford to make a rush to decision and enact legislation that is not thoughtful nor fully addresses all of the factors in play. There are many instances where it has taken decades to reverse ill-conceived laws. The magnitude of healthcare is such that an error today can cost billions, likely trillions, of dollars for many future generations.

We have an example of Obama’s slash and burn policy making — look at GM. If the Federal Government wanted to protect the largest number of people impacted by the bankruptcy, shareholders would have been protected. Instead, the UAW now owns GM and has made no concessions on the labor contracts that drug the company into bankruptcy in the first place — largely due to rich healthcare benefits packages that they fought for in lieu of taxable income. In a Wall Street Journal article (As Congress Goes on Break, Health Lobbying Heats Up — Aug. 5, 2009), the UAW was identified as already weighing in on healthcare reform by leaning on Senators to kill a proposal to tax their generous health plans.

This is an issue where those special interests with an agenda aligned with the White House, and deep enough pockets, will prevail. Unfortunately, the average American citizen will lose.