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Obama sets new tone in Mideast

Four months ago I was in Cairo, invited to address an international economic forum that was attended by government officials, diplomats and business leaders.

My presentation focused not only on the economic crisis still unfolding in the United States, but touched also on the foreign policies likely to be pursued by our new president. In the question and answer period following my remarks, a number of attendees asked whether the new administration in Washington would in fact significantly alter America’s mid-east policies.

Now, thanks to President Obama’s historic speech last Thursday at Cairo University, we have an answer to that question. U.S. policy in the Middle East has changed; in tone and substance.

If the Obama administration follows through on the president’s vision presented last week in the centuries-old mosque, then American influence in that troubled part of the world, which has fallen dramatically in recent years, is certain to increase.

Obama began his remarks …

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“Global Peace Index” Nonsense

“Vision of Humanity,” an international organization dedicated to “global peace,” “inclusiveness,” “cooperation” and “social equity,” has just issued its 2009 “Global Peace Index.”  The “index,” along with the description of the organization and its “analysis,” is actually rather funny; although I am sure its advocates and staff take seriously its work to improve chances for world “sustainability.”

Interestingly, there is no mention of “freedom” or “liberty” in the website for Vision of Humanity, but there is a listing of so-called “endorsers.”  Among its many endorsers are former President Jimmy Carter, businessman Ted Turner, and actor Michael Douglas (identified as a “United Nations Messenger of Peace”).

Political and social freedom play no role in Vision’s analysis of the world’s most peaceful and least peaceful nations.  Therefore in the eyes of this organization, tightly-controlled societies, including totalitarian states, would tend to outrank countries whose citizens …

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Second And Fourth Amendment Wins

A number of important stories that otherwise likely would be receiving greater media attention in recent days, have been largely crowded off the front pages of the news because of the stories swirling around the government’s takeover of General Motors, the heated verbal battle between President Obama and former Vice President Cheney, North Korea’s nuclear belligerence, and other important goings on in the world arena.

No, I am not talking about the shameful efforts by the California “Octo-mom” to reap financial gain from her bizarre octo-fertilization.  Nor am I concerned that “John and Kate Plus Eight” are having marital difficulties and their tribulations are not receiving consistently front-page coverage.  I am talking about a pair of federal court decisions in recent days that support our Second and Fourth Amendment rights.

A federal court decision recently in California struck an important blow for both firearms rights and lawful commerce.  The oft-times liberal Ninth …

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Will the real Sotomayor stand up?

The first days since the president announced Judge Sonia Sotomayor as his pick for the Supreme Court has clarified some things about the nominee, but left others still unclear. Hopefully the Senate will not succumb to President Obama’s pressure to confirm Sotomayor hastily. Failure to act deliberatively in a matter of such note would constitute a serious disservice to the constitutional responsibility of the Senate and to the American people who will, after all, reap the benefit or suffer the harm from decisions in which she will participate for many years to come.

What is clear is that Sotomayor is well-educated, hard-working and intelligent. These are all laudable – indeed essential – attributes of a prospective high court justice. It has also been made known that she is of Puerto Rican background, has diabetes, grew up in the Bronx, may be a Yankees fan, and has “empathy” – all factors completely irrelevant to consideration of a person to sit on the Supreme Court.

One can …

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