Have you survived a catastrophic accident or illness?

No one wants to imagine the ordeal of dealing with a catastrophic accident or illness, but there are many people who have suffered severe trauma and have survived. Hollywood film and television producer Simon Lewis is one of those people, and he provides the grueling, heart-breaking but ultimately inspirational account of his own experience after a horrific car accident in the book, “Rise and Shine.”

Rise and Shine by Simon Lewis.

Rise and Shine by Simon Lewis.

Lewis was 35 when his wife was killed and he was initially declared deceased at the scene of a terrible hit-and-run accident. The culprit was never found. The initial days after the accident found Lewis hanging precariously between life and death. Lewis suffered severe brain damage and multiple broken bones. Doctors were initially not optimistic about him pulling through, let alone ever walking or driving a car again. But Lewis found the will and determination to survive, as he and his family often had to battle doctors and insurance companies to get him the care he so desperately needed.

“Rise and Shine” is an eye-opening account of how helpless a patient can feel when caught up in the snares of medical care bureaucracies and the loopholes in health insurance policies. It’s an educational and inspiring story for anyone, but especially for those who are seeking care for a long term illness or medical condition.

“Rise and Shine” is available at major book retailers and online at Amazon.

Have you survived a catastrophic accident or illness? Please feel free to share your story and any advice you have for others in a similar situation.

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Kay Pratt

June 14th, 2010
6:16 pm

Soon to be a #1 Best Seller! Simon’s remarkable journey from tragedy to triumph following a horrific accident is testimony to the power of love, hope against all odds, and resiliency. As a fellow survivor of multiple serious injuries and an extended recovery, I cried, winced, shook my head and laughed through each loving page of this book. It is an important account of the many issues and challenges injured individuals and their families must endure in addition to, and at the same time they are striving to recover (a modern crime against humanity in some respects). This coupled with the complexities of brain injury and how it affects our physical ability to heal, demonstrates the importance of self advocacy and continuous, caring support to help survivors succeed in their quest to become whole again. This is an important book – it should be read by survivors of trauma and their families, the medical community and care givers alike, our leaders and legislators, plaintiff Attorneys and members of the insurance industry. Additionally, this is also a book about spiritual enlightenment, mystery and the beauty that is life. I’d recommend Simon’s book to those seeking answers to our existence as well. Thank you Simon for sharing your story :~)


June 14th, 2010
10:40 pm

My daughter experienced some of the worst castrophies of medical care.She was a childhood survivor of Hodgkin’s Disease. But, she developed renal cell carcinoma and radiation fibrosis. You want to talk about a killer? Four major surgeries including an open wound, collapsed intestinal walls and major pain and suffering. I don’t think I will ever recover.If the book provides any insight I am in. My daughter was writing a book too before she died.

Her book was a fictionalized account of her life. She is/was the bravest person I have ever known. Not brief encounters from people who didn’t live it for many years. But, a young person who fought and fought her entire life.Not a 5 year old view nor an 80 year old view but a comfortable 40 year old view. She died at 43.

Grady saved my life

June 15th, 2010
11:06 am

I have started a book called 49 dsys at Grady several times. In 1987, I was in a one truck wreck getting off I-20 and the old Asby exit. I lost my breaks and hit the trees behind the station there. I guess it was not my time to go, because the right people was on the right vehicle to save my life. It took three hours to cut the old Datsun truck away from me at midnight March 14.
My family was told to come in and tell me bye. I laid there while my three young boys was trying to figure where I was going.I was awake throught the whole thing, chest tubes in both sides, tubes to breath, tubes down my nose. tubes everywhere. I had crushed my chest into my heart. Broke my false teeth and was trying to push all the broke parts through the tape that was holding my mouth shut.
When my boys, my wife, mother and daddy all told me bye and they loved me.I told my self that I would walk out of there alive. Fourty nine days later, I walked out the door and made it to my van to take me to a hospital closer to home and away from all the fools that roamed the halls of Grady.
Let me explain, SIC save my life, they have the best doctors for trama aand the best caring staff you could get in the world. Step down is not to bad, get you ready to go to a regular room. The regular room is another story. They put me in a room with ten beds. Nine of the people had chains on their legs, grards at the doors, bed checks every time someone left the room. Could not get the to put me in any other room. Had been on oxygen for 45 days and the people were openly smoking pot in the room when the guards was not looking, the nurses would bring it in for them. My wife had to get the law involved to get me out. I was insured for up to $1,000,000 and when My wife got home, the sheriff delivered a lein on my house for the bill. We wonder why grady get a bad name from time to time, This was the week before the guy shot upp the ICU, the very room I was in for 45 days. Grady saved my life, I had to have surgury four times to fix their messups, But I am still alive to write about it. Thank you Grady Trama unit for my life.


June 15th, 2010
7:49 pm

Hope is the best of things

Denise Williams

June 16th, 2010
11:31 am

Back in March 2000, My GYN Doctor during a hystercomy sewed thru my urter going to my left kidney and after 1 year I lost that kidney, THe doctor works at Eagles Landing in Stockbridge, Ga a never called to see about me never even offer anything. I went thru several Lawyers and 13 surgeries and try to get two different Doctors to back me up in different states but nothing work. The mistake has caused me pain and now my right kidney is going bad now. The State of Georgia protects there Doctors a lot and now I am the one suffering.


June 16th, 2010
1:44 pm

Don Piper wrote 90 minutes in Heaven, a New York Times Bestseller a few years ago. He too was declared dead, his body tarped over. An amazing book detailing God’s plan for our lives, we have a purpose in life, we’re not here randomly. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Read the Bible and get the answers. Hint: you do have a choice where you spend eternity, we are only in this world for a little while. Working in public safety, I know just how short some lives can be. Be ready to meet your Maker, it could happen at any time.


June 16th, 2010
1:54 pm

Forgot to add that my daughter had a catastrophic illness that nearly ended her life due to peritonitis. She walked away with her life, minus one ovary at the age of 12. Egleston nearly killed her by saying her symptoms were just an intestinal upset, they wouldn’t even do an ultrasound and discharged her from the ER. Her pain was so terrible I took her back to a local hospital where they saved her life. God has used her in a mighty way the past 8 years, she is living for Christ and serving those among us who have the least. Every day should be unwrapped like the precious gift that it is for tomorrow is not promised. We are not promised a pain free existence, either for those who might say “where is God” when we are suffering. Our reward is eternal, not temporary as the things of this world are. I have also lost a child and have a third one who is severely asthmatic so I do know about suffering. I still give God the glory and praise, my circumstances do not change that. For all who are going through trials, be blessed today and encouraged.

Grady saved my life

June 17th, 2010
3:35 am

I have had three teriffic acidents in my life that cost the insurance many thousands of dollors. One was a auto acident and the other two was work related. I have always had the insurance to pay for my care with little out of my pocket. But i have also wondered how many people have had to psy their payments to cover the care I recieved.
The new Obamacare is going to cost us all our insurance compaines. There is no way the big compaines will survive this thing. They are being forced to take pre-existing conditions and pay for them from day one. Most people that will be covered will use the insurance from day one.The goverment has not told us what the cost of their action is going to be. They say there is 2,000,000 people that will get coverage that have pre-existing problems. If the 2,000,000 people start paying their payments and do not use any benifits for the first year, the insurance will make as estmate of $5,000,000,000 for the first year. On the second year if half of people use the insurance for treatment average cost of $10,000 that is going to be $ 10,000,000,000 paid out. What if half of them used $100,000 a year or more. How long are the insurance going to stay in business doing this.How many people has to pay their payments to cover just on persons bill? Think about it. The insurance compaaines are there to make money for their stock holders.


June 17th, 2010
12:54 pm

I woke up in morgue, the doctors were waiting for me to die from a severe beating so they could harvest my organs. No joke, they (the doctors) were discussing what they were going to bye with the money from my organ harvest. I have the scars where they were starting to skin me, that’s what I woke up to.

Jim Stevens

June 21st, 2010
1:29 pm

The Simon Lewis story epitomizes one man’s depth of courage; believing, beyond the scope of our worldly imagination; and a perseverance that redefines “Iron Man”. After each reading session, my residual sensation was one of being humbled to his approach to an apparently dismal, future existence. Most of us have our times of despair when we wonder, “What can happen next”? Without a word spoken or another thought, the “lesson” from Simon’s book will live with you, “Don’t ask what can happen next!” “Do not despair about your situation!” Yours is not a plight, but an offering – one that was given to you – it is your gift…you may not like the replacement if you chose to exchange it. Resolve your remorse and invest every resource you have, to realize where the journey takes you. You may be surprised how your story might read if you make the effort exemplified in Simon’s “lesson”.

Assisted Living Facilities

August 11th, 2010
12:38 am

I will definitely get this. Thank yoU!