Are you receiving Medicaid or other government assistance for the first time?

By Craig Schneider, Public Health Reporter

Georgia is seeing a great jump in the number of people receiving food stamps, Medicaid and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Much of this is due to the hard economy. In turn, many of the new people on these programs are working-class people applying for assistance for the first time.

Jessica McGowan/AJC Special

Jessica McGowan/AJC Special

Some people believe this is reducing the stigma around the issue of receiving public assistance.

What do you think?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is writing a story on this issue and is looking to speak to metro Atlantans who are receiving such services for the first time. The newspaper is also looking to speak to current and former state eligibility workers who process the applications.

In addition, the newspaper is doing a related story on people who are using Grady Memorial Hospital for the first time, because they have fallen on hard times.

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Rodney S.

April 1st, 2010
9:33 pm

The government likes it when more people grovel for handouts. It helps them validate expansion AND it helps keep them in control. Helping people who actually need help is tertiary to politicians… hell, maybe not even that.


April 3rd, 2010
7:26 pm

Peachcare is wonderful……unless you actually work for the state. The insurance offered by the state is wonderful…if you can afford it.. My ex-husband is responsible for the insurance for our child but becuase I work for the state ( making 14 dollars an hour) he can not be covered by Peachcare. I am SO SURE that OBAMA CARE WILL BE SO MUCH BETTER. You probably wont qualify if you voted Republican!!!


April 6th, 2010
7:27 am

Iam glad to see my tax dollars go to hard working Americans that need it,rt now for they have paid in the same as everyone else that worked.I would think some of you should be thankful you have a job with the goverment since a lot of tax dollars have kept your jobs going,is that not spanking the hand that feeds you.

Pls quit drinking the koolaid...

April 6th, 2010
7:56 am



April 6th, 2010
10:10 am

If we the people made sure that others had food, clothing, and housing then the state wouldn’t need to help these people. As long as we are willing to sit by and not help then the state will step in.

Johns Creek Resident

April 20th, 2010
9:56 pm

I thought we were all eligible for Medicaid now that health reform has passed? Isn’t it true that 15 million of the 30 million uninsured who will now be insured will be insured by Medicaid? I hope I am in that group.